Japanese CFNM Penis Washing

Published November 27, 2012

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A bizarre CFNM themed service opens up in the greater Tokyo area featuring chirpy Japanese penis washers sensually bathing turgid penises with subtitles.

CFNM Japanese Penis Washing Service
Part One with English Subtitles

The Japanese work like no other country in the world.

This has been the long-standing paean that has swept the country like a banshee-infused typhoon for the last sixty years and has successfully fueled Japan's incredibly record-breaking rapid transition from the desolation of the post-war rut to the almost inhumanely efficient society that it is today. In order to succeed and soar past your lazy peers, you need to put in your due and then some. Overtime is just a word that has no real economic meaning is a paraphrase of the mantra that many--if not most--Japanese salaryman live by and due to this, non-work related activities quite often suffer from a sad case of neglect.

Whether it be skimping on one's home life in order to keep up 'face' (the act of looking good and productive to other employees and especially one's higher-ups) to attending nearly mandatory nightly drinking parties where if one is a simple cog in the wheel must maintain the very tricky and precarious balance between joyful intoxication and flat-out bacchanalian debauchery that may lead to saying something one would woefully regret as sobriety regains control. In fact, going beyond purely work-related issues into those of one's home where an overworked salaryman is truly master of the domain (in absentee status of course), bathing habits can suffer as well.

A musky, damp with lurid humidity curtain parts to allow the most infamous of Japan's searing hot and uncomfortable in every sense of the word summer events to slither into the spotlight:

Board any Japanese train in any crepuscular evening when the sun just starts to set on another long sultry, sticky summer day where humidity seems to clash with science and common sense by crossing over the one hundred percent mark even when the skies are clear and the smell will hit you. The foul smell of overworked, under-bathed, and completely oblivious salarymen on their way home (or most likely a drinking event as described above). It's a pungent, rancid, and viciously odious smell that is as far from the sweet ambrosial waft of cleanliness as one can possible venture to and still call human. Take coffee, a sweaty and stiff cotton button-up shirt and a blazer that has no business being worn when the weather rises above 35 degrees (Celsius) and has seen fewer dry cleaning visits than should morally be allowed and combine this with the noisomeness of dozens upon dozens of cigarettes mixed with cheap alcohol and that is the smell of the rush hour express in the oppressive inferno summer battleground of Japan. Being stuck in a tightly packed train with a dire shortage of stops while packed like fraught cattle on a one-way trip to the neighborhood abattoir against unwashed salarymen is an experience that will cling to your nasal memory bank forever.

Given that the average Japanese full-time employee truly is lacking in the time department, it would be beneficial for him to find time in the middle of the day for a quick refresher and some companies have began extending lunch break slightly to allow their overworked heard of yes-men to hit the local sento (hot spring bath usually located in a city that is powered by municipal tap water rather than crystal clear spring water) or even the gym in hopes that they will take a relaxing bath before continuing on with their day.

This sharp change in the Japanese corporate structure can most likely be linked to the recent rise of 'career women'--Japanese women who go beyond the timid and unspectacular rank of office lady into full-fledged executive positions where they can finally exert real power over their underlings--even if they are male.

Fortunately, services have sprung up across the country to battle this noisome nuisance and in concert with extended lunch breaks, they have quickly transformed from nascent niche products to a central part of the everyday routine of salarymen nationwide. Enter assisted CFNM bathing services that specialize in male bathing with extra focus on the most 'dirty' and prone to producing offensive odors area of the body: the groin.

With the shift to longer breaks and a push for clean, healthy employees, the CFNM Penis Washing service (staffed solely by attractive Japanese women of course) has become a commonplace occurrence in bathhouses and even offices. Whether it be a quick wash and scrub to something much more detailed and sensual, these determined girls perform their job functions with utmost diligence and loving, fulsome care and yes, sometimes sticky 'accidents' happen...as described below.

The first scene takes part surprisingly outside of lunch break and rather at night. An overworked Japanese salaryman is putting in heavy overtime and in lieu of a shower, has ordered someone from the Penis Washing dispatch center to give him a quick wash-up (they offer two types of services: a quick wash and a more thorough spa-like cleansing). On time (this is Japan after-all which features unparallelled customer service), in walks a vivacious sprightly young Japanese woman carrying a bucket containing ambrosial body soap and a few towels. Informing the cheerful penis cleaner of his time-constrained predicament, she beams with pride and goodwill and says she will make him squeaky clean down 'there' where it counts most.

