Panking's Top 10 Pet Peeves in JAV

Published : May 17th, 2021 Written by Panking

We all have those things in JAV that can really grind our gears. Sometimes they can be minor and other times large enough to cause you to stop watching completely. Maybe it's sloppy kissing, bad lighting, rimjobs, certain types of plots, or something else entirely. We all love JAV but somethings can just gets on your nerves. Now for this list, I will be going in order of least to most egregious. Starting out rather harmless to the absolute worst aspect that I just can't stand. Without further ado, let's begin!

10.Sucking or tittyfucking a dildo/Fake dicks

You've all seen this before in JAV. A whole scene dedicated to the actress sucking on a dildo or giving it a tittyfuck. I find this to be absolutely unsatisfying and a complete waste of time to be honest. I just don't see the appeal of an actress sucking on a piece of silicone for 20 minutes. It comes across as filler with the only purpose to just pad the film's runtime out. Whenever I come across one of these scenes in a film I always just skip right past it. It's just not enjoyable in any way. Just cut the scene out and give me an actual blowjob or paizuri scene instead. This can also apply to films with fake dicks where they purposely try to deceive viewers into they're real. Get that crap outta here.

9. Rimjobs

Rimjobs are absolutely not my cup of tea at all. They don't turn me on whatsoever and are pretty gross to watch. Whenever a rimjob is happening onscreen I usually just hit the fast-forward button as soon as possible. I just don't see the appeal of seeing an actress eat a guy's asshole out while jerking him off. Experiencing it may be a different story but watching it is just a no-go for me. The sounds the actress makes during a rimjob are pretty off-putting too. Sometimes a studio will make a rimjob focused film which can easily be avoided but a lot of times they'll sneak in a rimjob scene right in the middle of a film or even just during a standard scene catching you off guard. It's not the worst thing in the world but still not something I enjoy watching.

8. Anal

I'm just gonna come out and say it. Anal in JAV has never been good. Now I don't mind anal in western porn. It can be pretty good when handled right. But when anal comes into play in JAV, it's always a letdown. Before anyone says it, pegging is not a factor in this. I'm strictly talking about actresses performing anal and getting in the ass. I've seen plenty of anal in JAV and only once or twice have I ever been impressed. The actress generally never seems to enjoy it at all and always appears to be on the verge of tears. This is especially noticeable in anal debut films. Plus a lot of the times anal play seems to be used in dark plotlines with forceful sex. The censorship isn't helping things either so if an actress gets DP'd, you can barely see anything beyond a mess of pixels. I've seen folks online clamor for an actress to do anal but in my mind, the novelty rarely pays off. 

7. Excessive toy use

These scenes can sometimes be downright insufferable. Now I'm not completely against the idea of using toys in a scene. If a vibrator gets busted out every now and then I'm perfectly fine with that. My issue is with scenes that are dedicated JUST to toy use. This can be either the actress alone using a vibrator on herself or, even worse in my opinion, have a group of guys use a wide array of toys on her. You know the scenes I'm talking about where the actress will be in the middle of a bunch of guys and each one has a wand vibrator. In some cases, it's those little mini egg vibrators. It's all usually capped off with some ridiculous over-the-top acting.  Sometimes these scenes have the audacity to go for nearly half an hour too which is just insane. It's a complete waste of time and almost always an automatic skip from me.

6. Weak cumshots

Nothing can really end a scene in a whimper like a lackluster cumshot. Whereas a sizable cumshot can really cap off a scene in a satisfying way. It's the cherry on top so to speak. But when the guy goes to cum and he only ekes out a few drops it's incredibly disappointing. You can have an amazing scene with great action and everything else but if the cumshot is underwhelming it really brings the scene down in my opinion. Not enough to ruin it per se but still a downer. I find this negative applies the most to paizuri scenes. It's so disappointing when the guy is getting his dick milked by a nice pair of tits and only shoots one shot of cum, if that. Even worse is when the guy just cums inside a condom. It's just so anti-climatic. And I understand that the actor may have had to shoot multiple scenes that day so his "tank" is running on empty but it's still a pet peeve of mine all the same.

