Ramen Boss's Top 5 Natsuki Takeuchi 竹内夏希 Titles

Published : September 2nd, 2022 Written by RamenBoss


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Hello and welcome JAV fans!  I want to introduce Natsuki Takeuchi.  This is a face I am absolutely gaga over.  She reminds me of Mei Satsuki.  Natsuki also sometimes distantly resembles my ultimate favorite of all time, Yui Fujishima.  It's interesting how Natsuki has a tall slender build but also has the softest-looking legs and thighs (again similar to Yui).  I adore her soft facial features and I have noticed a pattern in what themes she stars in.  Story-based household dramas. 


5. VEC-468 When This Horny, Raging-Cock Husband Was Caught Committing Infidelity, His Wife's Best Friend Came Over To Lecture Him On His Wayward Ways

What a cute story!   Reason number ten million that I am kicking myself for not learning Japanese.  So apparently judging by the title and common sense, in the beginning, Natsuki is upset with the cheating husband of her best friend.  Is it really mean that I think Natsuki is obviously better looking than the wife actress?  Or is it JAV that is the mean one?   Or should I just sit back and appreciate that certain actresses take on roles that fit them?  Natsuki grabs his tie and looks at him in this adorable way.  She is pretending to be angry and it's cute overload.  It's almost as if she is holding back a smile the whole time.  You can see in her eyes that she is very entertained and loves this role.  The rest of the title is a lot of sneaking around action that seriously never ever gets old.  It's always going to be hot to me, especially when the extra woman is in the background acting oblivious to all the sex happening.  It's a unique title.  Again thank you jav for creating adult video for every possible scenario under the sun.


4. GVH-151 A Beautiful Teacher Group Fucked In The Home Of A Bad Student

Honestly, there doesn't seem to be much story.  Just enough.  I really appreciated the dark vibe here.  I don't think she smiled once the whole time.  I am not a group sex guy, but this release kept my full attention.  You should see her work three cocks at once.  Natsuki is just talented and the passion here shows.  Her acting is effortless.  I want to be clear that I am mostly referring to the great group sex.  Generally, the title has zero substance and is very boring.  However, I always make exceptions when I am gaga over a face. 


3.  KSBJ-110 Seduced By the Daughter-in-Law

Natsuki may be her thickest here and it's amazing.  I want to comment on the build-up in this release.  The teasing element is dripping throughout.  There is even a slow masturbation scene dedicated to the main character (the camera)!  One scene stood out to me particularly tops that no problem.  We get a POV spying view of Natsuki and the other male.  It's sneaky and comes in a variety of angles and styles.  Her hair is all curly and wearing a feminine number.  During the action, she looks out towards the door into the hallway at you for the sexiest moment ever.  Natsuki is always looking out towards the hall, but we need more of that POV view looking right at us.  After the couple stops, she gets dressed and walks out to give you a blowjob.  Natsuki looks fantastic in every scene.  The most unique aspect of this title may be that you are the camera.  The roleplay doesn't get better, does it?  Don't miss this one.


2.  GUN-851 If You Stretch Out Your Legs, You Can Synchronize With Me! I Could Never Make Love Again Without Doing So!

I cannot praise this enough.  To sum it up in one sentence, Natsuki always has her legs extended to create a kinky as hell performance that stands out even in the world of JAV.  However, it's so much more than that.  It's as if Natsuki invented her own kink here.  She acts like stretching her legs straight out and pointing her toes not only turn her on but give her strong orgasms.  She looks hot as hell doing whatever this is.  You'll see the Ahegao-style look as she crosses her eyes and looks up.  I have seen a lot of JAV, but this stands out in its own category.  I have never seen anything like it. Truly bizarre, just the way I love it.  Just one of these sample pictures here perfectly sum.


1.  MIAA-490 If You Don't Want Your Husband Fired Then Be Face Fucked By His Boss

My ultimate favorite Natsuki Takeuchi masterpiece.  This is how I fell in love with Natsuki.  I was browsing random JAV titles and I was immediately drawn to the cover due to her face.   There is a small picture of her deep throating a suction cup pink dildo on a glass table.  That is all it took to transform me into a superfan.  I have a fetish for watching beautiful women doing anything with plastic dildos.  It's so trashy and beautiful, I could watch it 24/7.  It never gets old. 

Now, combine this with my mouth fetish.  It's an intense experience watching this.  There is more to love here too.  It's a kinky role play about a humiliated wife.  She is pretending to go through all the throat fucking to let her husband keep his job.  You should see all the tears shed and spit spilled.  This title has some of the best face fucking I have ever seen.  Don't forget about all the bondage here either.  One of my weekly go-to's honestly (more on this later perhaps). 


Bonus:  JUL-772 That Guy Makes Me Down His Disgusting Semen Mornings, Afternoons, and Evenings. Semen-Drinking, Real Sperm x A Drama of Disgrace

I got myself extra excited by making assumptions when I read the title and saw the jacket photo.  Natsuki looks cute as ever and I had huge hopes.  I imagined a lot of semen, to be honest.  I wanted to see more action public settings.  For example, why couldn't she get multiple facials in multiple locations?  Not just on her face but on her clothes as she walks around shamelessly?  I also wanted to see her get the guy's seed in her food or drink to consume in front of her husband actor without him knowing!  I completely understand this was a household roleplay, so of course, it was around the house.  However, I think they could have surprised me with some creativity.  It's JAV, hell it could have been anything! 

Not only was I disappointed in the locations, but even the amount, in general, was low.  The quality was present and of course, story-based AV is a favorite.  Having that said, this was a huge disappointment.  Only two moments stood out to me and it wasn't even sex.  Around the middle of the title, Natsuki is deep in thought as she puts cream in her coffee.  She does this again at the end of the feature as if she is fondly reminiscing about all her past actions.  It's a nice touch and kinky too.  I appreciate little moments like this, but why isn't there more?  I would absolutely love dozens more little details like that. 




I hope you all enjoyed this top list. Whether or not you were aware of Natsuki before reading this or not, hopefully I've piqued your interest in a title or two. This actress is easy on the eyes as they say and not to miss in my personal opinion. Do you have a favorite Natsuki movie? Let me know. We're all in this together, after all. I'd love to see some serious bondage or lesbian titles from her. Well, once again, thank you JAV, and thank you all for reading.

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