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Published February 26, 2013

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Introducing a new bizarre sexual non-sexual service featuring towel clad and oftentimes naked Japanese woman who sensually wash your penis with subtitles.

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Women Who Wash Penises
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'This isn't a business for sexual release...',
she replies with a look of self-restrained pity in her eyes
while casually caressing his shaft and testicles
as she flits between gazing into his wanting eyes and his erect member.

Japan is a land known for its brilliant changing of the seasons from the birthing of a lilac spring in the form of elegiac cherry blossoms that hang like weeping willows but only show their brilliant purple and pink in-bloom leaves for a few weeks before being swept away by the trammeling aural quarrel of the never-ending summertime sultry cicadas which go quiet as the soon as their arboreal resting places consisting of lush leaves fade to brown descent to the ground as the first chill winds of the wintry months bring forth days of gelid endurance. To clarify, although there are many countries that are frequent witness to below freezing temperatures for many months out of the year, Japan can be an unforgiving cold place if precautions aren't taken.

Japanese houses--especially those in the countryside are havens during the warmer months but as soon as the weather turns (and this it can do with striking haste), these summer oases can volte-face into unforgiving winter dungeons. Most find respite by working longer hours at centrally-heated offices, finally hitting the gym for some much needed climate-controlled conditioning, or most commonly, lounging in a hot spring bath or a neighborhood sento.

As previously introduced, these last few years a dazzling smorgasbord of kinky yet medicinal and most salient, hygienic bathing services have sprung up in Japan be it a kinky bathhouse rental service where stark naked Japanese women use their unsullied bodies to ensure you leave with a smile and a few ounces lighter in the nether regions or the nationwide-trend of CFNM penis washing.

Japanese penis washing in particular is an interesting morsel of salacious hygiene combining the exhibitionist-fused CFNM with a level of cleanliness that the Japanese are best known for. Previous incarnations of penis washing have focused on 'delivery' services where attractive young and professional penis washers would chirpily arrive at your residence or place of business to sensually and thoroughly bathe and clean your manhood--a boon during those sticky, sultry summer months where the humidity swallows all with no quarter.

In today's incarnation of Japanese penis washing, the trend takes place mainly in two locations: a bathhouse resort and the locker room of a fitness gym. Every scene showcases various types of penis washing services available from the basic hand service to penis washing by breasts to a special mouth course that makes use of the tongue in ways not thought possible.

The first scene of Women Who Wash Penises occurs in the slightly cramped, tatami-lined floor of a traditional Japanese bathhouse's guest rooms where a yukata-clad gentleman is serviced by a very comely yet attractive large-breasted Japanese woman with roots in Kyoto who chirpily massages his shaft in ways only a professionally trained penis washer could accomplish. From sensual massaging of the base of the shaft to a brutally arousing feather-touch of his glans using the soft palm of her hand, his penis is taken through a heavenly range of motions provided by this talkative ebullient penis washer (with exclusive English subtitles).

Basic questions about why is he in town and how he has enjoyed his stay at the onsen begin the session but as her motions around his increasingly turgid shaft pick up, the conversation ships to boyfriends and girlfriends and surprisingly she admits she is single. At this time, our naked client in a CFNM fantasy like no other reaches full mast and hesitantly asks if she could perhaps finish him up. Rather than being chagrined at the kinky and frank request, she obliges provided he can keep it a secret (this is fortunately a very common trend of the series). Her motions turn more sexual as the sensual movements around his glans turn into a closed-hand hasty pumping of his entire shaft as she maintains solid, coruscating eye contact as he ejaculates moments later in unchained ecstasy.

One important thing of note that makes the Japanese Penis Washing series so unique and downright kinky is the fact that it is a sexual non-sexual service. Although this may sound like a contradiction especially with the visual aids shown above, the service consists of beautiful Japanese women--some clad in regular clothes, others in towels, and some totally naked—who all share a singular goal of promoting hygiene and relaxation. Occasionally customers may brusquely ask for some off-menu salacious extras like feeling their breasts but the trained staff of professional penis washers always replies back with a priapic rejoinder about how penis washing is not a service for sexual release.

The irony is thicker than a mid-day Japanese summer's humidity as these replies are often-times given while they are dutifully licking and sucking on the rock solid shafts of their aroused clients. In fact, one scene in particular features a stark naked penis washer crouching on the floor with every inch of her unsullied body exposed from her larger-than-average breasts down to her lightly haired slit and tight anus while negatively replying to her client's 'extras' request with a very visible string of pre-cum connecting her mouth to his shaft.

Fortunately for us, the first scene of this wonderful production with its 'keep it a secret' conclusion continues throughout and every penis washer allows her CFNM customer to 'finish off'--sometimes into their open mouths!

Along with the basic hand service where soft fingers and palms sensually graze every inch of exposed genitalia from the tip of the penis all the way back around to the anus and the aforementioned penis washing by mouth service where tongues and lips work in concert with determined fingertips to clean every inch of erect flesh, a new service briefly mentioned above is introduced: penis washing via breasts.

Here, the concept of CFNM dissipates as the penis washers join their aroused clients in nudity by using their extra-large breasts to give their erections a washing experience like no other. One of the most effective methods that several of the washers employ is using their hard nipples in lieu of fingertips as they graze around the glans of their clients. This is generally enough to cause quite a few sticky 'accidents' as shown above but some penis washers truly go the extra mile by incorporating a 'paizuri'-type service where they place their client's penis between their large breast for thorough shaft cleaning.

The trend for this iteration of CFNM Japanese Penis Washing is total and unchained relaxation using hands, mouths, tongues, and in some cases, soft, large breasts and erect, nipples. The fact that this is a holistic sexual non-sexual service makes it a thrill to watch and see how far these pert penis washers go with their open bodies to ensure their clients leaving with smiles and flaccid yet twinkling genitalia. As one attractive penis washer noted while simultaneously lathering up the testicles of her client while rubbing her soft pinky finger around his glans was that the penis washing service has spread nationwide thus even those in smaller cities should have easy access to sensual cleaning of their most sensitive regions.

Although most of the scenes take place in an indoor bathhouse and fitness club, some are even filmed outdoors in a verdant, tropical onsen that defies the wintry weather currently plowing through the nation. The combination of green--almost lurid in hue flora and fauna in contrast with an attractive tan, and topless Japanese penis washer sensually caressing your hard member while looking you straight in the eyes with the brightest of smiles is a memory that will stay with you for many seasons to come.

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