Actress Spotlight: Meisa Kawakita (Part 2)

Published : May 15th, 2024 Written by jmsorry

Welcome to the second installment of our spotlight on the JAV babe, Meisa Kawakita. If you haven't read the first part of this spotlight yet, I suggest heading over there and checking out the list.

Anyway, this time we'll look at some of Mei-chan's latest works. Here we'll see her exploring more mature and daring roles and displaying her acting talents.

MVSD-502 - Meisa Kawakita, the number one hostess who was confined in a garbage room and played to serve physically

Let's start with MVSD-502 which was released in 2022 under M's Video Group. This time, Mei-chan lets go of her innocent image for a more mature and elegant image which (just my opinion) totally suits her.

Here, Meisa is the top hostess in a hostess agency. She only takes the richest clients and her service is top-notch. You can see it in the way she handles herself: elegant clothes, shiny jewellery, tasteful make-up, and a charismatic smile that commands respect.

One day, she meets a dirty laborer in the cabaret club she was working in. This particular guy is a regular who lives in the garbage disposal area of the building. Apparently, he's also some sort of poor creep who has not had any contact with the girls. The loser tries to talk to her, and she politely engages, but only briefly. She is way out of his league.

Then one night, one of the cabaret's hosts spoke to the creep and told him something that gave the creep some evil ideas.

The creep then tells Mei-chan to go down to the garbage disposal area. There, he pounces on Mei. Thus begins her days of sex and confinement with the dirty loser.

The guy basically manipulates Meisa into having sex with him and making her do some of the dirtiest things. He makes her spit into his mouth, makes her clean his dirty ass, and used her daily as his personal cock sleeve.

He was able to warp her brain completely that he was able to demand her to suck his cock even while she is on duty.

At first, Meisa is obviously reluctant, but the guy is persistent. By the end of the video, she basically follows everything he wants her to do, anywhere he pleases. She has fallen in love with the asshole. Damn.

What makes MVSD-502 work are the top-notch outfits and the make-up work they did on Meisa. Right after she grazes the screen, we can already see her dignified elegance. The jewellery, the nice-fitting dresses, and even her acting all worked to establish her character as an expensive hostess. Seeing her beauty getting wasted by a loser living in a dirty room produces an NTR-like feeling on the viewer. It's a terrible thing to see, but for some reason, you just can't take your eyes off it.

MVSD-502 is also nicely edited, and the video quality is <chef's kiss>. Meisa-chan played her role with grace, which further supported the video's theme.


IESP-696 - Kawakita Meisa School Girls Creampie 20 Barrage

Meisa Kawakit returns to her classic uniform in IESP-696 for another installment of the "20 Creampie Barrage" series.

As expected from IE Energy, IESP-696 foregoes excellent production for pure animalistic sex. The video starts with a half-assed blowjob scene where Mei-chan sucks off her classmate in an alley. While she obviously likes him enough to give him head, she rejects his romantic advances. Thus, he plans on getting his friends to give Meisa a "terrible experience" to get back at her.

After convincing her to go to a house, the guy's gang suddenly comes out and pounces on her. A gangbang thus ensues, and all of the boys have decided to deposit their loads on this unlucky receptacle.

The sex in EISP-696 is rough and pretty much non-stop, clocking at more about one hour and 30 minutes of screentime. Unfortunately, there is not much variety to the action in this video. It's just pure fucking and dumping. Meisa-chan did not have to much acting other than to moan and look like she hates it. The set and costumes are also as bare as they go.


PPE-078 - Eh, A Pincer Attack In A Place Like This!? A Situation Where You Can't Speak - Non Ohana and Meisa Kawakita

Mei-chan does another collaboration, this time with cutie Non Ohana, for PPE-078. This one has a "pincer attack" theme, which is basically saying that the actresses have to pleasure a single man, Masahiro Tabuchi. PPE--078 is basically a "two-girlfriend" simulator, or how would your life look like if you have two horny babes as your date.

The entire video is framed as a day spent with the two actresses. They walk around the city, see places, randomly kiss in some public areas, etc. The trio even accompanies each other when one of them has to take a leak. Sweet!

Meisa and Non's performances in this video are phenomenal. They do not look awkward with each other, and they seem to enjoy teasing the guy.

However, the best feature of PPE-078 is its variety. We get to see a lot of situations. We see the girls teasing Masahiro-san as he eats steak, teasing him with this shirt above his head, and some other unique tricks. They also have some creative costumes, not to mention the elegant-looking dresses that they made the girls wear.

Mei-chan, for her part, is a lot more active and naughty on this one. You could say that being dominant suits her, as she seems to genuinely enjoy the role.


EBOD-998 - Unfaithful Days - Alternate Cheating Sex with Two Busty Convenience Store Colleagues of Opposite Personalities - Meisa Sawakita and Konatsu Kashiwagi

Finally we arrive at another drama-ish video by E-Body. This time, Meisa works with Konatsu Kashiwagi, and the setting is a local konbini (convenience store). Our protagonist is the youthful Yudzuru, who works with the two girls in the same store.

Mei-chan is a happy-go-lucky employee who prefers to slack off and play jenga in the storage room rather than work. Meanwhile, Konatsu is quiet, serious, and polite. They are all work pals, and they have a rather amicable relationship. They go out to drink together, hang out, etc.

One day, Yudzuru gets Konatsu in bed and they proceed to fuck. However, Mei-chan catches them after the act. Not wanting to feel left out, she goes into the same bed and does a threesome with them.

This starts their wild days of fucking in the konbini. Yudzuru gets sucked by Konatsu while manning the counter, then gets a taste of Meisa's pussy in the toilet right after. Anything to relieve themselves of work-related stress.

EBOD-998 has melodramatic pacing. The events move rather slowly, but the story is well-developed, so when the fucking and all the craziness actually starts, they go straight into the viewer's heart. The video takes the time to develop this context, and it is very effective. The shots, the music, and the dialogue are all professionally done.

Needless to say, all three actors had a great performance. Mei-chan, in particular, pulled off her more mature role to great effect. EBOD-998 is a great movie to watch if you're sick of watching Netflix.

So there goes our spotlight on Meisa Kawakita! Do you know of each works by her that deserves recognition. Shoot them in the comments below!

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Joopten 4 days ago
Agreed, she is very good and very pretty.
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