Maki Hojo - Welcome to My Soapland

Published August 22, 2018

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Legendary JAV star Maki Hojo plays a surprisingly submissive soapland queen in this uncensored release by DREAMROOM.

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Maki Hojo - Welcome to My Soapland
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You’re in luck!  For one night only beautiful and mature JAV legend Maki Hojo will present herself as your soapland queen and nothing is off the table!  If all your soapland experiences up until now have been with younger—and let’s say less experienced women, then you’re in for quite a treat.

Maki’s got it all!  The mannerisms, the looks, even that lightly detectable trace of pheromones only the sultriest of women are known to emit.  You get to experience her entire repertoire of salacious tricks for an hour and not a moment more.

Service will begin as you may have received elsewhere, but you’ve never experienced skin so soft nor a mouth as experienced as hers.  The way she envelopes your soapy body, the way her tongue teases your most sensitive organ, and the way she opens herself up for you to enter her...raw! legendary.  An unforgettable experience.  A once in a lifetime experience!

It’s a true full course soapland where you and Maki take your romance to its natural creampie conclusion.  No boundaries, no latex, no pulling out!  Ascend to Nirvana with this top-tier queen of the baths!

Some can climax solely by Maki Hojo’s husky and commanding voice, but others can go the limit again and again.  Where do you stand?  

In WELCOME TO MY SOAPLAND, we see legendary JAV actress MAKI HOJO take on her most submissive and most robotically servatile role to date.  This does NOT mean this is a poor title...far from it else we wouldn't even consider showing it.  Rather, hardcore fans of this Japanese AV star with an extremely lengthy career probably know and love her more for her fiery personality both on and (apparently) off set.  She isn't nicknamed Queen Bitch for nothing (I may be the only one who has called her that though...and never to her face!).  Just like a previous release from this uncensored series by DREAMROOM, expect a semi-lifelike recreation of what actually happens at a Japanese soapland.

Soaplands are great.  For decades they've been considered the peak of Japan's brothel industry and while current anti-prostitution laws make it challenging to open new ones, the bubbly Showa Era bedizened charm many of them possess keep on attracting a revolving door of horny clientele both young and old.  If I was single, horny, and had a ton of money to burn, I might just take MAKI up on that offer!

Rumors say that not only does full-on sex happen often at Japanese soaplands (aforementioned anti-prostitution laws prohibit penis-in-vagina sex, but everything else is allowed), but it apparently is of the 'skinless' variety--in other words without a condom.  As I've never ever been to one, I can't vouch for the authenticity of this statement, but many say this is indeed what goes on.  Regardless, 'skinless' does occur in WELCOME TO MY SOAPLAND.  Being an uncensored title to boot, everything's on display and that delicious creampie finale is not plagued by any camera tricks.

I like this movie, but don't love it.  MAKI HOJO is known to be incredibly powerful and seeing her in such a subdued role made me worried she was moments away from lashing out at actor's for not cumming soon enough, fingering her too long, too hard, etc.  I was worried every time she uttered a robotic soapland companion phrase she'd be secretly laughing at the insanity of playing such a servatile woman.  She's sadistic to the core which left me appreciating the beauty of WELCOME TO MY SOAPLAND, but also left me with difficulties finding pleasure seeing MAKI do something so naughty.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 139

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