Top 10 Sweatiest "Trainer" JAV

Published : October 18th, 2023 Written by Syndrome


While I imagine most JAV addicts and enthusiasts might not be well acquainted with the act of physical exercise, it is hard to not enjoy the adrenaline-pumping "rush" after a vigorous session. Being out of breath and feeling weak afterwards is an interesting sensation (and is similar to after sex), and naturally, some JAV creators have included exercise in their works, or made them the central theme. This goes a step further with the introduction of the whole "trainer" genre of JAV, that being, a movie where an actress (or actor) seeks aid in physical fitness from a trainer of the opposite sex. Things start off rather innocent as the trainer makes physical contact with the actress to properly demonstrate exercise techniques and the like, but things quickly escalate into something erotic. I'll be covering JAV with sports trainers or gym trainers as they initiate sexual encounters with their trainees, and then evaluating their many qualities to judge whether or not they are worth watching (and then ranking them, of course).

10. Dominant, sex-loving muscle trainer’s throat dick is trained to be as sensitive as her clitoris, and she has an orgasm with her throat portio!

Video         MISM-243

Cast         Chanyota

Duration      165 minutes

Studio         Emumusume Lab

Genre         Creampie, Big Breasts, Trainer, Exercise, Oral, Deep Throat.

Release Date  2022-06-28

This JAV might be a bit much for some watchers as it has the trainer being trained in a certain unsavory way. Specifically, her ability to perform deep throat. The woman stuffs dildos far down her throat to a seemingly unpleasant degree, as saliva and snot drips down her face. There is quite a bit of dildo use in the JAV, both on Chanyota's throat and her body, and personally I found the JAV overall to be grotesque, as deep throat is not my preference, and the gagging is just not erotic. This work is easily the worst out of all the JAV on the list.

9. This Muscle-Bound Personal Trainer Has Beautiful Big Tits And A Nice Body But She’s Baring Her Lust And Addicted To C*ck!

Video         JUFE-391

Cast         Chanyota

Duration      160 minutes

Studio         Fitch

Genre         Creampie, Big Breasts, Trainer, Exercise, Oral, Lotion, Muscle, Squirting, Bikini.

Release Date  2022-05-17

Possibly serving as Chanyota's least interesting work on the list, the JAV gets right into the sex instead of stalling. Unfortunately, that's where most of my compliments end, as while there is some decent positions and sex acts performed by the actress, the movie overall is rather generic.

As opposed to showing off the trainer teaching her student and having sex, this movie is more like revealing a part of the trainer's sexual excursions. The main actress visits a hotel with a man and they do all sorts of lewd things. There's no exercise equipment or any actual physical training, just the standard JAV action.

While this isn't necessarily a bad thing, I think it's a bit of a waste, and the sex is rather underwhelming. Also, for some reason, everything just seems really gross - excess of saliva and fluids in a way that is not palatable. Sadly I'd have to rank this movie rather poorly.

8. Protein (Semen) Desires Unstoppable Trainer Squeezes Many Shots on cowgirl posture for protein – Chanyota

Video         HMN-390

Cast         Chanyota

Duration      129 minutes

Studio         Honnaka

Genre         Creampie, Big Breasts, Trainer, Bikini, Exercise, Muscle, Oral.

Release Date  2023-05-23

This JAV has main actress Chanyota showing off her muscular and wondrously toned body as she dedicates her time to helping out various male trainees. When the woman makes use of the exercise machines, the camera doesn't neglect to give the viewer a great angle. As per usual, the JAV has the woman gently stroking the man before then transitioning into sex.

The sex scenes occasionally make use of the exercise machines, but not a whole lot. In my opinion, a good trainer JAV makes clever use of the equipment as part of the kink. Chanyota also wears some lusty bikinis throughout the movie, so I'd say those with a penchant for muscular women will love this work. I think the movie could have used more penetration but it's fairly solid - it's just there's even better works out there.

7. Married personal trainer who seduces me with her beautiful ass and devilish smile – Reverse NTR

Video         JUQ-186

Cast         Hanazawa Himari

Duration      122 minutes

Studio         Madonna

Genre         Creampie, Small Breasts, Trainer, Exercise, Muscle, Oral, Netorare, Adultery.

Release Date  2023-02-28

This personal trainer themed movie has a bit of netorare, which will resonate with fetishists, as the female trainer seduces the male actor, despite him being married. As per usual, the male gets a few up-close shots of the female's body while they exercise, and eventually, the woman starts rubbing herself across his body as he exercises.

Himari can often be seen soaked with sweat (even when she hasn't done much physical activity), fitting with the whole exercising theme and serving as a nice lewd aesthetic to the JAV. Exercise balls also come into play, particularly during one sex scene, and I find the idea creative and a good use of the trainer theme. Because of this and the entertaining sex scenes, I believe the JAV is a fairly good representation of the whole "trainer" concept, and is worth the watch.

6. The Strongest Bursting Tits Carnivorous I-Cup Gym Trainer on Earth Lasciviously All Out!

Video         BLK-599

Cast         Kamisaka Tomoko

Duration      138 minutes

Studio         Kira Kira

Genre         Creampie, Big Breasts, Trainer, Exercise, Oral.

Release Date  2022-07-19

Those with a fondness for huge breasts will be interested in this movie as main actress Kamisaka Tomoko is of the I-cup size. The woman serves as a personal trainer intent on giving the male actor good health advice, with things naturally steering into the territory of good sexual health as well.

