(Un)anticipated JAV Anal Debuts That Shocked Fans

Published : March 7th, 2024 Written by jmsorry

A typical JAV career follows a basic trajectory: a very tame debut, a couple of bans being 'lifted', and then a series of more daring titles until her name fizzles out. However, nowadays not a lot of actresses choose to 'lift' the typical bans. The bigger actresses usually do many variations of the same title, choosing to maintain a more wholesome image. This is why only a few actually do anal movies nowadays, particularly among bigger actresses.

But there are actresses who still dare to go out of their comfort zones. Here's a couple of these brave souls who have blessed us with anal movies.


Natsuki Takeuchi

Natsuki Takeuchi is one those top-tier actresses who, for some reason, still fly below the radar. Debuting in 2020 with DTT--050, she was marketed as a slim 33-year old housewife who suddenly chose to do the porn life.

However, a quick look will tell that Natsuki has a lot of potential. She has a pretty Korean-looking face and a slim, model-esque figure. She could enjoy a more than decent JAV career which just those assets. She's also one of those rare actresses who look better in action than in the cover.

However, little did they know that Natsuki had more things in her mind.

After a couple of housewife-themed videos, Natsuki decided to shift gears and go down the hardcore rabbit hole. She did MISM-226, her first anal video, with M Girls' Lab, known for their stone-cold content.

MISM-226 is not your typical anal debut. After a couple of wholesome scenes, Natsuki had all sorts of gizmos inserted into her ass. She did some rough play, some deepthroat. The actors did not hold themselves back. And on top of that, she seems to enjoy all of it.

After doing MISM-226, Natsuki quickly slid into JAV's shadowlands, doing all sorts of HC stuff that no one would have imagined she would do. Of course, she also did a couple more anal-themed videos. Some of these are ATID-498 (Female Teacher's Shameful Anal Ring), GVH-396 (M Wife Anal Training), and GVH-408, which is part of Glory Quest's "Anal Device" series.

Despite going on the left-hand path, Natsuki maintained her demure image - which is rather surprising. And somehow, it works. Her cute yet mature looks and her quiet disposition contrasts sharply with the kind of videos she does. It simply is mindblowing.


Kaho Imai

It goes without saying that Kaho Imai is a total babe. Back during her debut in SDAB-078 with SOD, I couldn't believe my eyes that such a beautiful creature is doing JAV. Her tanned skin and blonded hair makes her stand out among JAV actresses, and she does have a beautiful face and a sexy figure. I personally wouldn't be surprised if she kept doing the typical JAV career until retirement.

But four years after her debut, Kaho-chan did the unthinkable and decided to pop her derriere. It was in ATID-548 that she peeled her peach for everyone to see.

Attackers saw the significance of the event, and they did their best to make ATID-548 a JAV gem.

First, they interviewed Kaho-chan, where she opened up about her M tendencies. After a bit of teasing, the actors began to crawl their way into her ass, priming it for some action.

What makes ATID-548 fun to watch is we can see Kaho-chan's emotions as she goes through the video. Sometimes, she looks a bit anxious, and sometimes she looks like she is begging for a cock.

My favorite bit in the video is when the actors where filling Kaho's ass with loads of enema liquid. Even I was shocked with the volume of liquid that they decided to shove into her. I was like, "isn't that too much?"

But finally, Kaho lets it all go and unleashes the ass juice for all the world to see. She even squirts some of it as she is being fucked in the pussy. Way to go, Kaho-chan!

After the initial ass fucking, Kaho-chan finally get a a DP.

While taking in this scene, I couldn't help but look back at the Kaho Imai that I saw in SBAD-078. How did it come to this? After some moments of reflection, I look back into the screen, and say, "Thanks heavens!"


June Lovejoy

I wish I could say that we KNEW this was coming, but no. When June Lovejoy entered the JAV scene in 2020, everyone thought she was just like other gaijins. Most other white actresses do a couple of videos and then scoot back to their place of origin, banking on their 'foreignness' for a quick buck.

