Pan Takes - October 2023 Vol 2

Published : November 13th, 2023 Written by Panking


Super Big Ass Exposure

Starring Maria Nagai

After a little drought of new releases from Maria Nagai, we were blessed with two in one month. Much like the one I reviewed in my previous Pan Takes entry, this one is pretty devoid of plot. The only real theme here is on some light outdoors sex where she gets fucked in a secluded park area. But then that's it as the film shifts location to indoors. So there really isn't much here as it's a simple and straightforward sex-focused film. Naturally, let's talk about the action first. The first scene is a toying/masturbation scene taking place in a car that ends with a guy cumming on her ass. Then we get a blowjob scene, two sex scenes, and a lousy outercourse scene. I will say the two sex scenes are solid but everything else is a letdown. The biggest issue is just how utterly bloated the film is.

It's three hours and 21 minutes long and it moves at a glacial pace. There are lots of dull moments here devoted to some foreplay and massager use that drag everything down. Now we move on to the production values which feel quite cheap all around. Maria's wardrobe is decent at least and the camerawork is fine but the lighting is lackluster and the settings are bland. And performance-wise, there really isn't much to say. Her acting isn't that noteworthy as her enthusiasm feels pretty tempered and she doesn't really engage all that well. She's not terrible but I can't say I was impressed by anything either. SUN-099 is a pretty uninspired release weighed down by terrible pacing and underwhelming technical aspects. Maybe check it out if you're a diehard fan but even then it's nothing special.

Overall Rating - 7/10


Instant Sex Anytime, Anywhere In Seconds! A Small Devil Maid With Big Breasts And Extreme Service

Starring Karen Yuzuriha

I was greatly anticipating this new Karen release after watching the trailer and I'm happy to report that it delivers. Here we see Karen playing a busty hostess at a popular maid cafe who offers up instant sex to all her customers. It's a fun and unique setup that jumps straight into the action by cutting out most of the foreplay. And it's one that suits her more spunky and inviting personality which leads me to her performance. She does a fine job overall while taking a pounding like a champ, especially in the final scene. Her facial expressions can be a little hit-or-miss though at times. But for the most part, I can't complain. Next up we have the action which definitely doesn't disappoint.

It features three sex scenes with one being a threesome and a paizuri scene. The cumshots are nice(despite a few fake creampies), it's fairly intense and makes use of a healthy range of positions and angles which is further boosted by the lovely camerawork. We're treated to some great POV shots and it's all generally handled quite well. The lighting too is excellent as it's not overly saturated and helps to accentuate her bust in terrific fashion. I will say it's a bit underwhelming that two scenes use the exact same setting back to back and on a more personal note, I'm not a huge fan of maid outfits too much and that's all there is here. But despite that, I still had an amazing time with this one. It's an easy recommendation for Karen Yuzu fans especially those into maid outfits.

Overall Rating - 8.8/10


Caught Cheating on My Busty Girlfriend… I Was Made to Creampie

Starring Nene Tanaka & Yuria Yoshine

Talk about one hell of a meaty combo meal. It should go without saying that I'm a huge of these two so pairing them together sounds like a slam dunk. Thankfully it proves to be a mostly enjoyable experience. Now I'm not entirely certain about the setup but I believe it centers around a guy getting busted cheating on his girlfriend, Nene. So naturally this results in the duo fucking him silly inside a love hotel room. I honestly didn't care much for this plot as it feels like an afterthought and is mainly just a way to get the two together. It's hardly an integral part of the film. But thankfully the action helps to make up for that consisting of three sex scenes and an admittedly underwhelming paizuri scene. I say that because it drags on for WAY too long and ends with a pitiful fake cumshot.

But all the sex scenes are quite good with each actress getting an equal amount of screen time in each with a nice rotation between them. All the fake creampies get old after a while though. And overall I can't help but think the pacing is a tad bloated coming in at over 3 hours. It easily could've been condensed down. Back on the positive side, the lighting here is generally on point going for a softer approach which highlights their curves very nicely. And physically the two of them look amazing. Now it should go without saying that you shouldn't expect much interaction between them here sadly. I will say that they share good chemistry together at least and both deliver solid performances. All in all, a fun watch sure to please any fans of these two juicy actresses.

Overall Rating - 8.3/10


Dominate And Ride with Deca Ass: Turned My Remarried Stepdaughter Into An Automatic Creampie Sex Toy

Starring Jun Suehiro

This film is a slightly frustrating watch for reasons that I'll get into but when Jun Suehiro's ass is one of the main highlights, I gotta check it out. The plot here centers around a married man who becomes infatuated by his stepdaughter, Jun, and can't help himself. He ends up fondling her which eventually leads to full-on sex. It's a fine enough setup and Jun does a good job of playing the part. But one of the reasons I found this film frustrating is due to who the main actor is, Taku. I loathe him which makes this a more difficult watch than I'd like. He's not unbearable here but still makes some stupid faces and goes a little overboard with the kissing and licking. I should also point out that there is a lot of fluids being exchanged here whether it's saliva or "squirt".

