Yoko Mid Forties JAV Debut

Published April 8, 2020

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Financial hardship sees Yoko well into her forties deciding now is a better time than never to finally appear in a JAV movie via GUTS.

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Yoko Mid Forties JAV Debut
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

Some may wonder why we're opting to show a JAV movie starring an actress in such an...ah, advanced age.  But really, mid-forties isn't that old.  MAKI HOJO will be there sooner than later and she's still very active.  Then again, somebody like YOKO, the star of MID FORTIES JAV DEBUT, almost certainly led an otherwise regular life before she hit a financial hurdle:  a divorce from a philandering husband along with the newfound realization that someone without much of a skill-set is in a seriously bad situation when she needs to pay her own living and tuition for her son.

According to the brief interview that kick-starts this GUTS release, a friend of YOKO's said there was easy money to be made in JAV.  Now going from being a full-fledged housewife to adult film actress is pushing it.  Sure, she looks the part.  I don't think YOKO has done too much in the water trade before doing this title, but hey, you never know.  Some of the most popular hostesses and delivery health workers may not even look the part.  Many a client--especially long-term ones--prefer sex and companionship which is something someone who has great looks may not necessarily be able to provide.

MID FORTIES JAV DEBUT is an average length release for its time.  90 minutes, two sex scenes, a masturbation quickie, and a rather well done bathing/lotion foreplay placed in the middle.  This is definitely a low budget affair;  after all, both sex and masturbation scenes were filmed on the same exact bed.  The bathroom was huge though.  I'd of loved to see that foreplay lotion scene become a sex scene rather than doing it all on the love hotel bed.

We know movies that star mature women aren't for everyone.  However, a good many of our ZENRA subscribers prefer older over younger and with her pale skin and incredibly accessible looks, YOKO's short time with us is sure to please many.  This is it for her.  She debuted sans last name and I don't think she did anything else beyond this title.  If you love her, great!  Watch this one again and again because for YOKO, her JAV debut was also her retirement.

Score:  2.5/5

Pro's:  Not an ideal face, but a great body for fans of pale, thicker, older women.  Bathroom scene.
Con's:  Mosaic thick at times, actress older than the norm and may not be for everyone.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 264

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