Pan Takes September 2023 - Vol 1

Published : October 2nd, 2023 Written by Panking

Fall season is upon us and with it we've got a cornucopia of exciting new videos. We got some real interesting ones in this post. Some examples include Momona Koibuchi x Samoari(oh boy...), another new release from the recent busty E-Body debut, Yuki Nitta, and a harem style release featuring the likes of Alice, Mizuki, Misono, and Yumi Shion. As always, I'll review each one and cap it off with a final score at the end. Now without further ado, let's begin!


Big Tits Beauty Experiences Trial Employment At Sex Shops! Infiltration Documentary Into Sex Shops, Delivery Health, Private Oppai Pubs, And SM Clubs

Starring Momona Koibuchi

That's a pretty lovely cover I must say. Unfortunately, it's directed by the one and only, Samoari. But it's not all bad at least. The plot is rather interesting I'll admit as it tasks Momona with going undercover as a sex worker and giving some lucky customers the surprise of a lifetime. Of course, it's staged but the setup is still nice and it allows for Momona to generally take the lead in every scene. First off we gotta talk about the production values which is where Samoari rears his ugly head. The camerawork here at times is downright comical. Momona is stripping down? Let's shoot from 15 feet away! Also, be sure to get some terrible behind-the-balls shots where you can't see a damn thing. It's not all bad I'll admit as there are some solid angles for sure. But so many shots here are downright puzzling and will leave you feeling very frustrated at the missed potential. Now to his credit, most of the lighting here is quite good.

It goes for a more softer and intimate approach which perfectly suits the theme of the film and highlights Momona in stunning fashion. Her wardrobe is rather limited but physically she looks amazing. Speaking of Momona herself, her performance is also another big positive here. If nothing else I'll give Samoari credit for always getting a good performance out of his actresses. She's very energetic and bubbly here as she lights up the room every time. And the action is generally good too with three sex scenes and a solid paizuri scene. All the scenes are enjoyable however I have to point out the ridiculous pacing. The film is a staggering 3 hrs and 20 mins. It's so bloated. No actual sex happens until the 1 hr and 50 min mark for crying out loud Sometimes less is more and this one really should've been edited down. STARS-906 is such a mixed bag overall. The plot, action, acting, and lighting are good but the horrible pacing bog it down and the shoddy camerawork leaves something to be desired.

Overall Rating - 7.8/10


A Summer Memory Of Being Taught Everything About Squirting Sex By My Bro's Casual Sex Gal On My Birthday

Starring Alice Otsu

One look at that cover and I was immediately interested. The film was pretty enjoyable overall but not without a few flaws. Now the plot here revolves around a guy setting up his lil' bro with his friends with his benefits(Alice) as a birthday present. We then see the pair taking turns with her throughout the rest of the film with a heightened focus on squirting, no surprise there. This leads me to the action which is pretty great for the most part if not a tad repetitive. It consists of three sex scenes and a masturbation squirting type scene. The position variety is fairly strong, it's intense and there's tons of squirting making for some wet and wild entertainment. However, all the sex scenes feel quite samey without providing much uniqueness between them.

They all feature roughly the same setup resulting in them kind of blending together. Now as far as Alice's performance goes, you know what to expect. She's very active as always and is super engaging while also gushing like a broken fire hydrant. She does a fine job of instructing the lil' bro at first and plays her role fairly well. Of course, with this being a Moodyz production all the technical aspects are solid. There's a nice variety to the lighting which does help alleviate some of that repetition feeling I mentioned earlier. Alice's hair/makeup is on point too and I really liked the red lingerie piece she wears in the 2nd sex scene. All in all, MIAA-956 makes for a very fun watch courtesy of Alice's energetic performance, copious amount of squirting, and a decent plot.

Overall Rating - 8.6/10


Serving With Her Butt! Big-Ass Twin Maids!

Starring Monami Onizuka & Nene Tanaka

I'm honestly not a huge fan of maid themes but I'm willing to watch nearly anything with Nene Tanake in it so I gave it a shot. But the final result was pretty middling. The plot is very straightforward as it casts the two actresses here as a pair of maids who love to dominate their masochistic master. Although it's nothing too hardcore. It mostly leads to a lot of facesitting which isn't surprising given the cover. Depsite my apathy towards maid themes, I did appreciate the femdom-esque aspect at least. Now let me say this right away, I didn't care for Monami whatsoever. I gave her a chance but she didn't appeal to me in anyway which greatly dampened my enjoyment. Replace her with someone else and I would've had a much better time.

