RamenBoss's Unique JAV's List Part 1

Published : July 6th, 2021 Written by RamenBoss

Hello JAV lovers!   

These entries (and series) will be a little different, since this won't be a very specific list to any genre.  There are simply too many fucking good JAV's that are unapologetically weird, unique, strange and just bizarre.  I want to find them all.  My weakness is creative porn, it's a favorite.  There's always exceptions, sometimes I just want a normal mainstream good hardcore fucking lesbian JAV and nothing else but that will suffice.  But even then, I probably want some fucked up ridiculous kinky setting in it or something.  Everyone gets bored right? Maybe that's it.  

"Unique" doesn't always mean the title will be quality either in my opinion.  Many times I'll be sucked into a release solely by the title and/or the artistic cover photo.  Once I'm there, I have to GET OUT.  I think most JAV fans have ran into this, discovering a completely ruined title that is wastes potential.  Same goes with the description, I like to imagine some wild things that I want to see play out.

Then yep, it's inevitable that I'm sometimes disappointed by what actually presented!  My advice is never to be sorry about being picky.  We like what we like. If it's just "I wouldn't have shot that scene at that angle" or something small I think it's okay if it doesn't ruin the whole experience.  I just want to express how important fantasies are.  No one wants to be disappointed.

I just had to make a list of my favorite unique JAV to share.  As always, a disclaimer, this is all my opinion.  Have fun, my hope is for you to find and discover something here that makes you happy. Fuck yeah.

10. School of Glory Hole Sucking SDDE-401

These poor girls!   Dicks just sticking out everywhere, the walls, the floor, the desks, on and on and fucking on!  This title took the concept of Gloryhole and fucking went crazy. The idea is insanely simple, dicks pop out somewhere in the room, and the school girls just start sucking them.  Sucking them, fucking them, it's all good here.   All of these girls are super cute.  Even the teacher starts sucking on them when they pop out of the chalk board.  

For me, my favorite scene is right in the beginning.  Karen Haruki, a cutie with a chubby looking fresh face is sitting in class next to a friend.  Out sprouts a dick from their desks no fucking explanation.  They both start sucking it, just because.  It almost seems like a small race to see which one can make the desk dick cum first, which Karen wins.  The girl she beats looks almost a little worried after Karen wins, but no worries.  You know what happens.


See, that's a huge unique factor here, on top of the uniqueness already.  They just suck and fuck the dick like it's normal.  As if that's the order or things.  It's like they accept their role and responsibility and different girls all take turns sucking and fucking the dick.  Not only that, but many try to continue what they were doing at the same time.  One girl sucks a dick during her trumpet lesson, normal of course.  Another two, at the same time give a blowjob to the some lucky dick, while playing ping pong. 

 I wish I could see more of this.  This setting was specifically a school, so I can't complain about the settings.  Maybe the uniforms could have been This concept could apply anywhere, in any setting!  You name it!   I'm very happy with the settings where the dicks come out being very unique.  You don't mind how simply this title is because the girls (and the damn teachers too) here are very, very fucking cute.  There's even creampies, don't miss it. 

9. Petit Exposure 8 Riko Tachibana NHDT-469

Riko Tachibana is a legend.  One of the best JAV actresses of all time in my opinion.  This next entry makes the list because of its outrageous public fucking.  Easily one of my top JAV favorites of all time period.   This release is packed with perfect scenes and sex acts of all variety.  I can't even tell you how much is in this one release, but to me it is a PERFECT masterpiece.  

Two scenes I must write about, the first is my personal favorite, the crowded public orgasm.  Riko is wearing white capri pants (white pants are turn on already) and uses an egg vibrator that she controls.  She holds it on herself and talks to some guy on the phone the whole time.  Just listen to her fucking voice alone, it's very unique.  I've never heard a feminine sultry whiny speaking voice like her Riko's.  Same with the fucking moan, there's nothing in JAV like it.  You just have to hear it.  Anyways she cum's in public and collapses on the ground.  

The second scene I have to must tell you about is Riko riding a dildo tricycle on the road and sidewalk!  There's not much to tell, it's exactly what it sounds like.  There is a hole cut in her pants in the beginning.  Next of course she sucks it and get's it wet and then rides the tiny mini little bike while strangers watch.  At the end, she just humps it good and hard while cars and people continue to go by.  It's shocking honestly, and I've seen a lot of public JAV.  This scene and stunt still holds up today in my opinion.  It just looks so fucking offensive and stupid, I can't get enough. Can you imagine Riko doing this in the middle of Shinjuku or Shibuya, some place that was extremely crowded like the first scene?  I wouldn't change a fucking thing about this release, every scene is perfect in its own way and as a whole truly is her best embarrassment and shameful public work.    

