The Risky Strip Show Endurance Game 2

Published July 10, 2023

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Three new faces with Riri Kouda also returning. Taking the theme of the first extra raunchy stripshow event and amplifying it in the best of ways!

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The Risky Strip Show Endurance Game 2
Timing and Translation by ZENRA

When we have sequels to JAV movies, the stakes are higher.  Will the new version be an improvement on the previous or simply the same theme rehashed with a different cast?  And if the latter, is that even a bad thing?  I mean the best example by far is the sadly defunct (for now...?) AOYAMA lesbian massage series.  One can very much argue with few exceptions none were any better than other updates.  Though there, the glory and longevity can be found through the therapist.  When you move towards more larger than life JAV productions, the ability to keep a sequel compelling becomes more difficult.

With RIRI KOUDA returning to host, we start off on firm footing in THE RISKY STRIP SHOW ENDURANCE GAME 2.  The same host, same set, and same everything really.  The only two differences are the new cast and this time younger men rather than the geezers from the first one.  I'll lay my cards out:  the casting this time is GLORIOUS.  While the previous had KYOKO MAKI showing how it was done, one of her costars was very miscast in a movie about strip dancing because she frankly could not dance.  That she was naked makes saying 'distractingly bad' not necessarily a bad thing, but I'm happy this time we get three very capable JAV stars who are all very easy on the eyes to boot.  From MIKUNI MAISAKI who should have been A-rank material given her curves and smile to die for, YUNI KATSURAGI who just nails the mysterious eros vibe like nobody's business, and the ultra curvy and approachable AKANE MIZUSAKI who looks like the kind of person who knows where all the great Turkish restaurants and belly dancing hot-spots are in Tokyo, you can't go wrong.  And of course, RIRI has ample screen-time as well in her trademark red outfit.

Visually, this movie delivers and I'm happy there was nonstop full nudity for almost all of it.  The 'sex appeal' parts where each woman engages less in dancing and more of intimately showing off her private parts was kind of funny given the scenario of trying to amass the most points to win a cash prize.  In fact, that may be my only big issue with this update:  points, points, points are drilled down from the get-go but we never find out who wins!  An 'everyone is a winner' outcome?  That all gentlemen finish with multiple creampies and titjob 'penalty games' (yea, if you can call that one!) beforehand certainly points us in that direction.

ROCKET shot one more of these unless my knowledge is off kilter.  Thus, if this does well, we will go back and license that last one hoping they shoot more in the future.  These big group JAV movies are becoming harder to shoot for various reasons which makes showing as many as possible part of our mission of delivering great JAV to all the fans outside of Japan.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 773

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+You don't need to be into strip shows to like this one!
+Really, really great eye candy casting.
+RIRI KOUDA continues to dominate.
+Very tiny mosaic.


-It feels like one more scene of some sort would have rounded things out.
-All this talk about points yet no winner announced.

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