5. Large group sex scenes

Sometimes less is more. Now let me just that I am okay with scenes featuring one actress and multiple actors or harem-type scenes for example. However, when it gets dialed up to say 2 or more pairs of actors/actresses the action tends to get way too messy. It’s often too hard to focus on what’s happening due to all the chaos. You’ll often be enjoying one actress and then five seconds later the camera pans to another actress. This leads to some rather jarring camerawork. Not to mention the noise level is often not too pleasant with all the typical whining except magnified 3 times over.

4. Soapland

Anyone that frequently reads my blog posts is probably aware of how much I typically loathe the soapland genre. While there are a very select few films that I can appreciate, most of the time they nearly bore me to death. My main issue with it is that the films end up with a severely bloated runtime that is just incredibly dragged out due to all the usual soapland fluff. Such as spending half the scene with just the actress rubbing her naked body all over the guy. I'm sure it would be great to experience but watching it is utterly dull and monotonous. In addition, the scenery and settings for these scenes are almost always the exact same and are quite bland. If you're someone that has been to a soapland before then I'm sure you can appreciate the genre more but as someone who has zero experience with it, it does absolutely nothing for me.

3. Lack of proper interaction in threesome scenes or duo videos

This factor can really ruin any potential a film has. When the film has two actresses on the cover together it’s only natural to assume they must interact to some degree right? And don't get me wrong. I'm not expecting MIRD-150 levels of interaction every time as that's just ridiculous. But when the pair in the video don't interact AT ALL and seem to never acknowledge one another, it's such a disappointment. Especially worse when the pair is only on screen together for literally one or two scenes, and then one of those is a mundane handjob scene. Seeing the pair together in a scene can still make for some nice eye candy but that can only go so far.

2. Sloppy kissing/Licking

I absolutely can't stand this. Now don't get me wrong, I can tolerate some normal kissing for sure. But when he is actively trying to suck the girl's tongue out or her mouth or is slobbering all over her body like a puppy it's downright repulsive.  It’s especially worse when they lick their armpits and other unusual places. Not to mention the over-the-top noises they make are just the worst. I've seen this trope be pretty prevalent in old man videos which is even worse. Nothing like watching an actress lick an old man's bald head am I right? And don't even get me started when the actress will feed the old man like a baby bird. Anyway, this is just not my cup of tea at all. If you enjoy it more power to you but it's just gross to me.

1. Static camerawork

By far my biggest pet peeve without a doubt. For those unaware, static camerawork refers to a shot in a film that is devoid of camera movement. The camera does not move or pan in any way. Now I understand the benefit and intent of using it for some scenes as it can convey a sense of voyeurism. However, many films that use it do not feature any sort of plot that has anything to gain from it. And even if they do, I still can't stand it. I just can't see the satisfaction of watching the scene from a camera in the corner of the ceiling or sitting on a table 10 feet away.  Especially if the two get into a position that just completely obstructs the view. Dynamic camerawork will always be the best in porn imo. I get the intent of static camerawork but it's just flatout not enjoyable at all.



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Henny 3 years ago
Let's not forget all the fake annoying squealing like a pig or crying sounds like some little girl, all the terrible jackhammer-style fucking from the men, and what the hell is with Japanese porn and all the male nipple sucking? The primary audience of JAV is largely male. No male at large wants to see women sucking on men's nipples.Japan's the only place where PORN can still look like a bunch of virgins at work.And I would add "squirting" as another peeve, but that's annoying across ALL porn regions. 99% of the time, it's just some woman wetting herself. It's a dead giveaway of a fake orgasm and just bad sex overall.
0 0
SwissKing27 3 years ago
I agree with pretty much everything here. One I would like to add is having scenes with elderly men. Like in their 60's and 70's from the looks of it. It's just strange
1 0
Panking 3 years ago

Ye, I'm not really a fan of that either. Especially when the actresses feeds the old men "baby bird" style. Super gross.

0 0
Sam 3 years ago
Great report. Some of the things that annoy you are exactly the things I like.I guess we are all different!Two things that annoy me are 1. over-pixelation - it tends to get in the way of the movie, and 2. when the girls over exaggerate the "cute/kawaii" voice.Thanks for yr newsletter.
1 0
jackfromdownunder 3 years ago
Good one - not a big fan of the anal or rim job arena either.Another thing about the camera shots is they tend to focus solely on the act when they can take in her spectacular body as well as the act at the same time.
0 0
mlplayerpro90 3 years ago
one thing, that squeeky moaning, no matter beautiful or hot the stars are, its making major turn off for me.
0 0
ZENRA 3 years ago

You would like Nao Jinguji. I think her pleasure voices are incredibly realistic.

