Ramenboss's Constant Replay, Go-To List For Life

Published : October 7th, 2022 Written by RamenBoss

Hello JAV lovers!  Welcome back.  I have proudly been writing for ZENRA for almost two years now.  I feel this is long overdue.  Possibly for theatrical reasons I have held off a long time doing such a special piece like this!  For some reason, I felt the need to wait as long as I could to write this, almost like an unveiling.  Maybe I wanted it to be a surprise.  I am happy to reveal a list of JAV titles that I love so much, they are always on my mind.  This is my personal go-to list, my friends. 

This list exists in my head and is random in terms of style, models included, and production year for example.  Some of these titles have been on my list for years.  I took an insanely long time narrowing this down to only ten.  This is about what titles I constantly play over and over again.  I can't get enough of these releases.  In this entry, you will find repeats of titles that I have raved about before.  I assure you this is not just copied material from my entries, but contains newly written details on specifically what keeps bringing back again and again.  To me, Ramenboss, these never get old.  Also, you can think of this list as my desert island movies, for example. 


10. NHDT-469 - Petite Exposure 8 - Riko Tachibana

Where to begin?  I find white pants to be a gem of a find, in real life and in JAV.  I love knowing that this pants scenario exists for me to watch anytime I wish.  I have watched more JAV titles that contain white pants than I can count, and they all majorly disappointed me.  Even if the model was super cute or super skinny or both, nothing turns me on like Riko Tachibana in tight white pants.  I guess that these are capris but I simply don't care.  That should show you how hot she is.  The minute I click on this and listen to her talk and moan I become extremely happy!  The wonderful over fifteen-minute beginning scene makes me almost forget about all other public remote-control vibrator that exists. 

I have watched this segment so many times.  I usually skip around and watch her first get interviewed so I can see a close-up of her beauty.  Next, I skip to where she first pulls out the toy and puts it to her mouth, skip to when she first turns it on, and then skip to the climax ending.  I watch this special moment over and over and over again.  Riko is irreplaceable, I really miss her.  There are many moments outside of her public masturbation session that keeps me watching this all the time.  The vegetables in the store, the dildo tricycle should not be missed.  I honestly think this is one of the best JAVs I have ever seen for infinite reasons.


9.  FSET-502 - During Work, I Made Her Attach a Remote-Controlled Vibrator and Had Her Resume Her Duties -Misuzu Kawana, Kokomi Nonomiya and Nana Ninomiya

I can never ever pass this up.  I only care about Misuzu Kawana here.  I barely acknowledge that the other two women exist in this.  Allow me to provide the exact moments that keep bringing me back.  The moment where Kawana is given a choice.  The toy is placed in front of her and she thinks about it before she puts it in her pantyhose.  You can see her hurry up and close her legs as she hears her colleagues come into the room.  From then on, I skip to basically three parts. 

I have to watch her first bow at the beginning of the meeting as the toy first goes off.  The second place I skip to is where she has to go to the dry-erase board for some important business when her toy is switched on.  I turn the volume way up so I can hear the toy patterns.  She tries as hard as she can to act normal but then collapses on the floor.  When someone walks over to check on her, while she is still crouched on the ground there is an upskirt view showing the toy that I always make sure I witness.  The last moment I skip to is the end where she has to sit at the table and listen to who knows what, all while the toy keeps going and going.  I watch this very often.


8.  DDK-001 - Masturbation Paranoia - Riko Tachibana

Riko Tachibana again!  Same with the Petite exposure 8 series, once I have seen Riko's, I know that she's the only one I care about in the whole masturbation paranoia series.  The whole thing is obviously gold, but I do only watch one segment.  Riko rocks a white shiny vinyl one-piece work out outfit.  Anything she does while wearing this I am drooling over.  Her grinding performance is so captivating that you forget and don't care that she is only fucking a bike seat and no dildos or vibrators.  Who has a better body than Riko Tachibana?  No one can perform as she does, it's pure art.  Besides that, obviously, I have a bias toward PVC and Vinyl outfits.  Riko together with this material is one of my favorite things in JAV.


7.  XV-436 - Indecent Mouth - Mihiro Taniguchi       

Need I say more than Mihiro?  The one and only.  Like Riko, she made this list twice.  I skip this entire movie and for straight to the final scene.  Mihiro is found in a cardboard box wearing fake cat ears and a fake tail.  Bonus, they are super shiny red PVC Vinyl ones.  I normally watch this entire scene.  Hell, it even starts with her making the cutest sounds.  I believe you should hear them for yourself.  The way Mihiro looks into the camera while giving a blowjob is a beautiful thing.  She really couldn't look better here and it makes you super jealous of the lucky guy during all of this.  Top favorite and rewatched constantly.