You can definitely expect the scenes to get a tad messy. Speaking of which, the action here is a tad underwhelming. It mainly consists of two sex scenes and three blowjob scenes. Both sex scenes are fantastic at least with a heightened focus on squirting. However, the middle of the film with three BJ scenes back to back is quite dull. It is especially worse with all the attention to foreplay and stimulation that gets old after a while. On a more positive note, her performance is great. Her exaggerated facial expressions fit the theme quite well and she boasts nice enthusiasm throughout. And the lighting is particularly great along with some excellent camerawork. I still had a decent time here but I really wanted to like it more. But Taku and the lackluster middle section dragged it down.

Overall Rating - 7.7/10


Rubbing Buttocks Until The Penis Becomes Erect, Then Changing Gears! A Devious Esthetician Continuous Creampie

Starring Mizuki Yayoi

This particular film doesn't exactly reinvent the wheel with its setup but if it ain't broke, don't fix it. It's a simple premise that casts Mizuki as a slutty masseuse who gives her clients a little more than just a regular happy ending. This of course mostly revolves around her ass as she rides and milks them for several loads at a time. I'm usually not that keen on massage themes as they can get too weighed down with foreplay and massaging but this one isn't super obnoxious about it at least as all the ass focus helps to keep things engaging. Plus, the production values help a lot too. Every scene here is well-lit alongside featuring a different setting each time ensuring it doesn't fall into the same pitfall as many other massage theme films. The camerawork is great too even giving us a POV-centric scene. The positives don't end there as her performance is also a major highlight.

Her facial expressions are very lewd and inviting on top of boasting solid enthusiasm all the way through. She absolutely nails it here and overall does a wonderful job at playing her role. And last but not least we have the action. Honestly, every scene here is enjoyable. We're treated to three sex scenes, a blowjob scene, and a handjob scene. There are really no weak scenes to be had as even the two non sex scenes are terrific thanks to her top-notch acting. And the sex scenes are brilliant with lots of doggystyle and cowgirl to show off her impeccable booty. I especially love the 2nd sex scene where she's soaped up with suds covering her ass. That combined with her ass jiggle makes for a mesmerizing sight. All these things combined to make for yet another banger from Mizuki and this is from someone that typically doesn't care for this theme. It's well executed in every way with very little flaws.

Overall Rating - 9.4/10


The Power Of Heavyweight Breasts. Mei Washio x A Combination Of High And Low-Speed Penis Teasing. The Most Orgasmic


Starring Mei Washio

If it isn't my old friend Samaori. Perhaps this time will be different? Regarding the plot, there really isn't much here as is often the case with his films. Instead, the film mainly centers around teasing and tittyfucking. It's pretty simple and straightforward all around. Now let's get into the meat of the video. First off we have the action which isn't too bad all things considered. It features two sex scenes and two paizuri scenes overall. There is the expected nipple play here which isn't a major focus. And there are some nice cumshots here on top of boasting a nice position variety. But the pacing can be a little slow, especially in the first sex scene which takes way too long to get started. Now one of the more consistent positives about Samoari films rings true here and that's with the actresses's performance.

Mei still doesn't quite hit the highs of previous performances from other actresses in Samaori films, but she displays some nice cheerful facial expressions and decent enthusiasm. But ultimately, the production values still leave something to be desired. This mainly applies to the camerawork. It is extremely hit-or-miss here. Some shots aren't bad such as when he has the actress looking directly into the camera while getting fucked. But then others will have you wondering what the fuck he's thinking. Some angles here are truly godawful. But I do think the lighting is generally fine and once again I like Samoari's wardrobe choice for her as there are a few nice outfits here. SSIS-912 isn't that bad for a Samaori film I'll admit. If you're a big fan of hers or heavily enjoy tittyfucking, I think it's worth a look. As long as you can get past some wonky camerawork.

Overall Rating - 8/10


Temptation With Irresistibly Plump And Sensual Clinging H-Cup Breasts

Starring Konan Koyoi

This is by far one of my favorite themes from S1 so naturally I was reasonably excited to see Konan take it on. As the title suggests, it centers around Konan inadvertently leading random men on via her tits while working a range of different jobs such as a waitress and delivery girl. One of the best aspects of this theme is the variety of scenarios ensuring things don't get too stale. Plus it's always nice to see a boob-centric theme that isn't painfully bland or generic. Speaking of the scenes, they're all pretty great here. The film consists of three sex scenes and two paizuri scenes overall. I really don't have any complaints honestly. The position variety is very good with a healthy mix of cowgirl, doggystyle, and missionary as well as a heightened focus on clothed sex which I'm a big fan of.