With his khakis jumbled against his ankles and still soft manhood at face level, our lovely Japanese penis cleaner gets to work by lathering her soft hands full of body soap and then gently embracing him only inches from her innocent face. While caressing, pumping, and massaging his growing member, small talk ensues about this and that. Surprised that she has only been working there a year, this overworked yet visibly flushed and aroused salaryman comments on her skill with penis handling to which she demurely dodges in a classic Japanese way that you'll have to see to fully comprehend.

An interesting tidbit from their light conversion as she pumps and massages his hardon and testicles is that men who receive regular penis cleaning usually perform better at their jobs. The conversation continues by the salaryman confirming her belief by mentioning that ever since he started receiving regular penis washings at work, he has secured a great number of contracts with new clients. Having a dirty, neglected member can lead to a loss in productivity is a rather rattling concept and if this nugget of knowledge spreads, more and more companies will almost assuredly adopt a sound, mandatory penis cleaning program for their employees. Perhaps if there are no available penis washers from the dispatch company, their Japanese office lady staff can give a hand (the young and attractive ones of course).

As this bubbly Japanese penis washer diligently works on her client's by-now turgid manhood with serene gusto, she accidentally gets some of the foamy body soap on her shirt. Surprised at her folly but quick to offer a cunning, epigrammatic suggestion, this salaryman parlays the advice that in order to avoid any more accidental mishaps with the soap, it would be a sound idea for her to take off her shirt--and her bra as well just to be safe. A bit timid at first, he consoles her by mentioning that it's way past closing and no one else is here and with that she follows his advice to a T.

In her exposed topless state with impressively supernal perky Japanese breasts out front in the spotlight, she returns to caring for his solid member with a very weird yet brutally pleasurable take on the standard handjob using a bizarre corkscrew motion that electrifies her client into a rock solid stupor of physical pleasure. Eventually with the tiring of her hands and time running low, she finishes the penis cleaning session with a standard oral rinse. Using her skilled, soft mouth and adventurous tongue, she licks every bit of his exposed, solid member while maintaining cheerful and friendly eye contact. Soon enough, the predicable happens and he deposits his hot, sticky, tip into her hands, she thanks him for his continued patronage and hopes they will meet again soon for another cleaning.

The next scene continues the trend of salaciously mixing hygiene and penis care along with a healthy dose of Japanese CFNM and shifts the situation from an overworked salaryman trapped in a rustic Japanese office to a posh, business hotel bathroom that contains a very luxurious and inviting jacuzzi. Here, a towel clad (yet totally naked underneath) penis cleaner with a wide yet attractive face washes her naked client's penis with the same amount of gusto as the friendly penis cleaner from the previous scene.

As she sensually caresses his hard, soapy member along with massaging his hardening testicles, she suffers an indecent wardrobe malfunction as her towel inadvertently falls the floor exposing her well-shaped round breasts and long bare legs squeezed together with the slightest hint of pubis on display. Quickly readjusting herself for the sake of modesty, our naked salaryman requests that he'd prefer for her to remain naked. 'You are beautiful, after all' he mentions. Flattered by his impressive display of cloyage, she disrobes before apologizing first (it's a Japanese thing -- since she had a bath-towel wrapped around her attractive nude frame up until now although her client would of preferred to see her stark naked from the get-go, she has caused an inconvenience that she only now is amending) and continues on with her relaxing, skilled soapy penis massage while totally in the nude.

While putting his hard member through a gamut of viciously pleasurable variations of the traditional Japanese handjob, he interjects by requesting she add the 'kuchi-arai' ('mouth cleaning') package to today's cleaning. Without batting an eye, she surprisingly and initially rejects his proposal but not for the reason that you may be assuming. Rather, with a plaintive cast to her beautiful face, she mentions that she is new to penis cleaning and has not yet earned her oral certification. Not fazed by her admitted lack of experience, he says he'd really like her to give it a shot. Promising him to secrecy as she could get in trouble for doing something she is not yet qualified for, obliges while opening her innocent mouth and taking in his freshly cleaned penis.

