Misaki Akino - Welcome to My Soapland

Published March 28, 2018

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DREAMROOM sans mosaic shows us a relatively accurate example of what actually happens in a Japanese soapland.

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Misaki Akino - Welcome to My Soapland
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Soaplands are not only Japan's most famous brothel export (in other words, their services are known worldwide), but in spite of their supposedly dwindling numbers domestically, they're the cream of the crop when it comes to receives a supernal brothel experience.  They're also one of the places where actual full-on P-i-V intercourse seems to happen...often and supposedly without condoms!

This authors's a good boy whose significant other proofreads all reviews so of course he's never been to such an establishment, but he can assure readers and ZENRA fans out there that today's update, WELCOME TO MY SOAPLAND starring MISAKI AKINO, is a reasonably accurate depiction of what actually happens if you're willing to fork over the big bucks needed to visit such as establishment.

Do make note that if you ever really wish to experience a Japanese soapland and already have their websites open in other tabs (don't be ashamed!), the prices soaplands often show on their site are NOT the actual full price.  Unless the text '総合' is located next to the yen amount, assume what you see is just the entrance fee and you'll be paying quite a bit more for the actual soapland service.

What's great though is many a soapland on top of offering such elegant and unforgettable care will go the extra mile...literally!  Unlike standard brothels, they'll drive you to and from the station at no extra charge.  This is cool on one hand, but on the other, you've got that kinda uncomfortable car ride with an employee (almost certainly male).  Like what do you talk about in that situation?  And after you're done and he's driving you back, do you tell him about how you got to cum in Hanako-san this time?  It's a bit strange, but hey...free car ride!

I don't know much about MISAKI AKINO.  She was active a few years back, but not for long and sadly didn't leave much of a mark.  Today's update along with a few other releases--both censored and uncensored--sums up her short career as a JAV star.  It's a bit unfortunate that she bowed out so soon because her thin frame oozes sexiness almost as hard as AYU SAKURAI.  She could be AYU's slightly tanner gyaru sister.

MISAKI felt a bit timid in this release.  It may have been one of her first title (and again, she doesn't have much credited to her at all), but there were times where it almost as if she was giving the camera a 'deer in the headlights' look.  Most likely in a past life (or concurrently) she worked in a soapland as the type of play required of a queen is not something you can easily pick up the morning of the shoot.

DREAMROOM has released many movies within the WELCOME TO MY SOAPLAND series.  MISAKI AKINO's is the first we're showing and we'll be showing them somewhat randomly every so often.  If you love traditional Japanese soapland play and dislike mosaic censorship, then you should be fond of what's to come.

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