Foolish Japanese Wife Arisa

Published August 29, 2018

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Cheating is a two-way street for married young mother Arisa in this infidelity JAV release by GUTS.

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Foolish Japanese Wife Arisa
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Perhaps it's just my social circle or what I read in the news, but while cheating in Japan is certainly a 'bad' thing, it doesn't seem to carry the same amount of social stigma that it does in the west.  Just a few years ago, a court here ruled that adultery doesn't even count if the husband (or wife) sought the services of a sex worker as it was a financial no strings transaction.  This ruling would probably make many with more left-leaning tendencies furious and it definitely seems to make those on the fence about seeing someone on the side a bit more adventurous in their choices. However, modern day Japan is a maelstrom of clashing cultures.  Most likely as the country becomes more and more globalized, this mindset may diminish...somewhat.

I hear that many a Japanese wife may not be totally fine with their husbands having sexual relations with other people, but operate more on a "don't ask don't tell" policy.  Again, it's far from a perfect system, but with many a marriage apparently done more for convenience than actual love, these flings--be it full-on mistresses or biweekly brothel visits will happen.

The tables do turn though.  Sometimes the husbands may be honorable and its the wives that do the unthinkable.  More often it's both and provided both parties keep it secret, is there really any harm?  ARISA, the star of today's unfaithful wives update by GUTS is of this mold.  Her husband actually seems to have some connection to the JAV industry:  The actor/director in this release mentions that he's an acquaintance.  Whether he's aware that somehow his wife also is secretly shooting JAV is anyone's guess, but ARISA does put on a great show.

If you love married Japanese women with saggy breasts, stretch marks, and the ability to lactate not to mention gush liquid love juice like the best of 'em, you can't go wrong with ARISA.  Do note that "saggy breasts and stretch marks" are not meant to be a negative in describing ARISA's rockin' early-thirties young mother body.  Many fans of JAV prefer 'real women' and ARISA delivers on this and then some.  She definitely has given birth and has the markings to prove it!

The format of FOOLISH WIFE pretty much follows other 'ClassicJAV' unfaithful wife titles.  This one starring the curvier KEI IWASAKI is almost identical.  This author prefers women paler, thicker, and less gyaru-y and thus admittedly prefers KEI's unfaithful encounter more, but big saggy tits lovers may be more comfortable with ARISA.

FOOLISH WIFE is far from a new title.  As we mention in other reviews for our Wednesday updates, we sometimes reach into our ever-expanding JAV time capsule and pull out something unique.  This is a nice self-shot movie with very thin mosaic about catching infidelity in the act.  It's raw and to the point.  The sex is passionate and condom-less!  Risks were taken and hopefully they paid off.  Hopefully ARISA had her thrills and is now in her mid-forties and a bit more grounded.  Hopefully she still is married to the same guy.

Hopefully they're both now totally committed to each other, but perhaps that may be asking too much.

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