Sex Against the Machine: Wildest Machines in JAV

Published : June 14th, 2024 Written by jmsorry

The Japanese love their machines. Always at the technological edge with their smart robots, mecha animes, and self-warming toilet seats, the Japanese always deliver when it comes to the wildest gizmos.

Of course, that is also true with JAV.

While you'd rarely see a sex toy in an American porn video, and Europeans couldn't seem to get past their nostalgic kinks for dingy medieval dungeons, the Japanese have always embraced technology as part of their erotic arsenal. While you can argue that they are pushing it a little too much, you cannot find fault in their creativity and willingness to be outrageous for the sake of sexual content.

So here we'll be talking about some of the wildest machines in JAV.

RCT-006 Runaway! Dog type Acme machine BOWWOW - Rika Nagasawa

If you thought Megatron was evil, then you have to check out RCT-006, which features one of the most wicked robots ever caught on screen.

RCT-006 follows the adventures of a machine that has been specially designed to fuck beautiful women.

The video starts with actress Rika Nagasawa getting introduced to a menacing machine called the BOW WOW. The nerds around her then explain how it works.

This machine is not just piston-powered dildo. It is a freaking TRANSFORMER. It has three legs and it can move in several different ways.

To demonstrate BOW WOW's abilities, the nerds then pulled out a plastic mannequin. It is hilarious to see Rika-chan's face as she can't seem to comprehend what's happening - it's too bizarre to warrant a laugh.

The sex scene is followed by a surreal sequence where Rika-chan rides the machine in broad daylight. Curious bystanders couldn't help but look at the huge and weird-looking robot with a dildo head.

In the next scene, BOW WOW goes rogue and wrecks havoc outside the lab. It attacks a random car owner who was just chilling in the parking lot. Driven by its machinic lust and assisted by two henchmen, BOW WOW drags the woman on top of the car and proceeds to fuck her. It's totally bizarre and entertaining to watch.

The third and final scene is just a generic sex scene where BOW WOW fucks another woman who was strapped into the bed. The scene ends with BOW BOW going haywire, dancing like a maniac as the woman reels from the odd experience.

What I really like about RCT-006 is how they managed to turn a machine into a character. BOW WOW has a vicious, perverted, and human-like personality. It is scary yet funny-looking at the same time. Frankly, this is the first time I have seen a JAV that has successfully turned a machine into a compelling and central character in the story. RCT-006 is really unique and delightful to watch.

SDMS-993 FUCK-1 Japan Grand Prix

It's the year 2010. The world is in crisis: fossil fuels are running out, solar technology still cannot provide enough energy to power cities; atomic power is still too dangerous to tame for public use.

That is, until the Japanese found a more efficient and renewable energy source: vaginal fluid. In a spark of genius that surpasses even that of Einstein, these smart scientists have even come up with a new formula to create energy from female sexual activity.

This shocking discovery has led a group of engineers to put the technology to good use. Using custom-made racing machines, they used a couple of JAV actresses as fluid generators to test out how powerful this new source of energy could be. Thus starts SDMS-993, "Fuck-1 Japan Grand Prix", which Ramenboss has also featured in his list of hilarious JAV movies.

The goal: to see which machine/actress would finish (no pun intended) the fastest in a proper race.

This video is insane on many levels. Aside from the fully working machines, they got a whole cast of extras to act as an audience. They even have a host to report on the happenings. On top of that, they got some some pretty decent actresses, including Maria Ozawa, who was probably at the height of her popularity at the time the video was shot.

They managed to get the actresses ride the machines not just once, but more than a couple of times, come rain or come shine. On top of that, we even get see to see some pitstops, like in real F-1 races, where a crew of men hydrate the women, fuck them a bit, give them a bit of pampering, before launching them again into the track.

Overall, the effort put into SDMS-993 is just something we haven't seen in many years in JAV. Great camera angles, crazy good editing, and the designs of the sex karts are quite impressive too. SDMS-993 is a top-tier JAV that will remain in JAV history.

SVOMN-049 - The world of boarding-type ultra-large machine vibes - Ryoko Murakami, Rikako Nakamura, Naho Kuroki

Have you heard of machinophobia? Machinophobia, or fear of machines, is not common among people. However, there is a good chance that after watching SVOMN-049, you might get an irrational fear of big, menacing machines.

SVOMN-049 features two huge sex machines that only a twisted genius could fabricate. Featuring the talents of Ryoko Murakami, Rikako Nakamura, Naho Kuroki, we get to see these unholy contraptions put to good use.

The first one, "Terminator T01-A1", is a modular triple-penetration machine. Equipped with state-of-the-art gyration technology, several vibrating modules, and moveable arms that can fuck the recipient from a wide variety of angles, this sex machine can deliver the wildest orgasms known to man.

The Terminator has a fuck speed gauge that ranges from slow to ultra-fast. Check out the speed and power of those thrust - it's fair to say these women will never experience being fucked liked that ever again - nor will they want to.

Moreover, the machine is capable of delivering artificial loads of artifical semen through its modular dildos. Its semen capacity, at the minimum, is more than 5 liters. The artificial semen can also act as an effective lubricant to enhance the experience.