The lack of experience has severely put her into a position of demure submission and while remaining totally naked kneeling on the tiled bathroom floor, she takes licks and sucks his hardon with impressive bravura. Going beyond the guidelines of a standard cleaning service, she pumps away at him with stern concentration and an urge for him to achieve pure pleasure and with that, he empties his extra large load into her waiting mouth. Now obviously, she cannot leave him in this slightly dirty condition of fresh spunk dribbling out of his freshly washed penis so she returns to bathing his manhood with her semi-skilled tongue though this time the licking is more sensual. With loving kisses planted all over his softening, freshly milked penis while bringing it to a sparkling unsullied state, she lovingly concludes the Japanese penis washing session with a heartfelt stark naked thank you. I'm sure she has successfully secured a repeat client and she has without a doubt earned it.

With bathing out of the way for the time being, we venture into the not-so-unsullied urinal of a less-than-average Japanese office building where a shy Japanese salaryman plagued with a mild case of incontinence awaits the arrival of a dispatched penis washer for a quick oral cleaning of his slightly crestfallen leaky member. Clad in a matching purple long sleeved shirt and short skirt, this body soap and hot water heater carrying chirpy genitalia washer quickly introduces herself before getting down to business as she kneels on the floor to prepare the impromptu bathing experience. In a shy, muffled tone he admits that he could not hold it in any longer and accidentally got some leakage on his pants. "Not to worry", replies the pert penis washer, "washing dirty penises is my job."

And what a crazy job it is!

On the floor of this bathroom in severe need of an upgrade, this short skirt clad Japanese beauty and penis health connoisseur begins to eagerly suck and lick her incontinence-plagued client's admittedly dirty manhood with her slick and experienced tongue. All the while, she makes sure that every nook and cranny of his private hardening member receives a thorough saliva bath. In an example of extreme bravura taken to the utmost edges of perfection, this blow job-giving penis washer actually manages to hold a conversion with her viciously aroused salaryman customer. It's quite an amazing feat to be able to fellate someone and maintain some level of conversion at the same time and this further reinforces the fact that these penis washers are skilled tradeswomen in their craft and not some part-time job thrill-seeking miscreant.

Even in a dirty Japanese bathroom with paper thin walls that allow the hubbub of the neighboring office to bleed through, this bottomless hardon sporting salaryman on the receiving end of a truly professional CFNM fellatio that even includes some light salacious tea bagging manages to do the unthinkable and empty his huge, extended load of sticky love spunk into the waiting mouth of his penis washer who happily allows him to finish up his extremely physical display of appreciation.

Moving out of the sub-standard urinal of a Japanese office building and into one of the offices that operate there, we are introduced to a long haired Japanese penis washer consulting with her client in front of a freshly made massage bed where he will presumably have his more intimate regions thoroughly cleaned. Rather than going for the quick service his incontinence-plagued salaryman cohort opted for, he opts for the more advanced and much more relaxing full package that has him lying stark naked on a massage bed while this very gracile penis handler bathes and caresses his private manhood in a textbook example of Japanese CFNM.

Amidst a sea of mundane and banal small talk, this Japanese Penis washer grabs a toothbrush (!) from her arsenal of personal care tools and begins to lightly scrub her client's soapy, lathered penis and pubis. Please don't be alarmed however as the brush is very, very soft and she is gentle with her motions. While giving his southerly placed hair its almost certainly first ever treatment, she gradually massages and holds his hardening member in her soft, gentle hands perhaps for support and perhaps to get it ready for the very involving cleaning job that will soon occur.

With a naughty twinkle in her martinet eyes, this Japanese vixen sits back with chagrin upon discovering that her client has popped quite a hardon. "Was I applying too much pressure when brushing you?" she questions to which he quickly answers with "Yes, but I kind of like the high pressure cleaning method more than the other one..." Understanding of her naked client's condition, she shifts course and follows his suggestion to apply a firmer grip on his turgid manhood and begins caressing and bathing it with stern and determined gravitas. Being a full service appointment, she eventually segues into cleaning his solid hardon with her soft and wet mouth while taking the time out to lick his tightening testicles as well.

