CFNM Penis Washing Showcase Subtitled

Published March 19, 2013

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The best Japanese penis washers from across the nation showcase their bizarre yet holistic sexual non sexual talents in this subtitled CFNM production.

Nationwide Penis Washing Showcase
Part One with English Subtitles

The trend of Japanese penis washing has taken the nation by storm in more ways than one. Who would of thought that yet another strange niche washing service could of been thought up in such a short time and sub-sequentially have received the amount of acclaim and popularity that CFNM penis washing has achieved?

Simply put, men can develop quite an odious funk during the warmer months of the year due to excessive sweating and a stubborn commitment to solely bathe at night even when that almost assuredly ends up with them sleeping for six hours in their own filth before trekking off to work in a crammed train car full of equally noisome patrons. Winter also holds little respite to the fairer sex as even though men may sweat less, the layers upon layers of clothing worn in order to wage mortal combat against the wintry frost and gusty hallways of a traditional, non-centrally-heated Japanese house results in quick, careless showers with little done in terms of actual soaping and real bathing.

Japanese CFNM penis washing has found a solid place in the land of holistic and hygienic services for just about everything. If you look just a bit, you can even find spas that do nothing but ear care and eyeists (yes, eyeists); those who specialize solely in eye lashes is a respected profession that is quickly outpacing manicurists in the field of beatific beauty care. Men of course, are less interested in the length of fake eye lashes nor the color of special gel-coated nails. Rather, the ones who have graduated from herbivorous status aim to upgrade their figures in any way possible. Step one is raiment and basic hygiene but as the levels progress to more and more advanced stages of well-honed acumen, more specific hygienic upgrades are needed and this is where the wonders of penis washing shine.

Although the service has been highlighted several times before, it has finally achieved nationwide status in popularity. Wherever you go in the island nation of Japan--whether it be the hubbub always-awake Tokyo where pseudo patrician new moneys drive in questionably-acquired sports cars sharing streets with wide-eyed tourists from lands far, far away or the boonies of Shimane Prefecture where...well, it's Shimane so we'll leave it at that. Anywhere you go, you'll find a friendly, chirpy, and most important, pert penis washer nearby ready to go your residence, place of work, or even the pleasant susurrations of a hot spring (known as "onsen" in Japanese) to tenderly wash your genitalia being sure to get rid of every speck and morsel of undesirable 'dirt' leaving you shining where it counts most.

Today's production contains a motley assortment of Japanese penis washers from across the nation in a type of showcase presentation showing you, the very fortunate viewer (and possible future customer?), a taste of the types of penis washing services available. Whether you're interested in the basic penis washing by hand course or would like to try out the more exotic and heterodox penis washing by mouth or even the burgeoning penis washing by breasts course, all are equally presented giving you a true taste of the wonders of male genitalia CFNM assisted bathing and massage.

One of the highlights of this production is a scene featuring a towel clad, tawny haired Japanese penis washer who can pull off the most realistic puppy dog-like expression imaginable. If you have any doubts of her acumen in the magic art of pout, please look above at the sample images posted above and your assumptions will be immediately amended.

Her client, a tan gentleman who works mainly outside stands with a slight timorous vibe as this pert coquette of the highest order clad solely in a towel and nothing more saunters into the bathroom, joins him in the unfilled bathtub, and quickly gets to work. Amidst the tete-a-tete between penis washer and receiver, various questions about penis washing are queried and answered all the while she gently lathers and massages his increasingly turgid member.

As the conversation continues along with the lather and twisting of his erect genitalia, she introduces some strange yet exotic cleaning methods such as a gentle twisting motion about his glans and even uses the soft center of her hale hands on his tip sending an orgasmic shiver down his spine. Fortunately, for him, he requires even further care to get rid of some excess stubborn 'dirt' as she calls it and gives him the chance to upgrade to the penis washing by mouth package reserved for genitalia that need a little extra treatment. Quickly obliging, she starts by explaining using the tip of her soft yet skilled tongue by placing it on all the various areas of the penis that are known to suffer from dirt buildup. Flitting from the tender area just below the tip to the very sensitive area lining the bottom side of the shaft, nothing is left to dry.

Once the initial tongue-tip method of penis washing has reached its conclusion, our puppy-faced towel clad Japanese penis washer continues to the main portion of the penis washing by mouth service that involves her opening her mouth and taking in his entire hard shaft all the way to the base while increasing the speed and pressure of the workings of her mouth in order obliterate every last particle of dirt leaving his member glistening and gleaming like a well-oiled chrome shifter. During her increasingly turbulent and hasty pumping, her tan client moans and concerned for his well-being, orally disengages from his erection but continues pumping it with a free hand all the while looking up at him with saucer-dish eyes in concert with a troubled pout asking him, 'What's the matter?'. Not even a second passes before her client accidentally unloads his built up secular stress in the form of a warm ejaculation which splatters her from chin to cleavage leaving both her and client in a mild stupor.

A note of interest about Japanese penis washing is that it's advertised as a non-sexual service. The introduction to this production clearly states that penis washing is about beauty and health, and not about sexual gratification. However, it continues onward mentioning that from time to time, ejaculations may happen if too much pressure is accidentally used and going from the penis washing techniques showcased, ejaculations happen quite often leaving both the client and the penis washer mildly surprised.

The concept of a sexual non-sexual service is quite unique and the amorous confusion it brings to the viewer is one-of-a-kind. Imagine a beautiful towel-clad (or stark naked as is shown in some scenes) Japanese woman maintaining sultry eye contact with you and smiling as she tenderly twirls your lathered up, tender erection in between her bare, soft, hands while perhaps resting an idle hand on your chest or if you're lucky, simultaneously caressing your soapy testicles all in the name of proper hygiene. This is what Japanese penis washing is all about: a sexual non-sexual service that combines a salon-like treatment for man's most sensitive organ in conjunction with licentious bed time activities that everyone is saliently familiar with.

CFNM Japanese Penis Washing Nationwide Showcase is another fantastic attention to the strange and bizarre genitalia-themed hygiene series previously highlighted here, here, and of course, here that would be a shame to watch without English subtitles. Unless you have a strong command of the Japanese language, watching any of these stunning productions would lead to confusion and a lack of clear comprehension.

What is shown is considerably more than a wonky CFNM-themed handjob series with a high usage of foamy bathing soap performed by attractive coquettish Japanese women. Rather, it's your own private view into a strange yet holistically rejuvenating sensual CFNM genitalia bathing service that *occasionally* (although the meaning of 'occasionally' translates to every single time in the aforementioned productions) leads to accidental, surprising orgasms. Enjoy this unique Japanese service and perhaps one day if you have the grace to visit this bounteous land in the apotheosis of cosmetology development, try out the wonders of penis washing on your most prized possession. Who knows, you may get overly excited and have a messy 'accident' while your Japanese penis washer feigns surprise with a knowing twinkle in her eyes.

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Nationwide Penis Washing Showcase
Part Two with English Subtitles

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