The middling action doesn't help too much either. It's not all bad consisting of three sex scenes and a handjob scene. There are some nice moments here and there but overall, it's pretty mediocre. Many of the cumshots are fake, the handjob scene is pretty forgettable, and 2/3 sex scenes only use cowgirl. I love cowgirl but some more variety would've been nice. The production values are also kinda lacking in some regards, mainly the lighting. A few scenes are too bright and don't effectively accentuate their bodies at all. Not to mention there's heavy use of fisheye here to mixed results. Some shots look fine but others when combined with the bright lighting, aren't too hot. MIAA-955 boasts some decent enjoyment but it's few and far between. It's pretty lackluster all around.

Overall Rating - 7.2/10


A Titty Fucker With Big I-Cup Breasts

Starring Nina Nishimura

I think it's pretty easy to guess what this film is about given the cover. This video is all about her huge tits, what a surprise right? The film really doesn't have a plot to speak of as the only real slight focus is on tittyfucking. That's about it as there are no sort of scenarios for any of the scenes, it's all very vanilla for the most part. Not that it's an inherent problem but a little plot sprinkled in would've been appreciated. Now one thing that really irked me about this film is the lighting. It's not all bad mind you but most of the scenes feature really bright and harsh lighting that doesn't really do her body any favors. Should've gone with a more softer approach but that's just me. The other technical aspects are generally fine with decent camerawork although there are a few ill-framed shots occasionally.

The other technical aspects are generally fine with decent camerawork although there are a few ill-framed shots occasionally. Her wardrobe is very especially in the last scene where she sports a full-body fishnet lingerie piece. I also think her performance is quite good here. She's not perfect but she takes control in a dominant fashion which is nice and her facial expressions are mostly on point but at times she does falter a bit. And finally, we have the action which is a mixed bag consisting of two sex scenes, a handjob scene, a paizuri scene, and a lame masturbation that caps the film off with a whimper. Another issue is that the first sex scene only uses cowgirl which is disappointing but the last scene is pretty enjoyable at least. Overall, the result is a somewhat frustrating film. There's plenty of potential here with some juicy eyecandy, nice outfits, and solid dominant acting from Nina. But the mediocre lighting, bloated pacing, and middling action hold it back.

Overall Rating - 7.6/10


My Girlfriend's Older Sister Seduces Me With Big Tits And Creampies

Starring Sora Amakawa

Sora Amakawa starring in one of my favorite series definitely had me interested. Unfortunately, the results are a mixed bag. The plot is very much what you expect with Sora stealing away her sister's boyfriend by flashing her so-called "big" tits and promising him creampie sex. It features all the usual bells and whistles with the two sneakily having sex while avoiding detection from the girlfriend. There's some nice risk involved as always but one thing that really bothers me is that Sora is not busty enough for this series at all. It's very apparent when she attempts paizuri. Which leads me to the action. It consists of two sex scenes, two paizuri scenes, and a handjob scene. Several of the scenes do feature an element of risk greatly heightening the excitement factor.

But my problem is with the two tittyfuck scenes as they're a complete joke honestly. She's not well equipped for it at all and it's just not enjoyable. Another aspect that left me feeling rather mixed was her acting. I found her facial expressions to be lacking at times. I just didn't feel a strong connection with her here. She's definitely not terrible and still does an "okay" job but not up to par with some of the greats sadly. The production values at least are generally solid with some nice outfits for Sora, good camerawork, and balanced pacing. Although the lighting is a little off at times such as during one of the paizuri scenes where it's a little too bright for my liking. Overall it's still a decent watch but Sora just isn't a good fit for this series and it shows.

