Rin Hachimitsu Fires Back At Her Agency, 8MAN!

Published : June 5th, 2024 Written by trapstar

This overnight JAV drama will put those Piers Morgan interviews to shame, FALENO's 'it girl' alleges, "8man betrayed me!"

Earlier this month, on May 28th, the JAV fraternity woke up to a surprising exposé from one of its renowned talents, Rin Hachimistu. The actress, whose moniker loosely translates to 'Honey', is always up for the sweet stuff, but who knew she was going through a rough patch behind the curtains? It feels like yesterday. I remember Ideapocket teasing her as a mystery girl with a body that’d break the scale of a thermometer, pale skin tone, H-cup tits, and a slender frame. It seems like God blessed her with all the vanity in the world. The days leading up to her debut were the most hyped campaign ever run by a JAV studio. IdeaPocket did a raffle before ultimately settling for her name, Rin Hachimitsu.

The agency 8man that brought her into Japan's adult industry had experience managing top talents like Raka Anzai and Mai Tsubasa, and although renowned, it has somewhat been under a bad light for talent poaching and aggressively pursuing actresses for their signature. In her attempt to exposé the agency, Rin confessed that she had had internal conflicts with the management agency 8manpro. The actress, currently exclusive to studio Faleno and under the management of agency 8man, made a shocking post on X, exposing the agency.

I know, you all expected an exposé hotter than this summer’s heatwaves, and it's coming straight from the lips (or rather, tweets) of none other than Rin Hachimitsu.

Apparently, all that glitters isn't gold, especially in JAV. Rin just made a shocking revelation on X, alleging a toxic work environment at her current agency, 8man and this gets messier faster than one could spill the gravy!

The ex-Ideapocket girl admitted that she loves being in front of the camera, but the behind-the-scenes reality is a buzzkill, According to her tweet, she had to spend more time sucking up to her boss than, well, you know... filming. Not exactly the career path she envisioned for herself. "The work itself is rewarding and I like it but is it right to flatter the boss to protect my career?"

Things get even uglier. Rin claims her dedication to her craft was constantly brushed off by the "conservative old geezer" running the show (translation: 8man's boss). "I want to be serious about my work, and I have been telling the office about it for a long time, but they don't listen to me, they don't understand me, and to begin with, they assume that old Showa guys are just trying to talk about work and complain about their problems and want to invite me out for dinner? I'm afraid of being misunderstood. To be honest, I told the office president directly that he is an old Showa man, and I'm not talking behind his back."

She hinted at bullying and worse, alleging that her boss used his power to pressure her into things she wasn't comfortable with, "In addition to the lack of workmanship, I thought it was bad that he was harassing me, making comments about my ulterior motives, and using my prabhu as a story involving girls. .I think it's disrespectful to people who are serious about their work to make decisions based on their moods and preferences. It would be disrespectful to my fans if I were to do such a shitty thing, and if that's the case, I don't want to do it."

Here's where things take a dark turn. Rin describes an incident at a bar where her personal information was leaked and she became the target of ridicule. Talk about a hostile work environment! "I have been struggling with this for a long time. I have tried many times to come to terms with it. I was called out to a bar and spent hours until the early hours of the morning with the girls who worked there, while they talked about my private life"

The actress attended 8man's annual photo exhibition last year in August

Then there's this photobook fiasco that she mentioned. Apparently, Rin wasn't interested, but her boss compelled her into announcing it on Twitter, "I never wanted a photobook in the first place, but they told me to tweet about it in front of them, and then they removed me from the group and made fun of me for it."

This alleged bullying wasn't a solo act – Rin claims another 8man actress was involved too. Damn! Comment down below who you think it must’ve been.

"I was trying my best to work at my own pace and in a low profile, but I felt like I was being pushed around by an agency that wanted to destroy my work and wanted me to be on fire or in conflict with someone else. Those traumas also caused me to have panic attacks." The continued stress seems to have taken a toll on Rin. She described feeling like she was trapped in a fanatical cult (her words, not mine!), and her recent tweet paints a picture of someone at the end of their rope, even contemplating… well, let's just say things aren't looking good.

Now, the truth of these accusations remains under wraps and 8man haven’t replied to these allegations yet. What remains to be seen, however, is that whether both the parties will collaborate further subsequent to this event. We're already left scratching our heads. Will Rin move to a different agency or leave JAV altogether? How will 8man handle this PR nightmare?

This isn't the first time 8man's been embroiled in controversy. Remember the Karen Kaede fiasco? Seems like a pattern is emerging here. Will Rin be the last to expose the agency's dark practices?

One thing's for sure, these JAV gossips keep us on our toes. We'll be keeping our ears to the ground for any updates on this honey-glazed scandal. Until then, stay tuned, because you know this is just about to get intriguing!

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DigaRW 1 week ago
I once joked about 7 sins of 8Man. It looks like it's going to be a real thing. Lol
2 0
drk 1 week ago
You'd have thought that the actress agency part is the one that needs regulating (if there's something to be regulated) and not actressagencystudio one
3 0
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