Pan Takes - November 2023 Vol 1

Published : December 4th, 2023 Written by Panking

Another month has come and gone as we creep closer to the end of the year. I'm here breaking down another batch of new JAV releases with everything from big titties and asses to even a new debut from the likes of Moodyz. As always, I'll cap each entry with an overall score. Without any further ado, let's begin with the bootylicious Nao Jinguji.


Nao Jinguji Gives In To The Temptation Of Adulterous Lingerie Peeking Out From Her Plain Work Clothes And Fucks Her Immediately So The Customer Won't Find Out. Creampie Secret Meeting At A Part-time Job At A Restaurant.

Starring Nao Jinguji

I don't watch Nao Jinguji all too much unless she has an ass-focused release. It may sound shallow but that's all I really care about from her. Thankfully though that's precisely what we get from her latest video. The plot centers around a man working at a restaurant who becomes infatuated with his fellow co-worker, Nao. She throws that big booty at him and before you know it, the two are going at it. It's a fine enough setup and one that caters to Nao's strengths as a performer given that strong seduction skills are needed and she definitely brings it. She oozes this alluring and sultry aura backed up by some top-notch enthusiasm as she's got some masterful control over her plump booty. Now one thing worth mentioning regarding the production values is that there is a copious amount of fisheye lens being used here.

It's almost a turnoff even for me as I don't mind it usually but it's pretty egregious throughout. This leads to some mildly frustrating camerawork and wonky angles. The action at least is good but not without a flaw or too. It features two-and-a-quarter sex scenes alongside a blowjob and thighjob scene. I say a quarter of a sex scene as one of them is just a three-minute cowgirl session in the kitchen of the restaurant and then it just fades to black with no ending at all. It's baffling. Also, the thighjob ending in a fake cumshot is such a huge letdown. The sex scenes are good at least with a heightened emphasis on her ass and even a nice element of risk involved occasionally. I did enjoy most of my time with this one but the camerawork really got it the way and some aspects of the action were quite frustrating. But her superb performance on top of terrific sex scenes and decent plot do still make worth your time.

Overall Rating - 8/10


Despite Trying For A Month For Baby-Making With My Wife… My Sister-In-Law Takes Care Of My Seed

Starring Mina Kitano

Mina Kitano as a flirtatious and seductive sister-in-law? Sounds like a recipe for a winner to me. Here we see a couple who are struggling with having a baby. Mina(sister-in-law) wants to have a baby before her sister does but her husband is suffering from some ED issues himself. So naturally, Mina decides to use her sister's boyfriend to get pregnant and seduces him by flashing her tits and ass. It's a thrilling setup that leads to plenty of risky moments and certainly suits Mina's electric and seductive personality. Speaking of which, Mina once again delivers a fantastic performance. She effortlessly takes the lead in every scene in a convincing fashion on top of boasting wonderfully lewd facial expressions and terrific energy. One thing I didn't as much care for personally is Mina's appearance.

This is a trend that I've been noticing for awhile now but her body just isn't what it used to be. The effects of her weight loss are becoming more apparent. Her face doesn't look as good, her booty has lost a decent amount of mass, and her fakes stand out much more with a slimmer physique. I still enjoy Mina but I can't deny that I miss her fuller figure from before. At the very least the action is pretty great featuring three sex scenes, a blowjob scene, and a handjob scene. The only scene that's a miss is the handjob scene due to some overly bright lighting and just being flat-out dull. All the other scenes are great though mainly thanks to an ever-present element of risk that greatly heightens the excitement factor. I just really wish this film was just a year or so earlier. Mina's new slim figure really hampered my overall satisfaction here as otherwise, it could be a contender for my top 20 of the year. But it's still a thrilling watch thanks to some fun risky action and Mina's top-notch acting.

Overall Rating - 8.5/10


I Want to Be Buried in Such a Big Ass… During Hospitalization, I Succumbed to the Temptation – Fully Exposed Anal and Immediately Creampied

Starring Sumire Kurokawa

That's a pretty nice cover isn't it? Does the video live up to it? Well not entirely sadly. The plot itself is great as it centers around a man who is hospitalized after a car accident with both his arms broken. His new stepmother, Sumire, offers a hand to help him out after becoming increasingly sexually frustrated by her husband. The pair then proceed to go at it for the rest of the film in typical JAV fashion. I generally enjoyed the plot although a little more risk would've elevated it to another level. Another aspect that's holding it back is Sumire's lackluster performance. I'm sorry to say that her acting here is honestly pretty terrible. Her facial expressions are painfully lacking and very stiff all around on top of boasting weak enthusiasm. This lousy performance really holds the film back.