Now one aspect I thought could've been a bit better is the lighting. It's a little too "samey" and over-saturated in some scenes. It's not a deal breaker by any means but it certainly could've been better. The rest of the technical aspects are solid though, especially the camerawork. It manages to capture some really nice full-body shots of her in action from all angles. The pacing is well-balanced throughout too. And when it comes to her performance, she does an adequate job for the most part. She takes on a more submissive stance without being overly whiny while still displaying decent energy. I haven't been too hot on Konan's latest releases but this is easily her best work in quite a while. It's definitely worth a look.

Overall Rating - 9/10


A Live-action Version Of The Hit Doujin Comic! Yoko, An energetic Wife With Huge Breasts Who Was Cuckolded, Was Turned Into A Masturbation Wife By A Younger Celebrity At Her Housekeeping Agency

Starring Nina Nishimura

Nina Nishimura is perfectly suited for doujinshi adaptations given her hentai milf appearance boasting those giant tits and thick body. This cover is certainly eye-catching too. This film adapts a work titled "Yoko, Cheating Vigorous Busty Wife" which follows Nina taking up a part-time job as a housekeeper. She ends up breaking a USB drive for a client as she's cleaning and makes it up to him by roleplaying as his wife, leading to sex of course. They keep this a secret til' the end when the guy straight up pays her a large sum of cash to outright fuck her, which the husband agrees with. I'm usually not a fan of NTR plots but I didn't mind this one too much and Fitch does a wonderful job of adapting it. Many scenes are identical to the original work and I love how they slide in shots from the manga during the film to compare. Really well done.

Now one aspect though that doesn't impress as much is her acting sadly. In the manga, the character is much more energetic and engaged than Nina here. She plays it much more submissively so when you get those comparison shots, the difference is massive. I've seen Nina do better than this so it's frustrating as she's more than capable but really misses the mark here. Back to the positives though, the lighting and general production values are on point. A little off in one scene but it's not too egregious. Her wardrobe and hair/makeup match the film extremely well alongside her naturally busty and juicy figure. And lastly, I gotta praise the action. There's barely a dull moment here as the film gets off to a rather quick start and doesn't really let up too much. The pacing is very good, it's intense, and there's some lovely prone boning too. Her disappointing performance is really the only thing holding this back. Otherwise, it's fantastic.

Overall Rating - 9.2/10


Harassed by Senior Duo Colleagues With Vulgar Dirty Talk And Breast Harassment

Starring Kana Kusakabe & Non Ohana

I honestly went into this one with rather low expectations but came away very pleasantly surprised. In fact, this one may find itself on my top 10 list for the entire year. Here we see the duo playing a pair of busty konbini workers who seduce one of their male co-workers. I usually feel a bit mixed on the konbini setting due to how repetitive the setting can be but the film does a decent job of keeping it fresh as each scene features a different location such as the bathroom, backroom, main floor, and even back at home. This variety really helps alleviate the repetitiveness issues that typically plague this setting. The other aspects of the production are a homerun too such as the phenomenal lighting and camerawork. It's most notable in the 2nd sex scene with its POV shots alongside it's soft and warm lighting that gives it a nice inviting feel. But the performances are really where this film shines best.

These two share an electric chemistry together. Not only do they physically compliment each other but they get along extremely well. Best of all is there's some lovely girl-on-girl action here with bit of fondling and kissing, It's nothing crazy but it is such a huge refreshing change of pace from the usual 3P film. And the action is no slouch either featuring two and a half sex scenes and two paizuri scenes. Both actresses get an equal amount of screen time and the position variety is decent. Although I would've liked to have seen more doggystyle and the 3rd scene ends a tad too briefly just as it's getting good. But beyond those couple nitpicks, this film is brilliant. It's easily one of the best 3P films I've seen in a while and is an easy lock for my best of the year.

Overall Rating - 9.4/10

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frans 2 weeks ago
I think you should make a list about the top 10 greatest FFM with girl-on-girl, because this is very rare genre to find. Usually the FFM female participants doesn't take care of each other
Panking 2 weeks ago

Hmm that's not a bad idea. Could make for a fun list.

Oppaira 2 weeks ago

I'm with you on that Samo film, I too watched it hoping for more than it gave. I mean, it was decent for a Samo video and I scored it rather similarly to you, but man do the camera angles hurt sometimes. Mei also wasn't quite capable of being the dominant style that could have made this film great, though it was better than her usual so that's something.

I'll have to check out that Konan one, I've been wanting more from her and a 9/10 sounds like it's worth checking out.

I'm with you on the Nina video though I think you liked it just a little more than I did. It's pretty good but the performance being underwhelming really broke the video a bit for me.

I'm also glad you liked the Non+Kana video, it's great. I personally rated it quite a lot higher than you did and it's an easy lock for my top 10 of the year post.

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