Oppaira's Paizuri Report - Part 2

Published : February 27th, 2024 Written by Oppaira

Hey guys, welcome back to my second paizuri report. If you haven't seen my first one please go check it out! Last time I looked at S1 actresses only and this time I'm looking at a few veterans. Without further ado let's jump into it.

Yuria Yoshine

Anyone who knows Yuria knows that paizuri is a speciality of hers. That obviously starts off with her insanely huge 110cm M cup tits that are basically a cheat code for great paizuri. They are oh so capable of keeping cocks nestled in between them and I never have to question whether she’ll keep it between them or not. Yuria is also excellent at using more unique techniques that she moves between quite nicely, keeping the pacing quite fresh throughout. I find that her expressions are usually good but rarely do they jump out at you as being insanely good; I’m never unhappy about it but I rarely see myself being wowed by them. She is easily one of the best in the game right now though and definitely worthy of the S tier rank she gets.

Yuri Honma

Yuri Honma has always been rather excellent at a lot of things, paizuri included. A lot of this comes from how strong of a performer she is and how capable she is at a wide variety of performances. Sometimes she can be seductive and sultry, expertly setting the mood, and other times she can provide high energy. While this contributes greatly to being good at a large variety of scenes, I find she doesn’t mix it up in the middle of scenes as much as I would like. This contributes to scenes being very heavy in one direction, such as being very high energy, tightly smooshing her boobs around a cock. She is fantastic at both though, including being arguably the best at more sultry paizuri. She loves to spit/drool on cocks and you see it time and time again from her. Yuri’s variety in performances also manifests in a variety of different styles, helping to keep it from being too similar like her actual acting. It’s also really great that she can still keep a cock nestled between her tits nicely despite all of those different styles, perhaps largely from how saggy her boobs are. Yuri is one of the better actresses at paizuri but does have a bit of volatility around it that makes her a little bit inconsistent.

Mako Oda

Mako is someone I have a love hate relationship and that extends equally to her paizuri. She has always been very physically blessed, even to this day, but her mediocre performing always puts a damper on it, being one of those “pillow princesses”. She never really gets into paizuri, often looking away or even closing her eyes during the act. She often doesn’t put in the same effort to smile or look enthusiastic like many others will do. She tends to rest on the laurels of how incredible her boobs are and sticks to all the standard stuff, going up and down, back and forth, or rubbing your cock against her boobs. Even when trying to get your cock between her tits she sometimes doesn’t even bother and has it look more like half a handjob rather than jamming it far back between her 92H cup boobs. It can be very tempting to think of it as being good because of how nice she looks but don’t let it fool you. Mako is a disappointment who is tied for the bottom of the barrel right now, and maybe I could excuse her if she wasn’t a 10+ year veteran with tits made for paizuri.

Nanami Matsumoto

Nanami is someone who can be very volatile while giving paizuri, sometimes being a little underwhelming, but when she’s on point boy is she ever. Nanami loves to mix it up with a lot of things you don’t normally see whether she’s smacking it on her tits, moving her tits side to side, or using no hands so she can play with your nipples at the same time. Especially when that follows with some great expressiveness from her you really get to see the best she has to offer. She also loves to spit on cocks to get them nice and wet for paizuri, making sure it’s moving as nice as possible. That, along with Nanami swapping quite a bit between techniques or moving back to things like blowjobs in between, causes the flow to be very nice, where you get some standard intensity, some high intensity, and plenty of low intensity to help you get in the mood but not look to cum immediately. When she’s being a bit careless and using too much hand or not showing the right energy then it really does show, but I find it’s usually an all or nothing thing so the good scenes are very, very good. Easily one of the top tier in the game.

And now here is the updated tierlist for reference.

Thanks for tuning in to my second paizuri report! I've got some ideas about the future of the series, particularly around having some newer actresses here and seeing how they evolve. For now though, just know that they will keep coming and I hope you check back in again next month. Until next time!

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