But June was different. She stuck with the JAV industry and did the usual JAV stuff.

I said we knew this was coming, because I know what's in everybody's mind when they see June - her glorious, thick ass. Clearly the perfect candidate for some backdoor knocking.

This is why when JUNY-042 came out, it made such a ruckus not only among June's fans but every ass lover in every corner of the world. And my god, it didn't disappoint.

June did the first scene with the devil Pierre Ken, and it was nice to see another side of her here. We usually see her as a bubbly and enthusiastic slut, but when Pierre-san was pulling those anal beads from her fat ass one by one, it was as if he was plucking bits of her soul out of her. After all, anal will put anyone in a vulnerable state, almost like a religious experience. Check out that mouth gaping in anal ecstacy.

Nonetheless, after the initial ass fucking, it seems like June has finally warmed up and has begun to genuinely enjoy the experience in the second half of the video.

June has then moved on to create a second anal video in DASD-920, which is more drama-oriented. Again, she stands out here with her great acting skills.


Ren Usui

Ren Usui is a unicorn of the JAV industry. With a relatively short career, Ren-chan glided smoothly from a cute housewife to a total slut in just a the span of a few years. This is why when she did ATID-487, her fans couldn't help but say "yes, of course, but what the fuck."

WTF, indeed. While Ren has showed some inklings of sluthood in her previous videos, no one would have thought that she'd go so far into the anal territory. But she did, and Attackers did the job with gusto.

What I like about ATID-487 is its unscripted, almost bare production. We see Ren-chan entering the hotel room, then made to crouch for the initial probing. She looks candid, almost amused. She seems relaxed yet a bit anxious about the new experience.

Moreover, I like some of the camera angles. We get an angle of her ass as well as her face, so we get to see real time reactions from Ren-chan as the guy fiddles with her asshole, perhaps for the first time in her life.

As for the actual fucking, you could say they were a bit generic. The lighting was also horrendous. Moreover, for some reason, they used the same lame-ass actor for all of the scenes. Cost cutting much?

Nonetheless, seeing someone as pretty as Ren Usui get fucked in the ass is enough to compensate for the lack of production value.

Ren eventually decided to do another anal movie in ATID-491, which is more drama-oriented. And she did A LOT MORE hardcore movies than this, it's almost mindblowing.


Ena Satsuki

Ena Satsuki has a fascinating story. Starting her career with the snobbish label Faleno in 2020, Ena eventually chose to go freelance and make more daring videos.

And daring they indeed are. In the span of a few months, Ena-chan racked up a crazy number of titles. Recently, she has slowly begun to take on more gutsy roles.

Finally, she did an anal video in MIAB-053, "Anal lifted! Genius beautiful girl's first anal sex!"

MIAB-053 is a beauty of a video. Produced by Moodyz, MIAB-053 has top-notch video quality, gorgeous costumes, and god-tier camera angles.

MIAB-053 has everything: Pierre Ken's customary rectal examinations, wacky positions that shows off Ena's body shape and ass, a great DP, and of course, Ena-chan's mood-heightening presence will always comes off positively on screen. Moodyz always delivers especially when they are pushing out a hardcore video.

Ena-chan decided to do another anal video with Moodyz, MIAB-082, where she puts her ass to good use as a live-stream gal being played with by her teacher (guess who). Everything just fits Ena-chan's image. Again, it is beautifully produced. Definitely worth the watch.


Yuria Yoshine

M-cup goddess Yuria Yoshine is such a specimen. Debuting under OPPAI in 2019, Yuria-chan has a youthful face with the body of a full-grown woman. She has since then developed a prolific body of work.

But just one year after her debut, she unexpectedly dropped MVSD-453 - her first anal work. And it was absolutely ~chef's kiss~

If you're interested in reading a full review, check out OPPAI Lover69's in-depth report.

You'd have to agree, there are not a lot of things better than seeing a thick ass used to its full capacity.

Fucking A! What do you think abou these anal debuts? Do you know of other JAV actresses whose anal debuts made a splash in the industry? Share them with us in the comments section!


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