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Published : August 22nd, 2023 Written by Syndrome


The act of bathing is a necessity for many, and for as long as it's been a concept, men have viewed it as lusty and erotic (when women are involved, anyway), due to it requiring full nudity. Japan in particular, which is known for having beautiful and scenic onsens, has often romanticized baths, on top of using them as a setting for JAV. While such public bathing is often separated by sex to prevent foul play, the stimulating fantasy of playing with a woman in the bath is one men love. As such, I've selected ten JAV that revolve around onsens and ryoukans and ranked them by their quality.

10. Big Tits Married Woman Onsen Date – Super Sensitive Constitution Big Ass J-Cup Akari 29

Video   BANK-095
Cast Seiri Toa
Duration 130 minutes
Studio Ma○ko Ginkou
Genre Creampie, Outdoors, Small Breasts, Hot Spring, Solo, Big Breasts, Tit Fuck, Yukata
Release Date 2022-09-23

This first selection is a bit underwhelming as the main actress, Seiri Toa, comes off as a bit distracting due to her wild teeth. On occasion, she also does this strange "eye rolling" while she's in pleasure, which comes off as fake (in my opinion). Despite these setbacks however, the JAV has some sexy moments as Toa is rather well-endowed.

The large-breasted beauty often performs tit fucks throughout the JAV and the camera makes sure to let watchers get an adequate view of her bouncing bosom. There's no actual onsen until the end of the movie, which I find to be disappointing for an onsen-focused work. Sadly, this JAV falls short in comparison to several others.

9. Gesu no Kiwami Onsen – Rented Hot Spring – 10th group

Video GES-019
Cast Mishima Natsuko
Duration 120 minutes
Studio Prestige
Genre Creampie, Outdoors, Big Breasts, Hot Spring, Solo
Release Date 2017-08-25

Mishima Natsuko's tribute to onsens and ryoukans is a bit lackluster, in my opinion, as this work has quite a lot of "buildup" and foreplay. The main actor and Natsuko spend a lot of time in their room as the woman presents herself on a table, with the JAV overall being rather slow. The work is slightly unique in that it chooses the room where you undress as the location for one of its scenes, but it is merely used for foreplay.

The actual penetrative scenes take place at or in the onsen, so that is one positive trait, but the sex is rather tame, and the camera angles don't really do it for me. I believe the video just has too much waiting and not a lot of obscenity or focus on the woman's body, putting it higher up on my list.

8. Went to a secluded hot spring to relieve my stress, a cute waitress girl took my hand and used her pussy to give me a super refreshing shot



Cast Nagisa Mitsuki
Duration  178 minutes
Genre Outdoors, Small Breasts, Hot Spring, Solo, Bathing, Swimsuit
Release Date 2019-08-22

I wasn't aware of Nagisa Mitsuki before this point, but after witnessing this JAV, she will definitely be someone I pay more attention to, as she is quite pretty and charming. Mitsuki's flatness and perkiness is absurdly adorable and her tendency to smile and be cute is irresistible - she is genuinely enjoyable to watch.

The movie has a small amount of bathing as Mitsuki and the male actor soap each other up before inevitably getting to the intercourse. The petite woman wears a one-piece swimsuit as well as the usual robes, and while there isn't a lot of actual sex at the onsen itself, Mitsuki's superb sexiness more than makes up for this. Two of the scenes end in explosive orgasms from the male, which any observer would likely imitate if given the chance with the beautiful Mitsuki.

7. Beautiful White Big Tits Beautiful Women Fucked in a Bitchy and Intense Frenzy at a Famous Onsen Resort

Video  YMDD-307
Cast    Oikawa Umi
Duration  83 minutes
Studio Momotarou Eizou Shuppan
Genre Creampie, Outdoors, Small Breasts, Hot Spring, Solo, Squirting, Oral
Release Date 2023-01-03

The pretty Oikawa Umi also visits an onsen for this seductive JAV, and many might confuse it for a tourist advertisement as the work shows off a lot of cultural hotspots. While short, the JAV wastes no time getting to the baths, but the actual sex scenes in the water are short and underwhelming. Most of the intercourse is done in rooms, which I find to be a waste of potential for an onsen-based video.

There are a lot of casual scenes of Umi interacting with the male actor, and while these can be dull, some might judge them as an effective way of bonding the watcher with the actress. I believe such scenes were more of a hindrance however, especially since the video is not that long to begin with. The sex was relatively entertaining, so I wouldn't say the JAV was a complete waste of time.

6. Suppon-boin Girl’s Instant Shaku Chuppa in a Bath Zenbu Sperm Drink Gokkun Plan with Good Hot Water!

Video     YMDD-321
Cast Yukari Nonoka
Duration   157 minutes
Studio    Momotarou Eizou Shuppan
Genre Creampie, Outdoors, Hot Spring, Solo, Big Breasts, Onanism
Release Date 2023-05-02

This relaxing erotic movie is unfortunately quite slow-paced, as it has watchers accompanying the main actress around town, spending casual time with Yukari Nonoka before then going to an onsen. A great deal of time is dedicated to just spending (non-sexual) time with the actress, and those who lack patience will feel irritated. The sex scenes, while also slow on occasion, are worth the wait though. The final sex scene near the conclusion is by far the best, as it involves two males playing with Nonoka at once.

