RamenBoss's Top 5 Double Feature Schoolgirl Releases of Summer 2021!

Published : September 4th, 2021 Written by RamenBoss

Hello JAV fans! Welcome!  

I feel this is a little different than what I might go out of my way to write about.  Threesomes.  That and foursomes and general group fucking.  As I have said many times before, I usually avoid watching these features, due to lack of the lesbian like activity between the two. 


Lately I can't seem to get my mind off these dual performances.  Ever since I recently reviewed CAWD-253 and MIAA-465.  This category or style or theme or whatever you want to call it, has recently become a personal favorite go to I must say.  Not only have these been on my mind, but double schoolgirl themed titles specifically.  

Two beautiful sexy slender girls to one lucky dude?  I think that's a no fucking brainer.  As a straight guy, of course I am jealous as hell.

Most of the AV I am interested in categories such as lesbian, Solo masturbation or very specific fetish related titles like inflatables or latex for example.  These turn me on the most. 

Maybe I have been missing out?  This is an huge understatement.  Saying it is an understatement, is a huge understatement.  

Again to recap, double schoolgirls?  OFC!  I am truly sorry for the delay in writing about them, I mean it!   I hope this list makes up for lost time.  Long live JAV.


I'm the Homeroom Teacher, After School, We Went to a Love Hotel. Asuka Momose, Hana Shirato MIAA-486 Aug 6, 2021

I found the nerdy glasses look interesting in these.  The don't look like they would be such good fucks.  Actually to be honest, my favorite scene was when they ditched the fucking glasses altogether!   I felt it was a much needed transformation, and as fast as it happened they put them back on in the final scene!  

Points for wearing the uniform in multiple scenes.  I got this vibe in this one, like they were lesbians that were trying out a threesome for the hell of it.   It's hard to explain.  It's like they were more real about the sex, it was realistic and not over-the-top in a porno way.

A last random note, the moment one of them is working his ass and the other is in front sucking is something I am seeing more and more of.  I am definitely a fan, but these scenes are only seconds long.  I say, if you're going to do something so kinky, go all out.   Do it intensely and for a long time.


I'm the Homeroom Teacher, After School, We Went to a Love Hotel. Ena Koume, Hana Himesaki MIAA-461 Jun 25, 2021

In the same series, I am happy to see this thicc edition. Real quick note, I love how exactly the same these series are.  JAV takes this very seriously, down to every detail. I love it.

These pairs of tits are amazing.  They really are fucking nice.  Outside of Yui Fujishima, I normally prefer slender models. 

You know, something is unique with this series. The girls really love to stay and act fascinated with the creampie moments!   It's too cute. And somehow kinky af.

"Hey, Do You Like Me" 31 Days of Immersive and Intense Creampie Fucking with These Two.  Yui Amane, Mitsuki Nagisa CAWD-261 Aug 20, 2021

I consider this a girl next door release.  Please watch this!  OMG, these two.  I love these kinky cuties.  I mean look at these fucking faces.  Honestly, I didn't think I would end up loving this title as much as I did. and do.  

I can't say enough good things about this release.  There's endless tiny moments that you would easily miss if you were just skipping around.  These two stare into the camera like they are talking to you, the viewer.  

The more I think about it, this may be one of my favorites.  There is a scene in the beginning, where both of these giggling girls are flashing their panties, it's beyond adorable. 

This is what I would consider a perfect JAV.  It's a mix of a drama and gonzo.  This is a title that is made up of about a billion small to medium scenes.  And when I say that, I am referring to both cut scenes and fuck scenes.   Just to give two examples, there's a banana teasing video that you shouldn't miss, and a spying detailed masturbation scene.  

She holds the banana against the guy and sucks it like pretending it's his dick.  And the masturbation scene has multiple angles, from outside the in the hallway looking in, to up close.  

These scenes are hot as sexy as fuck.  Which makes the fucking scenes so damn satisfying.  They don't disappointing in anyway shape or form.  They fuck wildly and do every position you want to see. 

Points for these customs too. Not only did they change often and keep the outfits on, but a pair of tight jean high waisted shorts make an appearance and pink and blue striped panties.  

These girls are super sneaky and cute and devious.  The whole thing can be best described as a crazy tease up until an exciting climax ending. Highly recommended.


These Two Girls Look Down on Me for Jerking Off To Them, So They Tease Me and Talk Dirty Ichika Matsumoto, Yui Nagase CJOD-297 May 21, 2021

Wow.  Wow times infinity.  Let's just start with that fucking cover.  Look at these faces.  Look at Ichika Matsumoto's lips.  These two girls decide to tease this "poor" guy.  Of course in JAV, this means "I'll show you, I'll fuck you, take that."  Lucky dude, lucky lucky.  

The theme is just hot.  They don't exactly act like dominatrices.  They are just having fun.  Fuck it's so cute.  I mean they give little disgusted and unsatisfied looks to the camera, but it's so fucking cute!  I really just think about hard it is for them to do that.  

The best part of this is the extremely perfect POV action.  It's on another level.  

Current there is a Yui Nagase tribute in works from yours truly.  For more on Ichika Matsumoto, one of writers wrote an amazing intro to this super cutie, please check out this recommended entry.


How About We Swap Out? Which One of Us Has a More Sensitive Ass? Bubble Butt Exchange Marina Saito, Suzu Takayama  WAAA-083 Jul 22, 2021

Stop what you're doing and watch this.  The release couldn't be more JAV if it tried.  It's the most JAV that ever JAV'd.  

A powerhouse performance right here.  If you watch anything for this list, please watch this one.  I don't even know where to start.  At least watch the trailer, and see what I mean.


One technicality, I hope you can forgive that is for the most part two male actors.  So it is not all entirely threesomes, one guy to two girls.  But it still is a pair of schoolgirls, and there is a bathroom two on one scene that makes up for it alone. 

I can't even begin to tell you all the good things about this.  It's such a wonderful combination of everything I love.  In the past I have written about MIAA-465 and how they used their asses in creative ways.  Here we have that again, with their plump asses making everyone more than happy.  Add hands free sex toys action and bondage and above average fucking to that.  Yeah.

The fucking is worth noting about, since its especially aggressive and wild.  These girls do every position possible to satisfy, every combination you could want to see. It's like the producers said, just try everything. It worked excellent here, it's just hot af.  

I could barely pick a favorite part, but eventually landed on the sex toy scene.  These cuties put the vibrators in themselves, and hold them in the place with their panties.   That really REALLY FUCKING turns me on, and of course they are busy sucking with the toys buzzing.  

Visually a pleasure, as there coordination is on point!   I love to see the girls getting fucked in the same position, at the same time.  Happens very often in this title, but you still get double blowjobs for example.  Not to mention, the girls rubbing one lucky dick with their ass cheeks.  

My top pick, no questions asked.  



I hope this list is satisfying.  I watched a lot of mediocre titles this summer, hell this year. I passed up a lot to make this top list.  If you feel I am missing anything, please post your favorite title and why.  We are all in this together, I simply just want to help make new JAV fans.  There's always new actresses to learn about, it's a beautiful thing.  Thank you JAV.


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alistair_williams 2 years ago
Only watch MIAA-486 so far & it's actually because of the glasses.Seems like I have four movies left to go : >
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