People Monitoring - Investigating If Real Friends and Coworkers Will Have Sex Together 2 First Half

Published April 15, 2024

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An important investigation returns: will real Japanese friends and coworkers actually have sex together under the right conditions?

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One of the most pleasant surprises of last year was seeing how the very first movie we released via PETERS became one of the most popular updates of all time. Go figure because if you ask most any proud fan what they like most in JAV, their reply will most likely not be a type of movie or even a studio, but simply an actress name. And yes, the chances are high it's one of the actresses who are exclusive under DMM/FANZA/Will's umbrella. We get it, there are those who prefer to simply see easy on the eyes ladies having vanilla sex. Those movies are good, but age faster than prepackaged hummus (really, what's the deal with it going bad so quickly?). YUA MIKAMI has amassed an army of fans but the 'value' of her older content pales in comparison to her final releases. Who's regularly watching RARA ANZAI movies before her return as RARA?

What can be said for sure is that among JAV fans, there exists another type, a quieter type...dare I say, a more distinguished type! The ones who prefer movies not by who exactly appears in them or whether they are even new or not (OK, we will concede that SD quality movies are now pushing it), but what the movie is about. The first PEOPLE MONITORING - INVESTIGATING IF REAL COWORKERS WILL HAVE SEX TOGETHER is already pushing a decade old for its original Japanese release date, but holy cow, what a great movie it is. The dialog makes it something special and PETERS knows well that if the formula is not broken, keep on churning 'em out! Sadly, this series has something of an end point (for now), but it won't be for awhile and we can now focus on happier things with the second iteration now having a place on ZENRA.

As noted, what we get in INVESTIGATING IF REAL COWORKERS WILL HAVE SEX TOGETHER 2 is essentially identical to the first one. The van is the same as is the director/host who's just awesome at what he does. The wallpaper and cast are the only things different. This time we begin with college students followed by three encounters with coworkers. Sure, as any devoted JAV fan can point out, these are known faces. Pixels are there for realism on one hand and also to hide the fact that there are still not too many guys eager to appear in JAV (read our guide on how foreigners can appear as it applies to Japanese as well with the exception of needing a visa).

The stakes are just as high and while it may be spoiler, the answer is yes, as awkward as it may be, all four groups end up going all the way. Imagine a scene where it petered out after private parts show and tell. That's one few would like even with the incredible and at-times hilarious dialog that occurs leading up to the final round of 'investigations'. It's actually surprising they film this in an actual van. Not a proper set, but 'on location' to really push realism. PETERS has not invented the 'people monitoring' genre and may not be the biggest name in it, but they put out great movies that take the theme and give it a unique spin. The second may not build on the first, but it has no reason to. The dialog, the embarrassment, the coy nudity, and the passionate sex among real friends and coworkers make this a top-notch JAV movie.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 2134

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Realism meets variety.

+All four women are cuties.

+Very funny at times.


-Buildup can be too much for some.

-Sex a bit cramped given the location.

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