JAV Sales Report - August 2023

Published : September 30th, 2023 Written by Oppaira

Welcome to the August sales report. Has anyone been watching debut actresses this year yet? I've finally gotten underway and there are some really high potential debuts this year that I can't wait to share with you. Make sure to check in at the end of the year when I go through them. At any rate let's get into this month's post.

Top Actresses

Kana is someone I think most people know more for her tits but she's just thicc all a round and this video shows exactly that. I mean seriously, how do you not want a piece of that ass? I'm really glad to see her finally getting some good opportunities, after being dropped by Madonna no less. I have faith she'll continue to excel and I'm really excited to see what's in store for her. She's already done my favourite series and there's a couple more I hope she gets an opportunity to do.

If you had asked me which debuts would be at the top of the list this month there is no way in hell that I would have guessed Nami Okimiya. That's not to say that Nami is bad but there have been some incredible debuts lately and we often see them chart topping instead of Nami jumping up 30 spots. I mean sure, we have Miyuu Kiyohara a few spots up in 8th place, but Nami being the only other debut is surprising. Nami certainly has some things going for her, mid 30s, 87 F cup tits, and a fantastic looking figure. I haven't quite decided that I want to watch her yet but I haven't quite decided that I won't watch her either, and I'll probably wind up making that decision a couple of months from now as I get close to the cutoff of having to decide. Seriously though, this year has a lot of great debuts (for my preferences anyway) and Nami's got some stiff competition around the industry.

Kanna Fuji was a bit surprising for me to see up this high on the list. As much as I gave her a positive review last year she doesn't strike me as someone who would be a top 25 actress. That being said, with her recently releasing her first VR plus a first anniversary omnibus release, it's pretty easy to see why. It definitely feels like now is the best time to get into Kanna, especially with her having a release in October for Madonna's ACHIJO label (even if it's directed by Samoari and probably not worth watching). Either way, I'd recommend taking a look at Kanna if you haven't yet, even if the other "Kana" featured above is better in my opinion.

Last month I commented on how Waka barely missed my favourite squirters post and how if the video I highlighted last month had come out earlier, who knows. Well this month I'm here to say that I feel the same way about this release and my favourite deepthroaters. I haven't finished watching the video yet but my god is Waka insanely talented. As one of my friends put it, "it's like she doesn't even have a gag reflex". After watching part of it I honestly agree completely with him. Videos for Emumusume Lab tend to be on the rough side but Waka took it like a champ. That guy's hands on her head pushing her down? It's because she straight up told him to do it to help her get it all the way down. It's crazy what she's capable of and if I ever do a part two to my favourite deepthroaters, Waka is sure to make that list. And honestly, this video will probably show up on my top 25 of the year. Deepthroating with a fitness theme, easy top tier material.

Nothing is certain except death, taxes, and Hibihata content. The two of them are just so iconic unlike any other pair that we've seen and it's crazy to think that 15 years after their debuts they're still topping the charts regularly. I mean hell, Yui is probably the GOAT at this point and Hibiki isn't far behind. The chemistry these two have is pretty incredible and seeing the pair of them in VR where you can really experience their chemistry up close is something people should experience at least once. I don't think a lot of people pay too much attention to it but the pair are in their mid 30s now and still rocking schoolgirl outfits with ease. It really goes to show just how great a job they've done at keeping themselves in shape and being at the top of their craft. I'm sure they'll be around until they definitely can't get away with schoolgirl content but you know what? I'll still be watching them because they're just such a fantastic pair.

A friend of mine is as big a fan of Nozomi as I am a fan of Julia so I'd probably be crucified if I didn't take the time to chat about her. Nozomi has been a pretty solid actress for Madonna and has improved since her debut. I wasn't super impressed by her during her debut but I'm told she's gotten pretty good lately with some solid blowjob skills and a nice ass. I'm really not the one to vouch for her but that's okay, the Japanese JAV fans can do it for me by putting her into a top spot. Maybe it's her starring alongside Rikka Ono or maybe it's her with blonde hair, but either way she's up here and someone people should give a second chance to (myself included).

Top Videos

Since we don't have the debut section anymore I'm always happy to talk about debuts where I can. Ruu is a debut for SOD and seems kind of average to me. I mean sure, she's kind of cute and she probably is nice enough overall, but SOD is coming off a pretty big 2022 with Yotsuha, Rei, and Momona debuts. It feels like 2023 is a tough year to debut there so I'm kind of interested when I see someone like Ruu do so well. Hopefully she can continue to convince people she's worth watching.

Speaking of SOD we've got Mana in eighth place on our list. Mana is a long time veteran now who anchors the SOD roster and it's always nice to see her getting the spotlight. I'm a bit partial to convenience store themes so I'm excited to see Mana in this one. Sometimes it's tiring seeing a theme or series make the rounds at every studio but other times it's nice to see your favourites get a chance to do something fun. Even for me where Mana isn't quite a favourite of mine (though I do like her), hopefully she'll show us why she's a veteran and do a great job of one of my favourite themes.

Yoru is another in a long line of debuts this year and with her G cup boobs is someone that's on my radar. This time around we have her debut video at the top of the list, something we commonly see even if I don't quite get why. I always prefer to wait a little longer and hope for them to improve and to that point I haven't committed to checking out Yoru yet despite her debuting back in May. I really hate how long big studios like SOD take to give actresses interesting videos and Yoru is no exception. Hopefully October or November will bring something a little better, though for now I guess I just have to wait and pray.

Seeing Ai in 10th place is both surprising and interesting. Closer to her debut she was selling like hotcakes and really propping up Faleno as a studio, even despite some major names they poached like Moe Amatsuka, Yuko Ono, and Nene Yoshitaka. Ai kind of slowly leveled out to just a decent actress and somehow managed to hop over to S1 in an apparent upgrade. What's interesting is the 16 hour best film topping the charts this month. I'm going to maybe go out on a limb here and say that a lot of S1 fans were not watching Faleno. Call me crazy but I'm sure some people were salty about all the poaching Faleno did. Now that Ai is over at S1 they're all scrambling to see if she's any good and there's probably no better way than getting 12 titles worth of content with this one. Of course, I could be totally off but at least it makes for an interesting story. Either way, it'll be interesting to see if Ai at a bigger studio can reclaim some of the former success she saw.

With that this month's sales report is over. I feel like I'm still playing the waiting game with a lot of debuts which is a little bit sad considering how close we are to debut season. That being said, there are some incredibly busty debuts that I'm excited to check out and this year looks like it's shaping up to compete among the best of them. Hope to see you all again next month, until next time!


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Spiderphil 8 months ago
What is the Waka video. The link tells us nothing
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Ramp_it_up 8 months ago
Lol I like looking for Inaba, nodding and moving on
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Transkohmer 8 months ago
Where is Kana Momonogi?
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Oppaira 8 months ago

She is 87th on the physical sales (up 1 spot from last month).

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