Another element that feels like a misstep is the production values. Nearly everything about its execution feels amateurish. The camerawork is perhaps the biggest offender. So many shots here are ill-framed or feature too many cuts that switch views way too often just as we're finally getting a satisfying angle. Just really wonky overall. The lighting isn't much better either as many scenes feel quite dull or have an annoying spotlight shining in your face. At least her wardrobe isn't too bad and I really like her new hairstyle here. It suits her pretty well. The action isn't too bad here either as it's plentiful and has little downtime with solid pacing. Still though, I was pretty disappointed by this one. The shotty production values and lousy acting really bring it down.

Overall Rating - 6.7/10


Power Harassment Creampie Education from Double Big Ass Female Bosses

Starring Maria Nagai & Yuri Honma

I can't turn down any new Maria Nagai release. I may not be a fan of Yuri Honma at all but that didn't stop me from checking this out. The premise to this one is exactly what it sounds like with these two playing a pair of dominant female bosses who have their way with a male employee pushing him to get better results. Expect plenty of teasing and full-on sex both at the office and back at his place. As someone who loves OL and more femdom-oriented acting, I quite enjoyed this setup. I especially like how they reward him in the last scene. Speaking of the action, it's good but not perfect. It consists of two sex scenes, a handjob scene, and a scene where the duo masturbate in front of him and just tease him. The handjob scene is just okay but is boosted by some POV camerawork. Still, the middle of the film can be a bit of a drag. But the two sex scenes at least are great with equal attention to both actresses and a fair variety of positions used.

Now one aspect that is very evidently lacking is the production values. It definitely feels on the cheap side. The lighting and settings are both nearly the same across the first handful of scenes and the makeup work is quite disappointing, at least for Maria. The outfits at least are nice and I appreciate that they keep most of them on during the action. But overall, the technical aspects feel flat and leave something to be desired. And don't expect any interaction between them. They're at least together for each scene but mostly keep their hands off one another aside for a few moments here and there. And personally, I really wish Maria's co-star was someone else. I really am not a fan of Yuri Honma and would much rather replace her with someone like Nina Nishimura or Chitose as a better fit. GENU-005 is a pretty mixed bag of sorts. I'm a fan of the plot, Maria, and the sex scenes. But the lackluster production values, the inclusion of Yuri, and the mediocre middle of the film hold it back.

Overall Rating - 8/10


A Straight-Laced Office Lady in Nerima. A Plain Glasses Busty Girl. Estimated H-cup. Only 3 Sexual Partners. able Cock, Debuting in Wild Orgasms

Starring Saki

Moodyz is bringing us a new busty debut this month so naturally I had to give her a look. Perhaps Moodyz is hopping on the big titty debutee meta of S1. Anyway, the star here is marketed as an office lady who is very limited in sexual experience while currently being in a relationship. How much truth there is to any of this is anyone's guess. Probably not much. It's pretty par for the course as a debut video with a little interview at the start followed by a series of sex scenes. Speaking of which, the action at least isn't too bad. It consists of three sex scenes with one being a threesome and a blowjob scene. Overall there's a nice intensity to it all and the position variety is terrific. However, the pacing has a few rough spots such as in the last scene where we have 20 minutes of dull toy use.

Also, not having a paizuri scene is a huge missed opportunity given her cup size.

On a more personal note, having Taku being the star of the first scene really hampered my enjoyment. Not a good way to start. Her performance was also not very good but given she's new I can cut her some slack. But even then I didn't see anything to inspire hope. Now the biggest element to assess here is naturally her appearance. Honestly, her face reminds me a lot of Rino Yuki. But then you see her teeth which are...not great. I don't normally focus on teeth but sheesh. Her all-natural chest at least does look nice and her figure is decent enough but nothing noteworthy. I'm not sure if she's gonna be a one-and-done but hopefully, she'll continue on. I'm not as smitten by her as some other busty debuts from this year but I still wouldn't mind seeing more from her. I'm always down for more busty actresses.

Overall Rating - 7.8/10


Miracle H-Cup: Amazing Body Special In An Amazing Soapland

Starring Miyuu Kiyohara

I'm still waiting for something a bit different and less vanilla for Miyuu from S1 but it seems we'll have to wait a bit longer as we're treated with the traditional soapland/sex worker video. Here we see her tackle a range of different sex worker roles such as a hostess, masseuse, and soapland lady of course. Now admittedly I feel very indifferent about this setup, especially soapland. It's not really my cup of tea but at the very least there's a decent variety in regards to the scene scenarios ensuring things don't become too repetitive. Speaking of which, let's talk about action. It consists of three sex scenes and two handjob scenes. Personally I once again didn't care for the soapland scene at all really(shocker I know). The lighting is way too bright and it's just flat-out dull. The sex scene at the end is pretty forgettable too as it barely features any plot whatsoever and is very vanilla.