6. XC-1393 - Max Cafe - Mihiro

Once again we have Mihiro and once again I skip to the very end.  I wouldn't describe it as the final scene, more like the outro.  Mihiro is seen in her Max Cafe outfit in both the intro and outro.  Of course, she couldn't be cuter.  Mihiro and Rio (Tina Yuzuki) wear the same orange shiny PVC Vinyl Max Cafe outfit and are equally cute.  In the outro here, Mihiro is acting very playful.  I skip through it in different spots, differently each time.  My main focus is when she pulls out her vibrator and spreads her legs to use it.  My only complaint is that she is sitting far away from the camera.  It's certainly not the best scene in terms of length or creativity or anything really.  I love it nonetheless since the scene contains Mihiro's face with that outfit and masturbation.  Can't count how many times I have played this.


5. HODV-21255 - Fairytail Tail x Butt Plug Shaved Pussy Kinky Girl Who is Buttplugged and Blindfolded, Tied Up, and Ready to Cum for You - Aoi Ichigo

It's not difficult to understand how or why this made the list.  I could watch Aoi Ichigo's older material all day long.  There may be more on the subject of her more current releases later.  For now, I want to focus on this anal-loving model who deserves more spots than just one.  However, this truly is the one I find myself clicking on over and over.  I don't really have a favorite moment here, to be honest, and that is very rare for me.  I skip around and love every moment she is on screen with her fake tail buttplug in and getting fucked good and rough.  Aoi Ichigo's moans are crazy hot and very unique. 

On a side note, all of my favorite actresses on this list have their unique moaning sounds thankfully.  This particular piece is replayed many times.  She looks absolutely incredible in this outfit.  The white clothing alone looks so good on her body.  I have to say it.  Aoi Ichigo wearing fake cat ears and a fake cat tail?  This has to be the favorite of thousands of fans no doubt.  I can bet they are all constantly coming back here and replaying their favorite parts over and over. 


4. SDMT-339 - Farming Fun! Human Farm - Mika Ohsawa

I find myself constantly coming back to this title!  I remember always making mental notes every time I watch this.  I ask myself why I am back here.  For this title, I have to say there is just something about it.  I know that's too vague so I'll dig deeper.  I skip around a lot here but it just simply works for me.  I start with the barn scene where all the women are giving great blowjobs and Miki gets throat fucked good and rough.  She does a good job pretending she doesn't like it at all.  Next, I try and always seem to fail to watch the entire reporter scene.  Mika is wearing a collar and a very cute pink dress and a headpiece.  The blowjobs are just sexy as hell.  I normally lose interest a little after this scene a little but sometimes skip around and get to the lesbian sequence for example.  I am really gaga over this title.  I think a major reason is that I get super turned on my Mika's face but most of her titles I found extremely boring.  So of course this kinky title stuck and now I watch it on repeat!


3.  IPTD-825 - Secret Investigator, A Beautiful Agent is Dealt With Roughly and Falls to Pieces -Tina Yuzuki (Rio)

Tina has one of the best faces on planet earth, let alone JAV.  To be honest, when I watch this title, I don't much much else.  It's difficult to watch anything from start to finish when it comes to Rio.  I go right to the part where she pretends to be upset about giving a blowjob to a male member bondaged at her side.  Somehow this super lucky guy has to act like he doesn't enjoy this.  I almost feel as if this is too self-explanatory why this is watched by me constantly? 

We have Rio in a PVC Vinyl outfit in one of the hottest and kinkiest role-play scenarios in JAV.  If this isn't too obvious, Rio does an outstanding job acting very upset (if you know what I mean).  Rio is so damn cute I can't stand it.  Make sure you watch where she is standing with her hands tied up above her head getting some good wand action.  Rio screams and squirts everywhere.  I specifically am attracted to Tina's light brown shoulder-length hair here too.  The whole package works.  I always search for Rio releases when I am in the mood for high quality.  Everything Rio is gold but I watch this one over and over again nonstop.



2. IESP-607 - Female Investigators/ Investigator Yakuzuke Vaginal Convulsions, X-File-44 - Ai Uehara & Yui Hatano

I think almost every JAV fan knows this title.  If not, they know Ai Uehara.  I'll say what everyone else is thinking.  I prefer her wonderfully curvy and cute like she is here as opposed to, well you know.  This is top-notch JAV, again one of the best releases ever in my opinion.  I always watch the same part over and over.  The lesbian scene between Yui and Ai involves a strap-on blowjob.  It's great, it's wonderful and I'll never ever get tired of rewatching it again and again.  I am so thankful this title was made.  I especially appreciate it again, because as aforementioned above, Ai Uehara couldn't look better here.  Yes, obviously I have some sort of thing for these special agent investigator spy type role plays.  They are just super entertaining, dark, and kinky.  Not a surprise why I go to this one over and over.  Why the hell did my favorite JAV Goddess Yui Fujishima never do anything like this?  She's next up on my list for the number one spot.


1. FSET-494 - I Gave Everyone Adult Toys, As A Joke. Turns Out They're All Using Them! See For Yourself! - Ryoko Nagase, Yui Oba, Yui Fujishima!!!


