Subtitled Sex Education Show

Published July 20, 2010

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

A surprisingly accurate and informative Japanese sex education TV show focusing on safe practices to prevent STDs featuring ample amounts of CFNM with subtitles

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Sex Education Show
with English Subtitles

With Japan's birth-rate declining in alarming numbers over the last few years, more and more programming has either been targeting older folk with health remedies and now recently, younger folk with shows all around sex in all its glory.

The Sex Education show begins with schoolgirls examining their classmates erections and then using their hands and in some cases their mouths as well, explore every inch of exposed skin to satisfy their curiosities. Naturally, since this is simply an 'education' show 'accidents' aren't expected to occur but accidents can and do happen and when you're standing in front of a group of your schoolgirl piers slowly fondling, lightly caressing, and casually stroking your hardon while another pair of hands is massaging your sack all the while two pairs of eyes are glued on you down south, you may get a bit too excited and blow it all over your classmate's faces. It can't be helped!

However, the schoolgirls get their turn as well as the teacher now on film has them all remove their underwear and then begins by examining, equally caressing, and of course rubbing the female form in all its exposed glory.

The fun doesn't stop there though as the show also introduces the concept of a sex contest where couples make love from start to cumpletion in front of a judge who critiques them after their steamy performance is finished. The thrill of having sex for the first time on tape makes this couple go the extra mile and then some and it doesn't hurt at all that the judge later on gives a little bit of extra encouragement by lettering her hands get involved with some of the action.

We also see how nurses and doctors at hospitals are also making sexual health a top priority by making penis examinations (shape, size, weight pre- and post-load) a requirement when one has his physical and if the patient requests it, extra sexual health services are available.

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