Taking the concept of a blowjob and morphing into something truly preternatural, she combines an open-mouthed tongue-hanging out salacious kiss with the act of fellatio that sends her client into the one-way expressway to extremis. With her tongue stuck out and grazing his rock solid penis, she jerks away with an almost mechanical fury while urging him to feel relaxed and comfortable. While pumping away like a madwoman, she maintains keen, sultry eye contact with him that voicelessly urges a quick ascent to powerful orgasm and not a moment leader in an almost ear-piercingly skirl of pure ecstasy, he unloads a mountain of steamy semen onto her waiting tongue much to her surprise. Accidents do happen and when they involve a surprisingly large amount of fresh sperm, even the most skilled Japanese penis washer may loose her marbles.

In the final scene that truly sums up what CFNM oriented Japanese penis cleaning is all about (and take note that only half the scenes have been depicted in this extended description), we enter into a municipal Japanese bathhouse--a sento as they are called. Here amid mundane tiled walls lacked in any form of decoration, a shy and quivering with febrility nondescript Japanese man covers his crotch in eager anticipation of a thorough cleaning of his somewhat dirty jewels. Today, for him and you for, is a very special day as one of the more popular Japanese penis cleaners has finally created a tiny gap in her packed to the brim schedule to take part in this video documentary of this strange and bizarre service.

Pale in the strictest traditional Japanese sense with long black hair and wrapped in a fluffy white bath-towel hiding her nudity underneath but aiding little in masking her considerably above average Japanese breasts, this heavenly penis cleaner gracefully enters the small bathhouse holding an assortment of bathing supplies. Long thin arms matched by legs of a supermodel and a smile that sends stoic and assiduous men to the floor in waves of a treacle of unabashed "moe" ("Moe" is a Japanese phrase that is actually quite difficult to simply define in English. Consider the feeling that may possess you if a beautiful woman you have a crush on comes to your desk at work and hands you a pastry she made with heart-shaped frosting on it. The emotions that you feel after receiving that cloy morsel of goodness is "Moe").

This lucky client is in for the time of his life as his turgid shaft is examined, prepped, combed with a gentle brush, and even every neglected crevice of the outer sensitive region of skin surrounding his scrotum is gently swabbed clean with a cotton swab held by the serene grip of his argent Japanese beauty. Once the initial 'beauty' portion of the CFNM Japanese penis cleaning service runs its course, the next segment focusing on a careful combination of sensual lathering and massaging of the rock solid shaft commences. All the while a charming conversion bounces between them about various mundane subjects of life with on and off remarks of the uniqueness of this large-breasted beauty's sensual choice of profession.

Eventually, her client musters up enough brazen courage to request that she perhaps drop her towel a bit and use her big breasts in concert with her tongue for the oral cleaning portion of the treatment to which she cheerfully obliges. Stripping her towel ever so slightly to allow this horny client in the midst of a fantastic penis cleaning experience leaves him, and you the viewer in the presence of Japanese breasts the go beyond the norm and into the realm of the truly preternatural: perfectly round, perfectly perky, and all around perfect in size, shape, form and texture. While joyously alternating between a very thorough mouth service in the form of sumptuous blowjob that at times engulfs his hardon and occasionally moves further south to clean off his tightening testicles, the visual treat of viewing this living, breathing, piece of flawless perfection whose almond eyes locked firmly on his pulsing hardon sends him to the orgasmic point of no return and with an ogrish grunt, he ejaculates sticky semen all over her large Japanese breasts. Thanking him for his continued use of the bathhouse penis washing service, she earnestly wishes him well and hopes to see him again soon.

Japan is truly a land that takes the craziness of sex and packages it into kinky, weird, and certainly bizarre realistic services. With its pungent, odious musk especially in the brutally humid summer months, the groin of an overworked salaryman is located dead center of no-man's land and a dispatch service staffed by cute Japanese girls who sensually comb out the kinks of unkempt pubis along with massaging, bathing, and lathering hardening members is the perfect example of Japanese CFNM mixed with a very real service that is very much in demand if you know where to look.

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