Ramenboss's Mei Satsuki Top 5 Releases

Published : July 28th, 2022 Written by RamenBoss
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Hello again and welcome JAV lovers.  Today I wanted to shine the spotlight on a true JAV angel, Mei Satsuki.  I'm talking about that face.  Of course, I have to say that I truly believe Yui Fujishima (my ultimate favorite JAV actress) has the most angelic face in the business.  Having that said, somehow Mei reminded me of Yui in a very distant way.  It might be her super soft features and long nose along with her soft-looking curves.  Mei is much thicker than I normally love and I love to make that exception (same with Yui).  For the most part, I love super skinny and slender.  Mei Satsuki makes me forget about all that while I watch her.  


5. NACR-459 Oil Mania

I want to start the list with the most basic of the five.  It's a very straightforward release and normally I would be bored to tears with it.  That sometimes changes when I am super gaga over the actress.  Similar to Yui Fujishima's soapland title!  Speaking of Yui again, just look at the similarity of both of their soft facial features.  I could watch her face all day.  The room is completely dark the whole video.  This is something I detest greatly.  I am making an exception here, due to the high definition clarity.  The oil shine on the camera looks phenomenal.  The first outfit is on point (check out the little bell) and there is a nice amount of sex toy play.  My favorite moment was watching Mei get it on her back in the final scene.  Watch as her soft large oil tits bounce and rotate in a mesmerizing way.  


4. MIAA-430 Watching my longtime friend in group sex and then I got a boner.

There's nothing to dislike here.  This title is set up like a drama style.  I always get turned on with JAV that has a story.  Thank you to all the JAV actresses who devote themselves to the role.  I find their acting kinky, let alone the kinky role-play situations.  Please check out my review of my favorite JAV on the planet FSET-494.  Besides the story, the group sex is super hot and doesn't stop.  Mei does a fantastic job acting like she is ashamed and humiliated.  Her sad expressions are completely worth it alone. Another positive is seeing a cellphone used all the time in these stories.  It's apparently standard these days and that makes me very happy to see!  It's a great story and worth the watch.


3. JUFE-298 Stepfather sneaking around and you know the rest!

I love these sneaking around scenarios almost as much as remote vibrator play and fetish artwork.  The cinematography here again doesn't disapoint.  What's better than JAV to build up suspense and sexual tension?   What an experience.  Here we go again with a story-based adventure with enchanting camera frames and zooms!  Be there when the lucky guy is watching her lick a melon-like it's a sex toy.  How can she act like she doesn't know how it looks?  My favorite scene is where shenanigans are happening just outside the kitchen, complete with a view of another oblivious woman in the background!   I think I am seeing more and more of these creative angles in our western AV, and JAV must be the main influence!  One of the most unique scenes here is the lucky guy's private swimsuit and oil experience in the house.  I normally see this by the infamous pool and the out-of-context play is just kinky as hell. 


2.  RKI-613 Super feel-good impregnating sex with the number one cum lover in the world! 

Now that's a Japanese title if I ever saw one!  This title is a perfect combination of ridiculously fun writing and an actress and production (and culture for that matter) that makes it insanely serious.  Well not the whole time, be prepared for a lot of smiles and giggles from Mei.  You just need to look at some of these pictures to see what you're getting.  One, in particular, the condom one is my favorite.  Watch and see Mei have loads of fun!  At one point I was excited to see something a little more unique but it didn't last long.  Mei looked like she was holding a vibrating wand on both the guy and herself at the same time.  However, with the wonderful pixels, you can't tell.  Mei is cute as ever but if you're looking for more of a wet and messy overall look, I recommend Oil Mania over this.  Somehow Mei stays very dry the majority of the time.  I found that somewhat puzzling and disappointing.


1.  CEAD-356 I'm a Hardcore Lewd Masturbator Who's Crazy About Pleasure

Of course a disclaimer.  This is purely a solo work title.  Mei uses a variety of toys like a shiny jelly pink dildo.  I love seeing women use that type of toy as opposed to realistic-looking dildos.  However, I will say that a huge negative is that there should have been more unique and exciting toys for Mei to try.  I think this is a must-have for any Mei Saksuki fan.  Her performance looks genuine.  This is also a great title if you love POV dildo blowjob action.  Speaking of angles there are about a million of them so there's something for everyone.  I recommend watching all the way through until the last scene.  There is a moment where Mei is laying down and looks sideways at her camera while she goes to town.  My favorite scene is the office lady segment.  She teases you and secretly masturbates for you while other people are in the room.  It's exactly what you would want from a masturbating title.  



I don't remember exactly when I found Mei Satsuki online.  Ever since I have declared myself a superfan.  I could stare at this face all day long.  I am proud to report over and over again that I only write about women I am completely gaga over.  Mei is an extremely talented actress.  I really would love to see Mei in a tight latex or PVC Vinyl catsuit.  Could she pull off a dominatrix title?  As I mentioned before, I am looking forward to a million lesbian releases at the same time.  Thank you, Mei, you have many many loyal fans!


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