Top 10 Most Perverse JAV Examinations

Published : December 1st, 2023 Written by Syndrome


The JAV industry has a fetish for everything, from erotic game shows to gyaru and uniforms. Even the healthcare world serves as a fetish as there are JAV with doctors and female nurses taking "care" of patients. I'm going to observe 10 JAV that have a nurse/doctor theme, analyze them, then rank them by their quality.

10. Handjob Clinic – 15 Consecutive Explosions of Nursing Special

Video         SDDE-279

Cast         Aimi Ichika, Asahina Mai, Mamiya Koko, Mizusawa Maki, Saionji Reo, Sasaki Remi

Duration      137 minutes

Studio         SOD Create

Genre         Creampie, Big Breasts, Nurse, Lingerie, Handjob.

Release Date  2012-05-10

This nurse JAV is by far the most boring and one I least recommend, as the title is extremely uneventful and slow-paced. The movie mostly consists of a handful of nurses helping patients out with handjobs, and the handjobs are extremely slow and boring. The women never get topless, and there isn't even any sex until the very end, and even the sex is extremely bland. In my opinion, I would stay far away from this JAV as it's a complete waste of time.

9. The Erotic Big-Breasted Nurse Who Can’t Resist the Erected Cock of a Patient

Video         KAM-060

Cast         Hasumi Kurea

Duration      200 minutes

Studio         Karuma

Genre         Creampie, Big Breasts, Nurse, Lingerie, Handjob, Solo, Onanism, Oral, Tit Fuck, Feet.

Release Date  2015-10-13

This is one of two solo Hasumi Kurea works, and this one is the more generic of the two, as Kurea is a nurse who pleasures male patients with all sorts of stimulation. The first sex scene takes up an entire hour, and while there are some actual unique positions and angles to the film, the first two sex scenes look like they take place in the same setting, making things lack slightly in terms of atmosphere. The work makes use of some medical tools however, making good use of the nurse theme, but I would argue this film is still lackluster compared to Kurea's other JAV.

8. Specialized Sexual Treatment – Circle Sex Outpatient Clinic 2 – Genuine Creampie Department

Video         SDDE-356

Cast         Natsuki Kaoru, Shouji An, Takei Mona, Yae Iroha

Duration      166 minutes

Studio         SOD Create

Genre         Creampie, Big Breasts, Nurse, Lingerie, Handjob, Onanism, Oral.

Release Date  2014-06-19

More lucky men get sex as treatment for their "illness" in this JAV as there are several actresses serving as nurses. A lot of sex scenes are one-on-one, but there are also crowds of men in the room waiting to be "treated", so there's that unique addition. Overall, the movie is just sex scenes back-to-back with little variation, as men are treated. There are some nice angles and positions, but there's really nothing else to the JAV. There aren't even orgies with the four actresses at once, which is a wasted opportunity.

7. Intercourse Clinic – When Admitted, the Patient is Only Me

Video         SDDE-358

Cast         Hitomi Madoka, Kamihata Ichika, Matsushima Yurie, Ootsuki Hibiki, Shinoda Yuu

Duration      129 minutes

Studio         SOD Create

Genre         Creampie, Big Breasts, Nurse, Lingerie, Gangbang, Handjob, Small Breasts, Oral.

Release Date  2014-07-10

Several girls serve as nurses in this movie as orgies seem to be the main prescription for most of the "conditions" diagnosed. Not even 10 minutes into the film and a woman is getting hands on with one of the male patients. Again, the film makes use of first-person perspective a lot to help watchers put themselves in the place of the male patient.

In one scene, there is a more voyeuristic angle, adding a bit of a variety into the work. There's also a scene where all the girls watch one of the others pleasuring the single male patient. The movie tends to be a bit repetitive as there are tons of handjob sessions and the same old sex position being used again and again, which is one of my two major gripes with the JAV. The other is the fact that the other girls are horribly misused - there's no real intense orgy scene, and the penetration is only ever with one girl in any scene at once.

6. Panty Temptation Nurse Yui Hatano

Video         PGD-716

Cast         Hatano Yui

Duration      118 minutes

Studio         Premium

Genre         Creampie, Big Breasts, Nurse, Lingerie, Solo, Oral.

Release Date  2014-09-07

This is a work where Yui Hatano goes solo as a health-improving nurse. The movie starts off innocently enough as Hatano performs some basic nurse duties, which would have watchers mistaking it for some sort of other show rather than porn. Watchers will quickly realize the woman isn't wearing pants though, which naturally transitions into lewd activities.

Hatano gives her first male patient all sorts of stimulation as she gets on top of him, and the movie's sex scenes are mostly in first-person perspective (with some alternate camera angles). There is an extended sequence where Hatano is presenting her pantsu to male patients, and the movie is rather slow overall when it comes to getting to the sex scenes.

The sex scenes have Hatano partially clothed, which is good for those with a penchant for nurse outfits as they can enjoy the actual outfit with the sex, and she performs a lot of licking on the male's body, nipples, and tongue. I'd say the movie is pretty average, the sex scenes are good, but the actual pace of the movie is slow.

