Oppaira's JAV Watchlist - February 2024

Published : February 9th, 2024 Written by Oppaira

Hey guys, Oppaira here. Welcome to my February 2024 Watchlist. Be sure to check out the reviews from last month's watchlist. Without further ado here's the videos for this month.

10. JUQ-552 - Ai Mukai

Guy visits his stepbrother and his stepbrother's wife Ai during summer break. While there an old love between the two of them gets rekindled and the two start fooling around behind his back.

Everyone knows how much I love Oppai’s GES (Girlfriend’s Elder Sister) series and this is one of the closer versions I’ve seen out of Madonna. Sure, a stepmom would do the trick there (and Oppai has done that three times) but this one perhaps hits a bit different when it’s the stepbrother. I think it’s probably worse but any risky content like this is right up my alley. Honestly, I’d probably end up watching any risky video like this out of Madonna if it starred an actress I liked, and considering I enjoy over half their giant roster, the bar is set kind of low. I remain somewhat unconvinced this is going to be a game changer like I hope it can be but it's been a while since I've seen solo Ai and I'm going to hope for the best.

9. ABF-076 - Asuna Kawai

Asuna plays a nudist and goes about her days getting into various escapades.

Asuna is an actress I admittedly don’t watch as often as I should. I Don’t know if that’s because I don’t like her as much as I think I should or I dislike Prestige, but this month I’m taking the opportunity to check her out. This video doesn’t seem to have as strong of a plot as I would hope when I see her both working at a cafe and an office, but the nudist theme is certainly fun. I’m not sure whether the video portrays it such that everyone is adjusted to her being a nudist (it certainly seems that way) and knowing Prestige they tend to love the idea of videos that are just a variety of random scenes thrown together. All the scenarios seem interesting enough although I must admit that the themes do feel like they miss a bit because of the lack of outfits to aid. It’s been far too long since I’ve seen Asuna though so I’m happy to put it on my watchlist for this month.

8. START-014 - Mana Sakura

Mana plays a neet obsessed with mobile gaming. Being at home all the time she is single but that doesn’t stop her from having sexual urges. When someone catches her things get a little wild between them.

This whole neet theme that’s been cropping up everywhere is still coming along well enough in my mind. It hasn’t quite gotten to the point where it’s a novelty that I’m bored of. I’ve actually only seen Himeka Iori star in it so far so there’s a lot of room for me to keep watching it for now. Mana is a great performer, far better than Himeka, so I’m hopeful this video will turn out better than Himeka’s. I must admit, the video looks surprisingly similar, all the way down to Mana brushing her teeth in a track suit with a ponytail on top of her head. I can't say SOD copied from IP, they did this themselves a year ago and more recently as well, so it's all just rehashing what they've done. Still, Mana strikes me as someone that can pull it off well and I'm excited to see.

Kana and Ririko are friends and one day Kana asks Ririko about her sex life. Turns out the sex life of a married woman isn’t so great. Kana helps her set up a profile on an app where she ends up meeting a college student into older women. Ririko then learns the real pleasures of sex.

One of the things I think Madonna often does poorly is keeping up with the times. Find themes that today’s younger crowd can relate to if you want to keep appealing to us. Finding a hot older woman on a dating app? Who wants nothing but to have sex with you? Yeah, now that’s hot. I like that it’s not just love hotel scene after another, a scene in a car looks like it will add a lot of depth. And, oh yeah, the finale is Kana joining Ririko with her own boy toy. The finale isn’t some sort of wife swap theme but it’s certainly hot enough to make me interested. I'm also a much bigger fan of Ririko than I am Kana which makes the emphasis on Ririko a lot better in my mind.

6. SONE-054 - Hikaru Nagi

Hikaru lives across from you and is always looking so fine. One day she calls you over to help fix her tap. How does she repay you? With sexual favours of course. And now that you’re hooked you can’t help but keep going back, over and over again.

This is a theme from one of my favourite Madonna series but S1 rarely does it. The cheating wife aspect being removed does limit it a little bit but it’s still a great theme. Hot woman there, skimpy outfits that just make you go nuts, easy to enjoy. The way this is portrayed makes it seem very innocent, like of course you will stop and stare at the beautiful woman across from you. Hikaru herself looks absolutely incredible, even more than usual which is surprising considering just how incredible she normally looks. Even though I expect her performance to be pretty underwhelming it’s sometimes hard to ignore the insane visuals she has. Dub her Rara 2.0 if you need to but she clearly has it going on and sometimes you can ignore everything for some good visuals.