Now here comes the final boss - "The Earth."

The Earth is a large gyrating machine cable of rotating the user three-dimensionally. As the recipient is rotated, a piston fucks her for good measure. In the video below, the machine is assisted by several scientists to ensure that no nut or bolt is missing.

However, the Earth comes to full power when it deploys its dual goo ejectors. As the recipient is rotated and fucked, two ejectors continuously bathes her in a special slimy concoction. What is induced is a hallucinogenic, almost psychedelic experience for the recipient. The glorifying melange of slime, orgasm, and hallucination pushes the experiences towards the limits of known human experience.

SOVMN-049 has such a simple premise. But its machines are well-designed, well-constructed, and the camera angles also help us understand the experience that the machines bring. Another landmark in Japanese technological prowess.

SVOMN-148 - Super dangerous toys! A devil orgasm machine made just to make you cum! Vaginal destruction! Awakening in the brain!

If you're a fan of silly little gadgets, SVOMN-148 has got your covered. Unlike the previous videos, SVOMN-148 is not about gigantic mechanical monsters. Rather, it focuses on little gizmos that each have their own quirks.

An omnibus work, SVOMN-148 is a collection of clips from various JAV work that used the gizmos. This is why we get to see a wide variety of actresses getting the machinic treatment.

However, the spotlight goes to this colorful machine which is basically a dildo pump. Almost all of the actresses got to try it, thereby creating a big splashy show of cumming pussies.

While not as as extravagant as the previous videos, the SVOMN-018 has a few bright spots.

First, the actresses. There's a healthy variety of recognizable actresses in SVOMN-018. There are many short scenes here, so it's good to watch if you have a short attention span.

Second, the variety of scenes. While it must be noted that the video has way too much fillers, there's all sorts of gagdets and play at display here. For instance, there's an entire curtain of vibrators, some mild restraint play, oddly-shaped dildos, etc.

If you're looking for a fun gadget-themed video, this might be good to get you off.

CMV-165 - Machine play prison - Cruel human experimentation with mechanical tentacles that do not stop even if they cum - Remi Hoshisaki

What could be more JAV than a tentacle monster? Well, turn that tentacle monster into a mechanical one, and what you'll get is JAV on steroids.

CMV-165 is another compilation work, but this one features different iterations of a mechanical 'tentacle' monster that doesn't stop even when orgasm is already achieved.

CMV-165 starts off like a typical 'evil genius' story. A horny nerd is at his house, working on something malicious. One day, he sees his crush flirting with his boyfriend. After being reprimanded for leering at the couple, the nerd decides to put his life's work into the field.

Thus, he first uses his experimental tentacle machine on his crush.

His machine is comprised of several rods with rotating brushes at the tips. There are also tentacles with clamps that can grab on the flesh of the subject. Finally, some of rods have lubricated tips with bigger brushes. The tentacles can target both nipples and the pussy at the same time for maximum effect.

The next machine is rather similar, but this time the machine can throw used condoms at the subject. As for the function of these used condoms aside from aesthetics, we really have no idea.

The machine also has a robotic arm that has a Q-tip at the end. Again, we don't see the point of this one (probably to take a vaginal swab test?)

Finally, we have a cunnilingus machine made of a slimy tentacle that looks like it has been refashioned from the bicycle machines we featured in another article. This iteration also has some suction cups for the nipples.

CMV-165 is quite a simple video. Nothing much happens, and all the actresses have to do are to stay in their positions and react to the fondling machines. Admittedly, there is still so much that can be done to make this video more interesting. However, given the current state of JAV, it might take some time before we get a JAV machine video that gets a real budget again.

ATOM-039 - Foam-Blowing Bottle Rocket Orgasm - Convulsions Syncope

Now for the last but certainly not the least bizarre machine on our list. In this unhinged video by ATOM, we see a totally unique machine that claims to deliver an instant orgasm. How?

Through a foam-blowing bottle rocket.

Orgasms are no rocket science, but Atom nonetheless still tries to convince us that launching a freaking rocket into the vagina can produce earth-shattering orgasms in one of the most sensitive organs in the female body. To demonstrate the rocket's power, they even showed us how strong the rocket's propulsion is.

(Mind you, this is JAV before OSHA was even a thing).

Rockets can deliver bombs, bring men to space, and apparently, send women to high orgasmic heavens.

So that's basically the idea: put a rocket between the girls' legs, and fire it straight into their love canal. We see this being done on four women, each of whom have roughly the same reaction when the rocket fires - shock, and then a mind-numbing orgasm (or at least that is what they claim).

Between the "launches", ATOM-039 has a couple of filler sex scenes which are honestly rather boring. Nonetheless, the launches themselves and the actresses' reactions are entertaining. Interestingly, the women featured in ATOM-039 are also quite cute. I hope all of them were fine after shooting this crazy video.

I haven't seen the machine in other videos though, so I guess this wild little machine didn't really fly well among JAV producers.

So that's just some of the wildest machines in JAV. There's bound to be more, but it would take some serious digging. Do you know other videos that feature some crazy machines and gizmos? Do not hesitate to share them with us in the comments!


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