Oppaira's Watchlist Review - June 2024 - Part 1 ft. Ruri Saijo, Ibuki Aoi, and Rena Fukiishi

Published : July 4th, 2024 Written by Oppaira

Hey guys, Oppaira here back with the first half of my watchlist reviews. Come see if I picked some bangers or stinkers this month

CJOD-427 - Ruri Saijo & Yuria Yoshine

Guy is out with his mistress Ruri until Yuria shows up and wew, he's got two mistresses? Well have no fear because the two of them are game to rock his world together and compete to see who is better.

I found this video was really not quite what I had hoped it could be. I mean sure, I came into it with low expectations but it really was as bad as I suspected it would be. Ruri and Yuria didn't really play off each other that well aside from the first few minutes of the film. A lot of the action just felt pretty generic to me and neither of their performances stood out. A couple of times they touched themselves (not each other) or sucked on a nipple but it was so far and few between that it just made me frustrated more than anything. This video was more like you suspected, just the eye candy. Two pairs of giant boobies, who am I to really call it bad when it's got that? Ruri honestly strikes me as a relic from the past rather than someone I ought to be excited about. I mean maybe if you get the right video but she's already done my favourite series so there's not a lot that would get me excited in this day and age. I suspect this is the last time I've seen her for a while but we'll see if I can be surprised.

Certified Banger: ❌

JUQ-725 - Fumino Satsuki

Fumino goes to live with her sister, and while there she's restless at night from her sister's love life. Fumino starts getting turned on by it and then one day finds her BIL looking at her nude. That opens the doorway for Fumino who instead takes over as his main sexual partner, draining him to the point he can't keep up with his wife anymore.

I feel like I had way too high expectations for this The narrative itself was not done quite as well as I had hoped. Sure, it had good elements to it, but it didn't really satisfy the way I hoped it would, partially because some small nuances were missing, but partially because Fumino wasn't quite ready. Simply put, she needed to be a bit better in a lot of ways, especially during sex. She came off okay during some of the parts, maintaining decent eye contact or kissing a decent amount, but it failed to really captivate me. I think part of it might have been a bit of disappointment in Fumino herself, but I'll save that for when I post a full review of her.

Certified Banger: ❌

JUQ-731 - Rena Fukiishi

Rena has some trouble in the bedroom and as it turns out she's not the only one. Her SIL has problems as well and the two of them solve their problems by embracing each other.

This video had a lot of ups and downs. I know this series gives itself plenty of interesting opportunities but this one rested really heavily on the narrative. I found myself disliking that aspect of it when they went way too far in that direction. For example, they found themselves doing a mutual masturbation as the first bit that got real boring real fast. It could have been oh so much more and I would have liked to see a lot better content out of it like an interesting race queen outfit we saw in Ryo's. I did find Rena's performance was good at times, not just her great paizuri but some wild riding in the amazoness position or other wild things. And even for all I complain about the narrative, some of it like her pulling him into the washroom to blow him was nice. I ultimately liked the movie but at some level I have to wonder whether or not there's a bias for Rena. She's one of my top 5 all-time actresses and on top of that she's back to filming standard JAV. Those two combined have her riding on some sort of high.

Certified Banger: ❌

Mary and Reina play a couple of hostesses and in walks in Taku one day, all blinged out. Sensing the high roller he is, the two give him some extra special service that lasts into the night.

This video was surprisingly nice, far more than I expected. I largely came into it thinking that it would be just like every other duo, more like the one with Ruri and Yuria. I was pleasantly surprised with how great everything was. Mary and Reina were both quite upbeat and into it, putting a lot of enthusiasm and energy into it. That included them making out and touching each other, including in POV for extra emphasis. I did find Mary was a bit better than Reina but that's to be expected when she has years more experience. Still, both of them were engaged the entire time and it was common to see one of them having sex and the other getting involved by riding his face or kissing or shoving boobs in his face or something. I found the production quality quite memorable for the interludes Nao put into it, especially with a song from this decade during. It all came together quite nicely and if you're a fan of either I'd recommend it.

Certified Banger: ✅

MIDV-755 - Ibuki Aoi

Ibuki Aoi plays the club manager and takes care of the needs of all the members.

We all knew this was going to be great, right? The perfect blend of schoolgirl and sports theme? Of course it was going to be great. Ibuki might not be the shining star of an actress others are but she performed decently well. Her louder and deeper moaning wasn't what I expected (admittedly it's been a while since I watched her) but it was not half bad. I feel like her performance was a bit awkward though with her being rather indifferent as opposed to the nurturing style you tend to see. Maybe that might suit her as a person a bit better but I would have enjoyed a stronger persona in either direction. The big thing was the visuals of everything. Various schoolgirl outfits from bloomers to a typical skirt and blouse, sex in various settings including a washroom threesome, I mean it was everything I have ever wanted in a schoolgirl video in that regard. Perhaps not as nice as I had hoped for if only because I hoped very high, but still plenty good and enjoyable and certainly a banger.

Certified Banger: ✅

That concludes the first half of reviews. For this half of the reviews, not unexpected results. The first three I didn't expect great things from, watching because of other blog posts or biases toward certain actresses. The second two that I watched because of the content looking nice turned out to be great.


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