5. TPIN-071 - Kyoko Maki & Mary Tachibana

Kyoko and Mary come to stay with Ka-chan during the summer. While there things get quite heated as both of them are at their peak sexuality. The three of them have a wild summer they won’t forget.

As soon as I saw Kyoko alongside another actress my mind immediately went to a couple of releases she had in recent years with some great costars. That includes one of my top videos from 2020 alongside Yuri Honma and one of my top videos from 2023 alongside Chitose Saegusa. I’d say both Yuri and Chitose were at great points in their career at those times and I feel like Mary is at the same place in hers. I don’t really watch Mary but her career has been going so well lately that it feels like this is a matter of when not if. I don’t even watch Kyoko all that often either but when I do the videos tend to be very good. While the others were directed by Nao Masaki (and this one doesn’t list the director and is for a worse studio) seeing the lesbian action in the trailer is all I needed to decide to watch it.

4. PPPE-188 - Hina Nitori

Hina Nitori, freshly part of Oppai’s roster, takes on their most famous and my favourite series, GES (Girlfriend's Elder Sister). Hina fools around with her sister’s boyfriend right behind her back until she gets caught in the end.

What can I say, I love this series and I watch all the entries. A lot of them are among my favourite videos of all time but not all of them are great. I must say that my expectations from Hina aren’t that high, the time that I watched her didn’t suggest she is a strong enough actress for this series. I’m willing to give her a second chance now that she is on Oppai’s roster, especially for a video I would plan to watch either way. It does have all the elements I like, risky action out the wazoo, including them having sex while she's having a chat with her sister. This is one of those series where it takes a lot from every direction to turn out well, which includes both the performance and the risky scenes. I really don't expect the world here but I'm still somewhat happy to watch it and I'll just hope for the best.

3. JUQ-570 - Rena Fukiishi

Rena Fukiishi’s stepdaughter is pregnant but won’t sexually satisfy her husband during it. That’s fine, he’ll just masturbate, except she forbids him from doing even that. Rena then steps in to help him through this difficult time.

I’ve seen this series before and it can be a little hit or miss. It tries to do a risky sex theme that often falls flat because it’s not really the forefront of the story. Instead they have the plot focusing on the immorality of what they're doing as well as how awful the stepdaughter is leaving him blue-balled. The actress also has wavering commitments to the action where they do it to help out but don't always buy in completely in the way they need to. All of that aside I’m watching this one this month specifically because it has Rena in it. She’s one of my all-time favourite actresses, in my top 5 all-time, and I’m just excited to see her back in mainstream porn. Whether this video is good or not I was basically going to watch any plot-based video from her. It could have been worse so I’ll take it, even if the video ends up being a bit of a dud.

2. MEYD-881 - Ai Sayama

Ai joins the PTA and shows up to class one day. Turns out she cares not for the PTA but uses it as an excuse to hang around some men that she can fool around with.

Let’s face it, school themes are hot whether it’s the student, teacher, or the PTA. Ai Sayama is also very hot, one of my top 10 of all-time. It doesn’t take much to put two and two together and realize this video has a lot of potential. Sure, some of the scenes look a bit out of place, but that’s more so because I want scenes that are different than what I would expect from a PTA plot. It offers a wide array of things that make sense and Ai is someone I have faith in doing justice to something like this. As someone who watches a lot of actresses I don't always watch my favourites as often as I should, especially when I've seen them quite this many times. As a result, I skip watching mediocre releases from them. I relish the times they have releases that look exciting like this one, and hopefully Ai doesn't disappoint.

1. JUQ-569 - Ryo Ayumi

Ryo is the only woman at the office and one day stumbles upon something strange. The guys in the office are submissive, perverted freaks and actually want her to dominate them. Perplexed, Ryo takes them up on it and finds out that she secretly had a dominatrix side to her.

Office lady videos are hot but sometimes I just want the office lady to be something other than submissive. This is that video. Holy hell does Ryo get to take the lead here. It looks wild as hell as she goes on a rampage messing around with the guys. Every scene looks more wild than the last and it looks like a great time. Yes, there’s a bit of pegging in there that I wish wasn’t there, but considering how insane the rest of the video looks I’ll soldier through it. Can you imagine the hot office lady riding you whilst tugging on a collar you’re wearing? Looks like fire to me and I’m excited to say the least.

With that we have my watchlist set for February. As I mentioned before, make sure to check out the reviews from last month's watchlist. And as always, be sure to let us know if you plan to watch any of these or which videos from February you're excited about in the comments. Until next time!

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