RamenBoss's Tribute to Riko Tachibana Part 3

Published : October 23rd, 2021 Written by RamenBoss

Welcome JAV fans.   Welcome back hopefully.  This is my last writings in homage to the Goddess Riko Tachibana.  I am not worthy!   I promise to do my best to honor such a legend.  I don't anyone will replace Riko in any way shape or form.  To me, she will always be the best and nothing will change that.  Every time I decide to watch Riko Tachibana again, I get stuck on her for days.  A disclaimer.  Some of these releases I have mentioned before in my entries. However, I only focused on specific scenes.  I wanted to give a proper homage to each one as a whole, I hope that is acceptable.  These releases are worth it and deserve it a billion times over.  


I think she has the best body in JAV, I'll just say it!  Sexiest voice too, no question.  It sounds like she is moaning every word she says.  Then she'll switch and be a total dominatrix that will make your eyes open wide.  One thing that Riko Tachibana is not, is cute.  What I mean is that I wouldn't describe any of her performances Kawaii.  If you are looking for that here, maybe this isn't the woman for you at this time.  I find this fact fascinating, simply based on the fact, that I love cute JAV actresses.  Variety is good, but at the same time, I couldn't be pickier just like most JAV fans.  I want to thank JAV and Riko Tachibana for existing.  Let's get to her work.  It's not just AV, she is a work of art.

Riko Tachibana's Go to Heaven Pussycat AND-007

Nobody can do lesbian releases like this woman.  No one.  So much to love here.  Riko dominates two foreign women.  The dark-haired woman is outstanding.  She almost outshines Riko.  I am still trying to figure out who she is.  If anyone knows her name or work please link in the comments.  Please, man, please!   I have to get this out of my system.  She is so [hot!  I feel like she is one of the hottest non-Japanese stars in JAV that I have ever seen.  Look at those insanely pouty lips and perfect body.  Too many perfect bodies in these scenes to control me.  

Also just to add to that, please watch the one-on-one scene with her (the dark-haired beauty) and Riko.  You'll seriously appreciate those physical features I mentioned.  I promise she's one hundred thousand times hotter than the cover makes her out to be.  Doesn't do the poor woman justice, to be honest.  You'll see what I mean when you watch the trailer.  Hell, even just squint your eyes and gaze upon her highlights on the back of the jacket photo!  These women all compliment each other as the phrase goes.  Lot's to love here.  Rope bondage, ballgags, sex toys, strap ons, etc.  One of the only problems I had, was the short wigs at the end. That's just my opinion only, as these do not take away from the sex art.

Maison de Fudol SAK-8448

I wrote about this release previously and I raved here about Riko's sexy as performance with a remote control vibrator on the street in this release.  The unique element in that segment here beside her exceptionally long lovely legs in a tight skirt was her creative play.  Riko puts the egg in her mouth and gives the lucky guy a blowjob this way.  I still haven't seen anything like it.  I have seen pretty much all of Riko's titles, as I imagine many many have.  I selected this release as my ultimate favorite general release.  What I mean by that is that I treat this as a standard release with no specific theme.  It's straight sex with a masturbation scene.  

The remote control scene is just the first scene, damn.   I feel personally this is the best collection of costumes and themes.   Riko Tachibana, one of the hottest women on the planet in a variety of costumes?  I am here for it.  My favorites include the cosplay dildo riding and Riko's PVC wearing aggressive dominatrifame.  There are so many small moments that make up this release.  For example, one that stands out here is a close-up of Riko's spit action, I mean it looks like 4k 2021 HD quality.  I am so thankful for clear moments with Riko considered how old her material is.  Another moment is seeing Riko spread her ass while is riding reverse cowgirl.  

Masturbation Paranoia DDK-001

I love masturbation scenes.  This is an entire title dedicated to it.  "Masturbation Paranoia" is a wonderful series, I strongly recommend looking into.  The best way I can describe how great this is is that it's a regular cking title just with no other human actors!  Riko fucks everything in sight very very wildly.  It's a hump paradise.  Doesn't even feel like a solo release.  The whole thing from start to finish is fucking hot as fuck. I can't stress enough how great this one particular segment is.  Riko wears a shiny glossy PVC vinyl piece workout outfit.  As she rides it, she gets more and more worked up as her pussy is grinding the seat.  That's just the start.  By the end of it, she is straight fucking the whole thing.  Kinky, it's difficult to watch that one!

