Subtitled Stimulation By Underwear

Published July 19, 2011

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Japanese nanpa pickup artists approach real amateurs for a kinky study of herbivorous men and carnivorous women with full English subtitles.

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Stimulation By Underwear
with English Subtitles

The art of picking up a girl off the streets to become one's future long term girlfriend OR simply a short-term fling is summed up by the short Japanese word, 'nanpa'. Generally, nanpa involves a man on a busy a street or in some circumstances, a night club, going after his target and hopefully if the odds are with him, achieving his prime directive: score.

However, nanpa isn't always about a guy going after a girl. In this movie, girls are seduced not by a smooth-talking player but rather by a fat wad of cash for some quick fun in a modestly decorated van functioning as a love-pad. More specifically, these girls accept cash to stimulate men and the only thing they are allowed to use is their underwear. Handjobs are off limits so the girl's main weapons of choice are severely limited leading to some interesting outcomes.

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