5. Extremely Naughty and Aggressive Slutty Nurses – Leave the Uncontrollable Erection Symptoms to Us

Video         MDB-591

Cast         Arimura Chika, Hasumi Kurea, Kitagawa Erika, Natsume Yuuki

Duration      170 minutes

Studio         K.M.Produce

Genre         Creampie, Big Breasts, Nurse, Lingerie, Handjob, Onanism, Oral, Orgy, Tit Fuck.

Release Date  2015-02-13

A slew of nurses demonstrate the extent of their dedication to the medically needy as they treat a man with an "uncontrollable erection". Such a premise can naturally only be found in JAV and will be respected amongst enthusiasts for its comedic nature.

While the nurses are offering the male patient various sexual services, a lot of the sex scenes are, again, with the woman riding on top and providing oral/tit fuck. It tends to get a bit boring when a lot of these nurse-themed JAVs tend to use the same positions, though other, stranger positions are also present in the work, especially for the man.

There is some female onanism on occasion as well, and some of the sex scenes have more than one woman, so I would argue the movie is rather average overall.

4. Intercourse Clinic Spring Regular Semen Testing Special

Video         SDDE-351

Cast         Hoshikawa Maki, Natsuki Kaoru, Ootsuka Ren, Sakurai Chiharu, Takanashi Ayumi

Duration      137 minutes

Studio         SOD Create

Genre         Creampie, Big Breasts, Nurse, Lingerie, Handjob, Orgy, Urination, Oral.

Release Date  2014-04-10

Another clinic is offering "semen extraction" services as this JAV has rows of nurses stimulating men. The women perform mostly handjobs, but also ride on top of the males for the sake of extracting their fluids.

On top of this, there is also some bathroom and urination shenanigans with the nurses as they urinate and apply tests to themselves. Some vaginal inspections performed by doctors are also present. The work is comical in its premise, though it is not one that is uncommon, as the idea pops up a lot in nurse-themed JAV.

While there is one scene where there are multiple men being stimulated at once, there is no actual large orgies, which I consider a wasted opportunity.

3. Specialized Treatment for Sexual Desire Sex Clinic 7 Authentic Creampie Department

Video         SDDE-342

Cast         Hara Chigusa, Minami Airi, Sunohara Miki, Yokoyama Mirei

Duration      136 minutes

Studio         SOD Create

Genre         Creampie, Big Breasts, Nurse, Lingerie, Handjob, Oral.

Release Date  2014-02-06

This movie has multiple actresses and plenty of sex right from the start, something I highly prefer. Various areas around the hospital setting is used for the sex scenes, helping the nurse aesthetic greatly, and the movie makes use of some voyeuristic camera angles in addition to more standard ones. This is a nice change of pace as a lot of the movies on this list make use of first-person perspective.

The first scene in the movie was easily the best one in my opinion as it had one nurse being used by multiple "patients" one after another. The rest of the movie sadly only consists of one-on-one scenes, but at least the male gets a chance to actually thrust, whereas a lot of these other movies have the girl riding on top quite frequently. A big disappointment is the fact there are no scenes with multiple girls at once.

2. Reverse Night Crawling Slut Nurse: Hasumi Kurea

Video         BBI-147

Cast         Hasumi Kurea

Duration      107 minutes

Studio         Bi

Genre         Creampie, Big Breasts, Nurse, Lingerie, Handjob, Solo, Onanism, Oral.

Release Date  2013-09-25

Hasumi Kurea's other take on the nurse theme is definitely a unique one as the JAV starts off with Kurea masturbating in a bathroom. However, her strange use of a plunger will definitely help to make the movie more memorable, granted I'm not sure many will find it all that erotic.

Another thing the film does differently is that Kurea has sex with a security guard, doing all sorts of lewd things to him for about a third of the movie. Then, the naughty nurse has sex with one of the doctors. It's not until the end of the movie until Kurea has sex with an actual patient, so this is definitely the movie for those who want something different from the nurse fetish.

One potential downside however is the fact that Kurea doesn't expose her chest until after the mid-way point of the movie, which is a bummer.

1. Plump Ass Nurse – Ouka Eri

Video         PGD-391

Cast         Ouka Eri

Duration      118 minutes

Studio         Premium

Genre         Creampie, Big Breasts, Nurse, Lingerie, Solo, Gangbang, Ass, Handjob, Bukkake, Oral.

Release Date  2010-05-07

Ouka Eri has her chance to shine in this nurse-themed JAV as she dresses up as a medical worker and pleasures men. This work makes clever use of actual medical equipment as Eri kneels on a wheelchair while presenting herself to several male patients. The first erotic scene involves those males ejaculating on Eri's ass, so things are already off to a great start.

Taking into account the following scenes, Eri's butt gets a lot of attention in this movie, as she is poked and prodded, and the camera constantly focuses on her shapely undercarriage. There is also some decent variety in the sex as there are a few gangbangs and some one-on-one moments. The scenes also make use of different hospital areas as the locations of the sex scenes, furthering the whole nurse theme.

I believe the first scene was the best one by far despite it lacking sex, as it is essentially just rapid fire ejaculations on Eri's bottom, and the movie is the best of the nurse-themed selections I've chosen.

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drk 2 months ago
MIRD-207 should have made the list. If only for the cast/production quality (I know that the main topic ain't everyone's cup of tea).
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