Magic Mirror Erotic Oil Massage in Front of Boyfriend 2 First Half

Published December 19, 2022

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Remember: free lunches do not exist. If a nice guy asks your girlfriend if she wants an oil massage and there is no catch, THERE IS A CATCH!

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Magic Mirror Erotic Oil Massage in Front of Boyfriend 2 First Half
Timing and Translation by Patonyan
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If there's one thing I remember dearly/fondly/dreadfully from visiting JAV studios in Tokyo is all the 'catch sales' on the street.  Even randos like me--unassuming, unnatractive, and certainly as far from "cute woman" as you can get!--were getting approached for this and that.  Some smiling, kind old lady even asked me if I wanted to donate blood!  The audacity!  OK, the last one may have been a reasonable request that I look back on with regret on not helping, but the rest?  Ugh.  Oh, and don't get me started on touts.  You know what I'm talking about.

Still, people love things that are free.  Free food, free...uh, more food?  Japan really loves its eats if you didn't realize by all those primetime TV shows consisting of so-called famous people with silly catch-phrases and a modicum (at most) of talent eating things and faking delight.  There also exists ways to get normally costly services for free.  For example, get a food massage gratis if you leave a review on the spot.  A violation of a certain online platform's rules for honest submissions?  Who knows, but foot massages usually feel nice.

What about oil massages though?  What if you and your lovely girlfriend were strolling through Ikebukuro--a busy place where this type of lovey-dovey activity is far from ideal which makes me question the authenticity of today's update--and a random guy with my looks at best approaches you and sees if you--and by 'you', I mean your girlfriend of course--are down for a free full body oil massage?  Who would say no to that?

"If we can film it for research purposes, we'll even pay you!"

Interest is piqued.

This is the general flow of our gargantuan almost 4 hour update by SADISTIC VILLAGE we're showing today and Friday.  The sequel to a charming and insanely popular update from last summer, fans of that one should love this one because if I can only say one negative thing about MAGIC MIRROR OIL MASSAGE IN FRONT OF BOYFRIEND 2, it's that it pretty much takes what the first did and does it again with different women.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Four more women, four more boyfriends who wait outside trying their hardest to peek through one-way mirrors, this is JAV doing what JAV does best.  Mixing mild pranks, modern exposure, cheating, some level of cuckolding, and messy, messy, MESSY sex featuring an almost unfathomable amount of squirting, we've 240 minutes of fun and entertaining play worth the attention of most anyone except the review control team of that aforementioned platform.

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+How often does a JAV combine so many genres and totally nails it?
+Hats off to SADISTIC VILLAGE for not being lazy with the sex.
+Everything is better when it's filmed in the Magic Mirror studio.


-I'll be honest, I like the casting in the previous one a bit more.