8. Stroking Away Furiously At Cocks With Their Thighs While Wearing Black Leather Pants! ARM-738

Another fetish specific JAV release, but somehow still mainstream.  Leather pants.  I fucking love them, as many do I hope.  Personally, I prefer shiny glossy pvc vinyl pants.  But this release made up for all that. Things I just love about this title are as follows.  First all, these JAV women here are exceptionally beautiful.  I feel they did have to pick extra fucking hot ones since it was a leather pants release.  Otherwise it would sort of a let down and disappointment right? That's just my opinion and mine alone.  Next, the sets are better than normal.  Creative too, for example the first scene is a fantasy played out entirely in an empty subway car.  I don't know about you, but that is where I would love to see beautiful and sexy Japanese women in public and have thoughts.  I'm very happy they included this public scene, scenario.   

These women keep their fucking pants on the entire time, so the fucking is limited to blowjobs mainly.  But there is truly something for everyone here I believe, food fetish, ass fetish, boots (sometimes shiny pvc boots), different types of leather pants, dominatrix, public, face-sitting, etc.  The real prize is the signature move in this release.  Which is where the goddess will grind the hard dick between their legs standing up (while wearing the pants of course).  It's unique as hell, and really gets the fetish point across.  It's all about the pants, and I love it.  

Again, I just to note again, all of the women in here are hotter than normal in my opinion.  Super cute beautiful faces, tall fit bodies.  Again, I just wish it was more plastic pants.  I'll have to keep watching for it.  Please, PLEASE if you know of any JAV releases like this, that worships PVC and or Vinyl pants please let me know in the comments!!  Thank you very much. 

7. Farming Fun! SDMT-339 Human Farm

You might already know where this is headed.   All of these women will be walking around on all fours and acting a certain way if you know what I mean.  Panting, begging and playing.  I just don't understand how that fits into the whole farm thing.  But who fucking cares.  This release made me a die hard Mika Osawa fan.  This is a release where the actress is 1000% dedicated to the role.  It's very believable, it doesn't seem like an JAV actress is just trying to get paid.  I think it's almost too good.  I guess that doesn't make sense.

This is very solid release, with a fuckton of fucking scenes and weird kinky acts in general.  It really is complete with every you want to see in something titled "human farm." 

I lost track of the fucking scenes.  It's easily to get lost in the in between cut scenes that are relatable to the whole story.  And even these scenes are kinky as fuck.   We see Mika play around constantly and act like "something."   She even lifts her leg to piss outside.  In another she is left outside in a box.   These women wear collars, are washed hard with water in the barn, scrubbed down, eat from bowls on the ground, and on and on.  They stay in character constantly, it's sexy as ever.  

I was just blown away with all the kinky sex too.  There's lesbian cunt liking, tons of dildo play (it seems to be her favorite toy).  Mika sucks and fucks like a good girl.  A fucking ton of different sex scenes and positions, with a lot of variety even within them!   I very much recommend this for any fan who enjoys and appreciates very submissive play. The only bad thing, is not even a bad thing.  There's just way too many themes going on here with a whole "before and after" thing happening.  Combined with the barn situation, combined with with what she is acting like.  I personally love love love this JAV, so I have zero complaints.  Some of the weird and wildly enthusiastic blowjobs scenes are difficult to get through, I mean it (that's a good thing)!  

6. In Front Of My Very Own Girlfriend.  I Fuck Another Girl! Lesbian Couple Nanako Tsukishima And Sora Shina's Super Lesbian Cuckold Sex! BBAN-090

What a concept.  I love this super mean scenario.  This dramatic release really turns me the fuck on.  It's nothing like I have even seen before, even though it's so simple.  This couple take turns being fucked by another woman.  Sometimes with more than one woman at a time.  But the twist here is that the GF is watching all the action right there in the room on the side.  Now this is not a lesbian release, where the GF enjoys the cuckolding.  They don't start rubbing their pussy while watching their GF get fucked.  Instead it's the opposite, they get very emotional.  I repeat, very upset and angry.  

The mood is very tense and beautifully uncomfortable.  I think it's mean as hell.  They really rub it in each other's faces, like some sort of challenge?   But at the same time, the women in the actual relationship aren't doing it to be mean.  I ask myself, why are they putting themselves through this?

I really like this title because it can this release as described as "real life couple."  Now that completely fabricated obviously.  But, I want to believe it's not.  I really do feel like I am watching a real life (outside of JAV) lesbian couple go through this.  I feel like this for two reasons.  One, the acting is the top notch superb.  Good tears. My favorite moments are when those tears are flowing, and they are making super upset adorable faces during all the chaos.  