5. 120 looks beautiful amateur girls! Onsen Nakadashi Sex Non-Stop 300 minutes!

Video   SKMJ-342
Cast Aimi Rika, Himekawa Yuuna, Hoshi Ameri, Kasumi Sena, Kuruki Rei, Monami Suzu, Morinichi Hinako, Shirakawa Yuzu, Yokomiya Nanami
Duration 300 minutes
Studio Sekimenjoshi
Genre Creampie, Outdoors, Small Breasts, Hot Spring, Orgy, Big Breasts, Bathing
Release Date 2022-11-11

This particular onsen-themed adult video showed signs of being a potential top pick: tons of women, only one male actor, and a five hour duration. While the quality is significantly high and the JAV scores well on my list, I was a bit annoyed by the fact there are only a few orgy scenes while the rest of the sex involves only one girl at a time.

On top of this, there's only about one or two scenes that involve sex in the onsen itself, which, in my opinion, defeats the purpose of using such a location. Most scenes are solo, but there are some good group moments, so I would say it's definitely worth a watch still.

4. Fuck unlimited by paying a fixed fee! Onsen Ryokan 2 If you pay a fixed fee, you can bang anyone, including staff and female guests of the onsen ryokan!

Video HUNTB-396
Cast   Amasaki Himeno, Meguro Hinami, Shirayuki Hime, Takarada Arisa, Yuina Mitsuki, Yuki Rino
Duration 153 minutes
Studio   Hunter
Genre Creampie, Outdoors, Small Breasts, Hot Spring, Orgy, Big Breasts, Massage
Release Date 2022-11-08

Yet another JAV that features rough orgies appears on the list, and it contains not only sex scenes with multiple men and women, but solo moments as well. The girls are penetrated both in the ryoukan as well as in the bath, and the movie also seems to have a fascination for showing the semen floating about in the water, which might be gross to some, but it at least helps to make the video more memorable.

The women are quite beautiful and the sex and angles are rather entertaining, but there is another orgy-focused onsen JAV that is better than this release.

3. Breasts 108 Cm K Cup Actress Haruna Hana Spills In Onsen Inn!

Video  DBDR-009
Cast Haruna Hana
Duration    119 minutes
Studio    Dobadoba Daisakusen / HERO
Genre Creampie, Outdoors, Small Breasts, Hot Spring, Solo, Big Breasts, Bathing, Onanism, Bukkake
Release Date  2018-11-13

The lovely Haruna Hana stars in this onsen JAV as the pretty girl travels with multiple men to a training camp. Of course, it seems the men are being trained in more ways than one as Haruna has sex with them, taking countless impressive cumshots. The orgy scene is possibly the best part of the movie though, as the woman is once again ejaculated onto many times. Hana is incredibly beautiful and a lot of the sex make use of the onsen, putting this JAV at a high position.

2. Big Tits Married Woman Onsen Date Big Nipple Ring I-Cup Brown Skin Big Ass Wife Mari, 32

Video  BANK-124
Cast Honma Yuri
Duration 123 minutes
Studio Ma○ko Ginkou
Genre Creampie, Outdoors, Small Breasts, Hot Spring, Solo, Tit Fuck, Onanism
Release Date 2023-05-26

This JAV has possibly the most breath-taking scenery of all the films as the outdoors bath glistens in the sun, producing an incredible atmosphere. The succulent Yuri makes great use of her bosom in this JAV as the woman is stroked and penetrated by the lucky male actor. The bath is used extensively for one of the sex scenes, earning positive reception from me, before the actors then retire to an indoors area. The top entries on this list were difficult to rank, as the quality was rather close, but there was one just slightly sexier.

1. S1 Fan Thanksgiving Day Going On A Bukkake Onsen Tour With Her Fans Ayumi Kimino

Video SOE-954
Cast   Kimito Ayumi
Duration    176 minutes
Studio   S1 NO.1 STYLE
Genre Creampie, Outdoors, Big Breasts, Hot Spring, Solo, Bukkake, Orgy
Release Date 2013-07-07

This work easily earns its high placement on the list as it involves constant orgies with multiple men, but only one actress. Main female Kimito Ayumi acts as a tour guide as she travels to an onsen with the aforementioned eager men. The pleasuring begins even before arriving to the actual onsen, and when they do get there, things only get more intense.

There is an extended oral scene where Ayumi strokes and sucks several males, leading to nonstop bukkake. This moment serves as the best scene in the JAV, and even takes place at the actual bath. Following scenes include some lighthearted comedy and nudity out of the onsen, which is a nice change of pace from the already high quality sex scene prior. Though, the work sticks to its bukkake and orgy-based theme, as it grants watchers nonstop hardcore action, and making it the sexiest bathing JAV (among these movies).

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