Overall Rating - 7.6/10


I Want to Do Whatever I Want with the Overwhelmingly Presence L-Cup Clothed Busty

Yuki Nitta

I decided to give the recent E-Body debut, Yuki Nitta, another chance after being pretty disappointed by her first video. This particular theme really caught my eye so I wanted to try it out. The plot revolves around Yuki in various scenarios where men fantasize about having sex with her after catching a glimpse of her huge tits though her clothes. Some examples include her working out in a gym and going out to a bar. It's a great setup and one that I really enjoy. However, it's nearly the exact same as a similar series from S1, in particular the entry starring Nagi Hikaru. All the locations and scenarios are identical to a T. Anyway, with this particular theme you just wanna see some busty eyecandy and you do get plenty of that here.

She sports a nice range of different outfits that subtly showcase her plump chest. If you like clothed sex, then this is definitely for you. The action for the most part is pretty great consisting of three sex scenes and a handjob/paizuri scene. That scene though is super frustrating as she spends most of it tittyfucking the guy only to finish him off with a lame handjob. It completely ruins it. I gotta mention her performance as well which is very underwhelming due to her lack of proper engagement and general enthusiasm. Plus her facial expressions are quite weak. Overall I wanna like her more but her lackluster acting combined with a "meh" figure makes it very difficult. I'm sorry but all she really has is her big tits. Not much else beyond that sadly. Still some decent moments here though at least.

Overall Rating - 7.7/10


The Workplace (esthetic salon) Full Of Busty Estheticians, And I’m The Only Man! With A Shoulder Massage, Which Is Also A Concern For Busty Girls, I Boldly Touch My Senior Colleagues!

Starring Alice Otsu, Misono Mizuhara, Mizuki Yayoi, and Yumi Shion

This film was on my radar when it initially was revealed for good reason, just look at that stacked cast. So naturally I was greatly anticipating this one and overall, it was just okay. The plot follows a man who is beginning work at a massage parlor and is being trained by the four lovely ladies here as he's given some "hands-on" lessons. It's a fine setup but my one big hangup lies with the actor. I'm really not a fan of the actor here, who I nickname "goober". He can't act at all and always has the goofiest facial expressions. And him being the only male star really hampers my personal enjoyment. It also means many fake cumshots too. Also, some of the massage play really drags things out and bloats the runtime. And it's a real bummer that we don't get an Alice + Mizuki pairing for a scene. These two are like peanut butter and jelly.

C'mon Oppai! But on a more positive note, the action is generally solid consisting of three sex scenes and a paizuri scene. The paizuri scene is kind of a waste thanks to the fake cumshot but the sex scenes are good with the last one being the main highlight as it stars the entire cast. Performance wise I don't have too many complaints. Both Alice and Mizuki nail it of course and Misono does a fine job for the most part. Yumi can be a tad underwhelming though. Lastly, the production values are all pretty decent. The lighting fits the theme quite well and their wardrobe is on point too. The end result is a mixed bag. I loathe the main actor here and the execution of the plot and pairings could've been better. But the action and production values help make it worth a watch in the long run. Just temper your expectations.

Overall Rating - 8/10


Busty Active Daycare Worker Debut

Starring Rin Hasumi

We got a fresh new busty debut on our hands with this entry who goes by the name of Rin Hasumi. She caught my eye for obvious reasons and I was curious to see how she'd fare. Honestly, she's not half bad. She's marketed as a supposed daycare worker but who knows how much truth there is to that really. It doesn't matter much anyway as it's just a typical debut film with everything you've come to expect. There's a brief interview at the start before she strips down and the action kicks off. Speaking of, there are three sex scenes here with one being a threesome and a blowjob/paizuri scene. Overall the action here was pretty enjoyable. All the cumshots are real which is always appreciated and there's not too much fluff weighing everything down which can be a common issue with debut films.

Now there is some toy use/masturbation play at the start of the last scene but it's not too egregious. By far the best scene though is the 2nd where she's covered in body oil and we're treated to several nice shots of both her titties and ass. Plus, the lighting is top-notch in that scene. The rest of the production values are solid but nothing truly mind-blowing and I can't say much about her acting since it's her first time. But at least she seems pretty bubbly. Now physically I think she's great. Her body has a nice shape to it, her boobs are terrific of course, and her ass is surprisingly very nice. And I think she's reasonably cute too. All in all, I'm definitely down to watch more of her. I'll keep my eye on her and hopefully she'll grown into one of next great busty actresses.

Overall Rating - 8.3/10

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