It's interesting that one of the tags on R18 is documentary!  hmm... I'm personally not interesting into cuckolding, but I respect every ones different interests.  I can definitely understand the appeal sometimes.  It's different, I recommend at least watching the trailer and see what I mean.

5. Experiencing Lesbianism With Ai Uehara! SDMT-926

What fucking list would be complete without Ai Uehara?  Seriously, she does a lot of unique titles dammit.  I almost want to put her in all my lists just as homage since she retired, but that is not the case.  This deserves it's spot all on its own. 

I had to own this, the instant I found this title whenever that was.  Look at it, lesbian POV with Ai, smiling with spectacular titties in her face.   We always get POV in JAV, and it's mostly a from a dude's perspective.  There's nothing wrong with that, POV is one of my favorite in general.  But I'm so thankful to finally see it from a woman's lesbian perspective, and not just any JAV model!

Another selling point of this release, is that it's not just legs open while Ai licks either.  That alone is fucking fantastic, but luckily it's so much fucking more.  We get to it both ways, where Ai switches positions and puts her pussy in your face.  We also see a lot of different positions, my favorite being the scissoring.  There's even vibrators and squirting in your face.  I wish there was a rubber double dildo scene.  My main disappointment here is the AGAIN lack of creativity in settings.  Nothing to do with the plot though.


This release is shot like a lesbian drama, it's adorable.  The mood here is simple, they are in love with each other and want to fuck.  Beautiful.  But, back to the settings, for fucks sake.  The first one is classroom and gym recreational type looking room that involves school girl outfits.  But fuck, after that it's all bedroom, boring rooms in a house type settings.  One bedroom/bed scene is standard and of course makes sense.  Especially if it is a drama lesbian story.

Maybe I'm fucking greedy.  But I would love to see scene that is outside of a damn bedroom.  How about this?  POV lesbian experience in the park on a park bench?  At work, under her desk, table at a conference meeting?  Restaurant, at a DVD rental room while watching lesbian porn?  I could go on and on, but the important thing is that besides the boring setting, I think you wouldn't want to miss this. It's very special, and if you love and appreciate Ai and or lesbian JAV, how could you pass this up?  

4. Miss With the Most Glaring Rib Cage to Ever Appear in An AV. FONE-133

There are plenty of extremely skinny releases in JAV if you look for them.  This one is my favorite.  First off she just has a bubbly cute personality, and is all giggles.  Now lets get to this body.  I understand that this type of body is rare in JAV, and in fucking general!   That's why I like it, it's so different.  I think it's fucking kinky as hell.  I get bored very easily.   Generally, I love really skinny in JAV, but not always like this!  And hell, some days I crave thick curvy women only and would never watch this.  It's all random.

I can definitely see that this is not for everyone.  But even this isn't your thing, it's worth a look to get shocked in my opinion!  You might even like it?  I think you should just watch it for the shock value.

I really enjoy the package that comes with this title.  There are enough different cute outfits to keep me satisfied, and a good variety of fucking positions within the different scenes.  But let's not forget why this is special.  It's her fucking ridiculous body.  I have never seen ribs stick out like this before in JAV.  It's wild is all I can say.  It's very straightforward I believe. 

3. ELF SDMT-388

Welcome to the weird.  First of all, I have never seen ears like this in porn.  I think it's fucking cute as fuck and a little funny.  You always see the pointy ears in western porn, and it's annoyingly always associated with Xmas.  These ears are not just a clip on that you'll see camgirls wearing.  These look very very well done dammit.

The story is just stupid, but she's so fucking cute!  She is basically found by some lucky dude and he takes her home.  She's so cute though, so I didn't care about the almost non-existent story. I love the way she refuses all food too, and only eats these chocolate looking snacks specifically.  She love's them!  If you like cute cut scenes and non-sexual details in JAV, then this one is for you.  You get to see her hiding by trees, playing and distracted by a flower, jumping for joy over an anal dildo held over her head, her being scared of a shower head and hiding from it, etc.

Obviously, this is not a whole entire fantasy type production if you know what I mean.  She is fucked in a house is what it breaks down to.  But here is actually where a huge positive comes in.  I think this easily could have been a very dramatic release with like one vanilla softcore at the end.  Or something like that.  This is not the case, there is plenty of good fucking.  Even closeups of her asshole.  She gives great blowjobs, there's wild chair 69, dildos and vibrators, a school girl outfits even makes it in, and of course she gets fucked hard over and over.  Remember, this is all one top of pretty decent acting.  She's not just acting shy, you'll just have to see for yourself.  How could you say no to that face on the title and trailer??

