Yui Hatano

Yui is a 36 year old actress. She started her career 15 years ago and is still active today. Check out the ZENRA collection of 10 videos featuring Yui below!
波多野 結衣
Yui Hatano
Date of Birth: 24 / 05 / 1988
Active Since: 2008
The Wife Swapping Game - Bound at the Hands Edition First Half

Japanese married couples on the rocks attempt one last time to reconcile in a way that combines jealousy sex in front of other couples. Hosted by Tsubaki Katou.

What if My Girlfriend Was Yui Hatano?

A hard call between going raw including real creampie (!) with Yui or seeing if you can convince her to give Hibiki a ring.

January 26th, 2022

Yui Hatano - Sex in Front of My Husband at Work

A disgruntled employee with a window seat enacts revenge by having sex with the beautiful wife of a coworker while he watches.

Yui Hatano - Pleasure of Exposure

Watch JAV star Yui Hatano transition from prim and proper housewife to an exhibitionist masochist in the next iteration of this popular ORGA series.

Yui Hatano - The Sacrifice of Pure Ecstasy

To help his wife recover from a curious spell of amnesia, a concerned husband admits her to a rather unorthodox mental health clinic via ORGA.

Yui Hatano and Ria Kashii - The True Nature of Married Women

ORGA proves once again that everybody cheats—especially married women in stable relationships.

Yui Hatano - Yobai Mura

A violent summer storm whisks Yui Hatano into a town that time forgot that still harbors a fraught nightly ritual via ORGA.

Yui Hatano and Ruka Kanae - Infidelity Education Comes in Pairs

JAV star Yui Hatano finds employment as a teacher and paying a visit to the home of frequent truant Ruka Kanae leads to a fraught discovery via ORGA.

Dream Shower with Yui Hatano

Japanese AV legend Yui Hatano eagerly puts herself in the direct line of site of over a hundred juice men in another WAAP bukkake magnum opus.

Holistic Nipple Liberation Salon for Men Starring Yui Hatano

Yui Hatano plays a massage therapist at a unique clinic that focuses mainly on nipples and other sensitive areas of the male anatomy by DREAM TICKET.

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