0 0
Sherlock 3 years ago
Completely agree with all items plus the first comment, except for soapland. For number 10, I think they use dildos for blowjobs to show the lip and tongue action without the mosaic, which works for me if they match the color of the dildo with the actor's skin tone (I need some modicum of realism). I will add seemingly endless boob molestation (so-called "boob play") to this list.
0 0
ZENRA 3 years ago

I've never heard of fake dicks being used here. If they're going to censor it, it usually is the real deal.

1 0
MIRD-150 is one of the better productions for girl on girl action in a boy-girl film, and the sad thing is it's still weak as fuck compared to non-JAV porn (with girl on girl action in boy-girl films). One of the biggest travesties of JAV I never understood, not sure if it's cultural thing that they prefer passive eye candy rather than active participants.
0 0
ZENRA 3 years ago

There's some good FFM JAV out there. I'm talking with real solid lesbian play. Sadly, the bigger name actresses don't seem to do it well.

0 0
Mangochin 3 years ago

Nobody ever needed the big name actresses :)

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learned helplessness 3 years ago
You have any recommended film codes to back up that premise? I unfortunately can't believe it till I see it.
0 0
Jab hum 3 years ago
Fake cum. It just turns me off no matter how good the rest of the video is
2 0
short hair lover 3 years ago
My personal biggest one is not getting rid of the bra fast enough/at all. Like i understand leaving some clothing on but mosaic already obscures genitals, might as well show the breasts in their fullest glory rather than constantly pulling it around because it slides back up.Anal in JAV is generally not as good i agree. No "casual" anal sex (for lack of a better term) mostly dp closeups, and generally shorter action than western porn. Hell, one of my favorite positions when it comes to anal is full nelson which i don't remember seeing at all in JAV.For dildo BJ's, i always thought they put them in to show how it would look without the mosaic lol.
1 0
ZENRA 3 years ago

It's very hard to have both 'casual anal sex' and 'full nelson' in the same scene. :)

But I agree, it seems like when it comes to anal sex in JAV, it's always an "event".

0 0
Henny 3 years ago
Um, there's a WHOLE lot, honestly:- The stupid censorship nonsense. It's PORN, for Christ's sake! Who are you protecting--the legal adults buying and watching it?- The women always squealing and whining like scared pigs or crying little girls. It's not sexy. Japanese men are weird for thinking it is. NOBODY in life squeals during real sex.- The gross male nipple sucking thing. Japan is the only porn in the world where you see this dumb trend. Heterosexual males are their primary audience, so why on Earth do they think most of us care to see women sucking on some ugly fat hairy guy's nipples? Just, eww!- The whole men-fucking-like-jackhammers thing. It just LOOKS like a guy who has no idea what he's doing in bed. Fucking like a literal rabbit, ramming at 1000BPM, is so dorky.- The whole "instant orgasm" thing that's not exclusive to Japanese porn, but it most common there. If a woman's moaning, cooing, squirming, and carrying on after just a minute or two of barely touching her, then she's being outputtingly fake about it. Even the easier women in life don't react THAT fast. It's not sexy--it's distracting.- The whole pink nipples thing. Japanese people, by and large, have brown nipples. That's just how melanin works for most people on the planet. Why the fuck are you bleaching nipples to look artificially pink? You're not white--and, frankly, even most white people have brown nipples. Nobody needs to see fake white people in porn. You're already the niche: Japanese. Folks want to see Japanese women as Japanese women. Not Asian women with pinkened nipples and awkward blonde hair.I like a lot of Japanese porn concepts (bukkake news is the quirkiest stuff around). But, God, does Japan need to grow the fuck up about their porn. I mean, Japan's the only porn in the world where people often look like virgins WHILE fucking each other. They have the most virgin-y porn i the world!
1 0
ZENRA 3 years ago

JAV is censored because that's what needs to be done to sell within the country. These studios are run by people as perverted as anyone else, but they also don't want to go to jail. They add pixels because they have to. Plain and simple.

I do agree that male nipple stimulation is weird and I'll never truly understand it. Your comments on pink nipples though are weird. I'm sorry, but not all Asian women have brown nipples. I really doubt there's any nipple bleaching going on.

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