2. No Mosaic Lesbian Action! Ayumi Shinoda/ Yui Oba / Miki Sunohara / Kaede Niyama / Ema Kisaki/ Asahi Mizuno / Chika Arimura / Ayu Sakurai / Ichika Kamihata / Mao Hamasaki LZWM-007

This is one of personal favorites.  It's so simple, as the title suggests there is no mosaic.  This of course makes the list since, it is in fact rare there is no fucking Mosaic. Again, it's my opinion of course, but sometimes with amateurs uncensored content, the quality is not there.  I think sometimes that unfortunately includes the JAV actress.  Just my opinion.

I ask you to give this a look.  Especially if you appreciate lesbian JAV in general.  This is fucking hot though, it's not bare pussy.  But damn, it's fucking close.  Like, it's close!  A huge sell for this is the women in general here.  They are just on another level.

Another sell for this, is the detail.  I mean what a contrast from regular mainstream JAV, where the crotch is blur of pixels.  There's plenty of spit and close ups for great detail of the skin contact.  You get to see tongues push into the material, and on the very edge of their pussy.  Watch the material itself give into their soft lips, you can imagine her pussy to damn well.  You see their pubic hair and general area with such clarity.  This detail of their lightly covered pussies being licked and rubbed combines well with seeing their real facial reactions in real time to what's happening.  It's just such a refreshing change from all the censoring, even if it's not really!  The sex isn't a let down either, there's plenty of good moaning and screaming, 69 licking, loud slurping sounds and scissoring etc.  

I originally found this years ago, because I am a sucker for the shiny glossy plastic tape on JAV women.  The first scene starts out with two of the hottest I have ever seen.  Seriously, they are super high quality gorgeous.  These two JAV women are both wearing a PVC bondage tape thong, and take turns licking and tongue fucking each other.  I like watching as she takes long licks, starting far down by her asshole all the way to her clit.  

The negatives are, where are the sex toys??????????   What a miss.  There could have been a serious amount of toying going on here dammit. Also, generally speaking here, of course this is pretty much a giant 2 hour fucking tease if you're looking for some hardcore fucking. However, I dare you to watch this the trailer and not get excited:

Lastly, I want to post this again:

For reference, this is a great and informative article by ZENRA on censorship in JAV.  I strongly recommend reading this interesting editorial if you have ever been interested in just WHY we must stare at mosaics over and over in JAV.  

Please click here: https://www.sankakucomplex.com/2020/03/06/uncensored-jav-why-is-there-so-little-of-it/

1. Big-Breasted PE Teacher with huge cock stains Inexperienced Students With Her Semen!  Kurea Hasumi DVDES-836

Of course it's Kurea Hasumi.  Who the fuck else would it be?  Is there anything this amazing woman can't do?  By far, the absolutely the most interesting title on here.  It's ridiculous, it's comical, it's JAV at it's finest.  I personally am not into trans.  Of course I never judge, everyone has different tastes and that's badass.  I personally like this title because it's not real and it's all just fun.  Most JAV fans know Kurea is a WOMAN!  In my opinion, it's no different than lesbian strap on porn and I consider this a lesbian JAV.  But.....why the fucking hell do they have to censor this fake dick?  It's a toy.  Rubber.  I think that is the only drawback of this release and it really hurt the title's potential.

So what we have here is Kurea pretending to have huge dick and not know what the fuck to do with it!  Not only that. This gigantic dick appeared out of fucking nowhere? Yes.

The acting by Kurea is never anything less than incredible. The same goes for all the actresses being fucked with her new cock too.  Kurea acts like she unable to resist her throbbing penis and just goes wild and does whatever the hell she wants with whatever and whoever she wants. I feel bad for anyone in her way.  The whole title is she cumming huge loads over and over again.  

If you want to be entertained, please watch this!  I think you need this in your life.


This was my list of unusual, unique, weird, strange, and bizarre.  Whatever word you want to use, I welcome all genre's and styles.  Everyone is different.  Thank you for reading as always, I hope to be back here with Part 2 soon.  Thank you JAV for being endless.  I couldn't be happier exploring old titles and new titles.  Every time I think I have seen it all, I find a new one that is completely ridiculously unique.  I hope you found something you enjoy.


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Indojavfan 3 years ago
I think Riko Tachibana deserve a career introspective article. Her body is incredible, with a slutty face. Her performance are always incredible as well, being multi orgasmic helps I guess.
0 0
RamenBoss 3 years ago

Hello, I will be writing a piece on Riko! Any title suggestions?! Too many right?

In the meantime, if you haven't seen, I wrote a piece on her uncensored art: https://www.zenra.net/blog/ramenbosss-tribute-to-riko-tachibana-uncensored-jav

1 0
Mims 3 years ago
I love absolutely love that SOD "walldicks" series as they have few of the best blowjob scenes. Shame they don't make them more often.
1 0
ZENRA 3 years ago

It's probably a major PIA for the crew to make those set pieces.

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