Now, these scenes are not angled to just show Riko being watched from far away.  She is dirty talking (I wish I knew wtf she is saying) to you, the camera.  There are just too many special moments to list here.  I promise you, this is unlike any masturbation release you have even seen before!  Not many JAV women could pull off this type of material.  Not many women in general even.  I truly cherish and treasure this.  Please I beg you to watch this sample and experience the hype.  Bonus, there is a decent amount of behind-the-scenes footage at the end.  Very interesting to those who love BTS in AV.  One of my favorite porn videos of all time.  All king time.


Petite Exposure 8 NHDT-469

I have a certain amount of public vibrator scenes that are my ultimate favorite go-to's on rotation.  This release is one of them, and that will never change my friend.  This is the second release on this finale entry that I have previously written about.  Except I reference this twice.  My infatuation with the public vibrator and the infamous dildo mini tricycle (link).  Honestly, I watch the white pants public vibrator scene constantly.  So I will not write about those two WONDERFUL scenes here.  Instead, I want to focus on the very public.
I want to talk about the convenience of a mini grocery story whatever the hell it is the scene.  I have not many questions, how can they do this?  Still shocking even for 2021.  Just sucking on some sausages and carrots and then sucking and fucking a cock right there.  Crazy!  

Another beautiful scene shows Riko in the most porno outfit I have ever seen.  This and the last scene are spectacular groups fucking scenes.  You know, Riko truly looks happy as hell to do these group fuckings.  She is all smiles and passion.  I mean if this isn't a true passion, she is the best actress in the business IMO (second only to Yui Fujishima).  I specifically point out Riko's kinky hairstyle in the first group scene. Can't help but point out some great outdoor esthetics in the last scene.  It appears to be an open soccer field as the sun goes down. Makes me want to get some fresh air immediately.  Just beautiful.  That's the only word for it.


Lesbian Empress Riko Tachibana Vs Big Tits Moma Ranger CRPD-198

Weird, strange, and just bizarre.  Just how I like it.  It's been a hell of a journey, and here we are.  My number one Riko Tachibana masterpiece. I simultaneously don't know what the is going on and know exactly what the fuck is going on.  Riko looks like she is having the time of her life, doing whatever she damn well pleases to her masked play toys.  We must talk about the queen's outfit for a moment can we please?  Of course, it's a lace-up PVC vinyl lace-up one-piece, thigh-high boots, fishnets, and complete with matching PVC vinyl gloves and headpiece.  Her perfect huge perky tits popping out. 

For the final time, I have to type this.  Riko Tachibana is so fucking hot.  She is so hot in this.  She couldn't look kinkier or hotter.  Fucking hell. Years and years ago, the shiny PVC Vinyl outfits alone attracted me to this kinky feature.  Trust me, there is a ton of plastic outfits in this.  High-quality material too.  There's a moment where a big titted woman is riding a strap on and cums intensely.  From start to finish, it's kinky fucking.  No shortage of toys and moaning and oh yeah Riko being Riko.  JAV is wonderful, and this is a perfect example of that.  Only Japan could make this.  Please watch the trailer.  I hope it lives in your head rent-free from now on!


I think Riko can't stand to not be in charge of the center of attention.  She has a way about her.  Doesn't matter if it's a masturbation scene looking into your soul, or a lesbian strap on the scene (Riko seems to LOVE strap ons).  It's like, if she is on the screen you have to stop and stare until she's gone.  Riko already looking the way she does, doesn't even have to try hard.  But her passion is what makes me admire her as well.  Just pure effortless talent.  

As I mentioned before, her titles feel sometimes less like AV and more like art pieces.  I miss Riko Tachibana.  I know her hardcore fans like me all do.  However, I accept all good things have to come to an end.  Thankfully she made a freaking ton of releases. Thank you so much Riko Tachibana for all you have done and all the happiness you have given to us all (and will continue to live forever).  Long live JAV.


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spatacus gr 2 years ago
You happen to know the JAV code of this one Riko video where she in like a giant fish tank and two guys are just pouring slimy water over her?
0 0
RamenBoss 2 years ago

I think it is this code NHDT-547 if it's purple slime?

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yourluckyday 2 years ago
ANND007 dark hair is Alexis Love.
1 0
RamenBoss 2 years ago

Wow, thank you for this. I really didn't expect anyone to help with that, thank you very much. I'm ashamed too, I already knew of Alexis Love, but for some reason didn't make the connection. Really appreciate it. Is Alexis in any other JAV productions? Have a good one.

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