The hostess sex scene isn't too bad but her outfit is too obscuring for my liking. The handjob scenes aren't that great either. S1 really missed out by not having a paizuri scene here. It's a no-brainer! Her performance at least is decent enough as she boasts solid enthusiasm and her bubbly charm shines through in several instances. When it comes to the production values, it's a little bit of a mixed bag. The wardrobe variety is great but it's super hit-or-miss as the hostess outfit for example is too obscuring as it routinely gets in the way of her tits. Now the lighting is nicely varied but has one glaring weak spot as I mentioned with the first scene. At the end of the day, SSIS-942 is pretty forgettable. It's just another early typical bland release from a new actress. The premise isn't my style and even then the action could've been better along with some nitpicks regarding the execution. If you're a big fan of sex worker themes then maybe you'll enjoy it. Otherwise, it's a safe skip.

Overall Rating - 7.5/10


Masochist Cock And Testicles About To Explode. Overwhelming Ejaculation Sex After 28 Days Of Hellish Abstinence

Starring Marina Shiraishi

I admittedly don't watch Marina as much as I used to due to the fact that many of her releases from Madonna are very cookie-cutter and feature the same tired NTR plot over and over. But this sub-label from them always offers up something different at least. Here we see a masochistic man having to endure a nearly month-long abstinence from sex while wearing a chastity-like device on his dick. All the while Marina proceeds to tease him relentlessly until the very end. It leans into this teasing aspect pretty hard and does an excellent job with it. A large reason for its success can be attributed to Marina's standout performance. Her bubbly and vibrant personality shines bright here on top of boasting superb enthusiasm. She really brings this setup to life and is a ton of fun to watch.

Moving onto the action which is good but may be a bit frustrating for some.

There are four scenes in all ranging from two sex scenes to an initial setup scene and a scene where the guy puts on a strap-on dildo and is made to fuck Marina with it in a surely frustrating experience. It at least makes great use of its theme which also applies to the next scene where the poor guy is made to watch Marina get properly fucked right in front of him. It does a good job at building up the anticipation until the very end. The production values are also on point with solid lighting although a bit unfortunate that two scenes reuse the same setup pretty much. But beyond that the camerawork and wardrobe/makeup are fantastic. If you're like me and have been waiting for a good Marina film, check this one out for sure. Marina's excellent performance carries it while also featuring some varied action all in a well-produced package.

Overall Rating - 8.7/10


The Rumored Idol Schoolgirl Tempts Older Men With Her Plump, Curvy, Bursting Boobs, Like A Little Devil Pervert

Starring Nene Tanaka

Digital Ark is easily one of my biggest guiltiest pleasures when it comes to JAV studios. I'm well aware that every film pretty much plays out exactly the same but I don't care. It's right up my alley and always serves up some tantalizing eyecandy if nothing else. That's precisely what we get here. This film is just like any other from Digital Ark. It loosely casts Nene as a busty schoolgirl but there's really nothing beyond that. Just her dressed up in schoolgirl outfits with all the emphasis mainly on the action. Once again, it's just what you expect. It features two sex scenes with the rest containing a mix of handjobs, blowjobs, and paizuri. All these usually end in a nice messy cumshot on her tits which is a huge plus in my book. The sex scenes too are quite solid especially the last one with its emphasis on body oil.

But admittedly the middle of the film isn't the most thrilling. It can be pretty slow-paced on top of some dull toy use. I enjoyed the cumshots but I often found myself skipping through a good chunk of it. The production values aren't the most flashy but they get the job done. There is of course some fisheye lens here but it's not too obnoxious. And Nene's wardrobe, while simple, is very effective. When it comes to her acting, she's mostly just fine. She's solid enough during the paizuri and blowjob scenes but falters a bit during the actual sex portion. Her facial expressions and general engagement could be better. FLAV-340 isn't the most ambitious film but it certainly provides some juicy eyecandy which is all I ever really expect from this studio. And for that, it delivers. Fans of Nene Tanaka should consider giving this a watch.

Overall Rating - 8.3/10

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Jav Sommelier 2 months ago
this month was valuable, my favorite trinity: Marina Shiraishi, Yuri Honma e Nao jinguji.
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