Fset-494 is my life.  I think about this title for what seems like every day.  I am even surprised how much I have come to love it.  It all started when one day years and years ago when I read the title and thought it would interesting and no more.  Yui Fujishima definitely stood out as a super cutie but again didn't think much about it.  Then I couldn't get her out of my mind and went back over and over again to this title.  I skip around here in the same places every time.  I watch Ryoko Nagase sneak the toys in her purse at the bar when her party people depart before her.  I love seeing her look around and grab the plastic bag of sex toy fun.  I listen for that crinkle of the bag as it is transferred from the sex toy box.  Honestly, after that, I sometimes watch a little of her using the toys later but not often.  I never watch the actual sex scene between any of these three couples.  I rarely to get around to Yui Oba too since for some reason I always go in chronological order from start to finish and never seem to get past my favorite JAV and general AV star Yui Fujishima. 

Next, I skip to Yui Fujishima's part.  I watch a little of her surprise birthday party, so I can watch her beautiful perfect face.  She seems so happy and energetic!  She looks so damn cute in her birthday hat and cute dress and curly hair.  Bravo to wardrobe for this adorable thing.  So after a little bit of the general party, of course, I fast-forward to when she opens the toy box and starts getting teased.  I love to see her sneak looks at one specific vibrator not once but twice during the party.  Then I watch everything else.  I replay when she first experiments with the toy and I replay the card game where she is wearing a remote-controlled vibrator and tries to concentrate and conceal her reactions.  I think she does really well in general, she just sits there and deals with it.  If it were any different, for example, if she started moaning or squirting, the whole scene would be different.  I absolutely love the fact that her toying around was hidden from the clueless party guests during the very important card game.  I replay certain parts over and over again to the point I wouldn't be surprised if the video or player wears out completely.  I also turn my headphones up really loud during that game so I can hear her vibrator go on and off.  I love hearing the different patterns go off as well.  I watch her bit her lip and squirm around and I love every second of it.  I think about this title all the time.  I am so grateful this exists. 

Yui Fujishima's entire segment here turns me on so much that it's hard to watch just a little of it.  I get turned on just thinking about it or talking about it.  This is completely lame but as far as desert island movies, this is the one.  I could choose this title over inflatable content, and inflatables are my biggest fetish in life.  That is how much I love Yui's work and this insanely hot and kinky role-play scenario.  I even love the fucking music in the background during her remote-control scene!  I wish I could get it and listen to it all the time, I'm not joking.  When I go through my JAV collection, this is hardly ever skipped.  I wish I had a poster of this DVD.  I wish it was Blu-ray.  I also wish Yui Fujishima was on the damn cover, I think she was robbed of that opportunity.  No disrespect to Ryoko on the cover.  Just knowing this release exists and that I can view it with a click or tap of the finger makes me crazy happy as hell.  I simply keep coming back to this scene because it's my favorite.



These moments are replayed so much that I pretty much have them memorized.  I am definitely not complaining here.  I know what I want to see and I go for it.  These titles contain moments that I have probably seen hundreds of times.  I am so gaga over these replayed moments that I really wanted to share them in hopes many old fans out there would agree and also some new fans might discover these works for the same time.  I beg you to watch these moments I am describing even if you are only a little bit curious!   Perhaps this might not be a surprise to some, as I have written about these titles before.  I hope you understand that my passion for these titles inspired me to make this list.  I stand behind this list and I hope you enjoy this list and find something you love. I hope I can convince you that some of these are the greatest JAV's ever made.  This of course is up to date as of fall 2022.  Who knows what I will discover next? 

However, I doubt it will change my list this much as these titles will be my favorites for life.  The arrangement will be the only thing that changes.  That sounds like a fun challenge.  Of course, you have to account for the tiny almost insignificant (insert scientific percentage of probability) chance that I will find mind-blowing performances that will make me completely not care about and forget about every single one of these.  I believe this to be a highly unlikely scenario, my friends.  Every time I go through my collection, at least half of these is probably watched.  As a last disclaimer, this is completely outside the world of fetish JAV (inflatables link).  That would be unfair and no contest.  Thank you JAV and thank you all.

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Slamdunx 1 year ago
These are the lists I always enjoy the most: deeply personal ones where personal biases are just let loose without restraint. Thanks for the extremely entertaining read, and for some recommendations that might never have crossed my radar. For me personally, some of my "for-lifers" right off the top of my head are DV-1166 ("Yuma Asami learns English in bed" - the chemistry she has with the second actor almost makes the sex seem natural); any gokkun title with Tsubomi, quite frankly; DVAJ-0033 ("My Big Sister Lounges In Her Lingerie" with Tsukasa Aoi); IPTD-999 ("The Affair I'm having with my girlfriend's Sister Rio"); ABP-899 (Nagase Minamoto’s Finest Brush #28); and MIRD-136 ("Miku Ohashi ‘s Final Fan Thanksgiving Day – A Massive Orgy Tour With Fourteen Amateur Men").
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