While the woman's face isn't the prettiest to look at, Tomoko's breasts are clearly the highlight due to their size, and often in scenes, they play a central part. The woman is using her breasts constantly, and there seems to be more oral scenes than there are penetrative ones. Exercise equipment is hardly used during the sex, and the sex is usually had in rooms full of the technology.

The movie follows the formula of a lot of other trainer-type movies, and despite its generic nature, the sexiness of Tomoko comes through, earning it some decent points, in my opinion.

5. I Ejaculated Many Times Without Moving My Hips By A Busty Trainer’s Sweaty Full-Auto Stakeout Non Kobana

Video         DASS-113

Cast         Ohana Non

Duration      138 minutes

Studio         Das

Genre         Creampie, Big Breasts, Trainer, Exercise, Muscle, Oral.

Release Date  2023-03-14

This work has the woman assuming the role of trainer as the male actor takes a yoga class. The instructor makes sure to show him proper form by touching and moving his body, something that naturally inspires arousal in any male. However, many will be disappointed over how long it takes before anything actually erotic happens.

Actress Ohana is incredibly pretty however, her body having almost no flaws or annoying moles or marks, which is a rarity. The sex scenes, when they finally arrive, are also quite erotic as Ohana is gorgeous from any angle and she does the majority of the moving.

Being a yoga instructor, there could have been some potential in making use of yoga positions during the sex, but there are none. Instead, there's a little bit of sex on exercise equipment, which is unexpected, but it at least keeps with the theme, making this JAV fairly decent.

4. I’m A Helpless Gym Newbie That Gets Thoroughly Taken Advantage Of Over And Over By The Lady Working As My Personal Trainer.

Video         DVAJ-562

Cast         Kawakami Nanami

Duration      147 minutes

Studio         Alice Japan

Genre         Creampie, Trainer, Exercise, Oral, Small Breasts.

Release Date  2022-03-08

Yet another personal trainer puts an overweight male through an arduous trial in this JAV. The male gets the reward of witnessing her body from different angles, before then later having sex with her. The woman mostly takes the lead and encourages the male to thrust, not letting him rest (much like some physical exercise). The woman gets a ton of sexy angles for viewers to admire her from, and the machines pretty much don't get any use during the scenes. Overall, I'd say the JAV is fairly decent, though it just seems to be missing something to take it that extra mile.

3. A Night When My Own Slutty Personal Trainer With A Lovely Big Ass Drained Every Drop From My Cock.

Video         DRPT-007

Cast         Shiiki Kurumi, Tsubaki Rika

Duration      128 minutes

Studio         Dennou Rasputin

Genre         Creampie, Big Breasts, Trainer, Exercise, Oral, Muscle, Bikini, Orgy, Tan, Kurogyaru, Anal, Small Breasts.

Release Date  2022-03-10

I initially thought this JAV would have a lot of promise, but unfortunately I was a bit disappointed. It stars two sexy female trainers instead of one as they work together to pleasure the male. They sensuously stroke the man and eventually have sex, though, one aggravating aspect is the fact that it takes almost an hour before any actual penetration starts.

We see the two actresses also use the machines slightly, but the sex barely involves the machines, which was a let down. The minor amount of anal play was not to my liking, but the tan girl overall was really cute. The sex scenes were just lackluster and not at all what I was expecting, but even so, the sex and the tan girl helped the JAV make it pretty far down the list.

2. “Let’s Do Butt Training Together” That Sweaty Massive Butt Trainer Made Me Cum 10 Times with Her Waist Movements

Video         MIAA-865

Cast         Yayoi Mizuki

Duration      148 minutes

Studio         MOODYZ

Genre         Creampie, Trainer, Exercise, Oral, Big Breasts.

Release Date  2023-06-20

Yayoi Mizuki earns big points on this list as she helps out the male actor with physical exercise on the machines. While she sits on his face and body, her tempting nature drives the man into having sex with her. The movie makes great use of first-person perspective, and Mizuki has some really nice nipples to look at.

The movie also includes a sex scene in the bathroom as well, which at least is a great change of scenery compared to the other movies on the list. From the decent use of the machines to the good-looking actress, this movie easily earns a high spot on the list with its supreme sex appeal.

1. Targeting the Elite Athletic University School, Sports Trainer Physiotherapy Clinic 15

Video         CLUB-811

Cast         Morishita Kotono, Ohana Non, Wakamiya Hono

Duration      189 minutes

Studio         Hentai Shinshi Kurabu

Genre         Creampie, Trainer, Exercise, Oral, Bikini, Small Breasts, Big Breasts, Massage, Lotion.

Release Date  2023-08-01

The classic formula changes in this movie as the trainer is a male this time. While the JAV does not focus on traditional exercise, the males take the role of "sports trainer", and mostly stroke female athletes (for medical purposes). There are also three different actresses in this work, so there's also the benefit of variety.

Things start off innocently as the trainers gently massage each of the girls to relieve their stress, even using some lotion on occasion. Of course, it escalates into sex, and the intercourse is pretty compelling. There are some particularly lewd camera-like perspectives, and there's nothing overly gross or fetishy in the movie, unlike past entries. The women are rather attractive as well, and I see nothing distracting or overly negative in the film, so I believe this one is easily the best "trainer-themed" release. While there are no traditional machines or exercise, the focus on massages is what made this one unique and more interesting than the other movies.

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