New JAV Debut Report: Summer 2023

Published : September 21st, 2023 Written by Fried Chikan

Non Miharu (みはるのん)

Age: 21 (b. 2002) Debut: S1 Height: 165 cm / 5'4" Measurements: 92 Bust ( F Cup ) – 62 Waist – 90 Hip Descriptors: Short Hair, Cute, Good Performer, Balanced Figure, Loud Screamer

First up is Non Miharu, a debut with S1. A short haired woman on the cuter side. With a really nice balanced figure with her perky and supple F cups and an ass that’s even better. Her early titles don't show it off but Non has a mighty ass. Overall her figure is rock solid. A nice face, she might not wow you on first glance like most of S1’s busty and beautiful debuts. No what Non really does is wow you in the bedroom. A game performer who goes hard while having sex. A big squirter already and she really likes to do this lifting pose with her back arched upward. A bit of an over actor. She can also be loud as can be. A real screamer in bed. Even as a long time JAV viewer I found it a bit off putting. I really hope someone tells her to tone things down. A nice face, a good balanced figure, and a good performer already. Just that one flaw.

SSIS 730

Super Iki 189 Times! Convulsions 5022 times! Iki Tide 1800cc ! Genius SEX Eros Awakening With An Innocent Smile First Large, Convulsions, Convulsions Special Miharu Non

One of my favorite series from S1. All about passionate, fast, and hard lovemaking that gets great unrestricted performances from their talents. It’s a series that lets girls just go wild and man does Non go wild. One of the rare newbies that can really fuck out the gate. She was so animated, spirted, and active during this video. Passionate and not afraid to look dirty as she dived down into a guy’s balls. Shoving her face in there while taking mighty licks. The big downside is her voice. Boy is she loud and shrill. A high pitched screamer, I did not like it very much. Despite that the sex is top notch with Non performing beyond her years.

Riasu Mizutani(水谷梨明日)

Debut: Freelancer Height: 164 cm / 5'4" Measurements: 78 Bust ( B Cup ) – 55 Waist – 83 Hip Descriptors: Short Hair, Slender, Fit, Flat Social Media:

Next up we have Riasu Mizutani, a freelancer. We actually interviewed her around her debut which you can check out here. Riasu is a fit and slender woman with a tomboy-ish short haircut. Pretty flat by all means with her small B cup, with a set of really thick nipples, and a tiny butt. A nice innocent face that hides a very interesting person underneath it. Riasu was born overseas can speak and English fluently. Working as a translator on the side while still going to university and doing porn. While she might not thrill you with her figure Riasu is a game performer whose just getting started. A nice performer whose already starred in a rougher and more hardcore titles. I get the inkling she might be suited for sub works. Riasu is a unique talent in JAV and I’m interested to follow her in and out of porn.

RKI 635

Plain Girl's Ultimate Egomazo SEX Shortcut Girl Is Fucked By A S Man And Becomes A Hero Face Anyway!”

Riasu’s video is very much a Submissive title with the capital S. We get spanking, rough sex, some face fucking, a bit of squirting, and a few BDSM toys. With her innocent face and that fit slender body; Riasu would be very fun as a hardcore actress taking some punishment.

Ren Hibiki (響蓮)

Age: 21 (b. 2001) Debut: Kawaii Height: 160 cm / 5'3" Measurements: Bust ( F Cup ) – 55 Waist – Hip Descriptors: Great Figure, Petite, Slim Waist, Pretty

This next debut caught my eye immediately with her fine little figure. What a body. A slim little petite figure with a slimmer waist and a decent set of hips. Add on with a nice little pair of F cups and you’ve got a killer little figure brewing. Ren remined me a bit of Rima Arai or Mayuki Itou. All with nice slim but balanced figures with a great narrow waist line. On top of things she has a pretty little face. Small with sharp features and a nice smile. From what little I saw she was a solid performer. Good attitude with a cheery smile. Also quite the squirter as all her works are showing. Ren is a talent to look out for. Face, body, and personality; she’s got it all. Hopefully success comes next.


Super Rookie Class The Youngest Sex Triple Crown Champion Ren Hibiki 21 Years Old AV Debut

Her debut style has her going for the ‘triple crown’. Having sex in public, in a love hotel, and doing a fan home visit type of scene for her first three scenes. Finally capping it off with the usual threesome. Ren performed nicely while keeping a good attitude. Fucking until she was red in the face, beaming with sweat, and letting herself have some fun. Also revealing her cute little laugh. I don’t know if Ren becomes a star but she sure is looking like one on paper.

Mion Sakuragi(桜木美音)

Age: 21 (b. 2002) Debut: Faleno Height: 160 cm / 5'3" Measurements: 86 Bust ( D Cup ) – 57 Waist – 87 Hip Descriptors: Pretty, Slim

Next up is one of the prettier debuts today with Mion Sakuragi. The Faleno rookie is certainly a looker with her pretty eyes, pointed face, big round ears, wavy brunette hair, and that nose. An upturned nose that is very distinct. I’d bet she’s had some work done. It’s work well spent as she is a looks actress; someone you check out for their face alone. In the body department she is pretty unremarkable. A slim figure who isn’t very endowed in either tits or ass. As a performer she was just okay, decent at it all but not very animated or assertive. She did play some of the roles alright enough. Faleno’s got a pretty face and if she can improve in the bedroom she can be a nice actress in their roster.


A Beautiful Girl With A Reputation For Her Blowjob Face And Quick Pacifier!

Our video with her plays up to her strengths. A blowjob video focusing on that fine little face of hers. A suck heavy video that takes place at school with Mion in many of the schoolgirl outfit classis. Just a bit of plot in the video really it’s about her using her mouth to explore the men on campus. A decent cocksucker nothing to write to home about. That face is really doing the heavy lifting.

Rion Hiiragi(柊木里音)

Age: 26 (b. 1996) Debut: Dahlia Height: 162 cm / 5'3" Measurements: 90 Bust ( H Cup ) – 60 Waist – 96 Hip Descriptors: Great Figure, Nice Ass, Big Legs

Dahlia follows up with Rion Hiiragi. A nicely fully figured woman. A small time Gravure model whose made the jump over to porn. Gravure’s loss is JAV’s gain. I am so surprised to see that Rion is only listed at 5’3” because she looks a lot bigger than that. A slender figure with long legs, she looks like a big girl. A nice full figure with a good ass to boot. Nice meaty thighs with fat to them, one of the better butts today. Along with her floppy bouncy H cups. Rion is jiggly all over. A great figure and just a decent performer overall. She has an okay face and fits with Dahlia’s roster of slightly older women/onee-san types. Dahlia has a really nice debut on their hands.


No breaks! Consecutive Leverage! Maximum awakening with non-stop shooting from the moment you arrive at the shooting studio!

Non stop quickie sex is on the slate for Rion’s video. Here you can see for yourself why I like her body so much. It’s so much more jigglier than you would expect and here you see that on overdrive as the guys pound into her bod. If Mion was a face actress then Rion is a body actress. It is quietly really nice.

Tsubomi Mochizuki(望月つぼみ)

Age: 19 (b. 2003) Debut: S1 Height: 150 cm / 4'11" Measurements: 82 Bust ( E Cup ) – 54 Waist – 80 Hip Descriptors: Cute, Petite, Great Performer

S1 brings up the youthful Tsubomi Mochizuki. A big cheeked chick with a fresh face. With her big cheeks and big two front teeth she has a very cute chipmunk look going on. A tiny chick not even 5 feet coming up at 4’11”. A petite and slim figure, she’s got a nice little fit tummy. A decent set of little tits too with her small E cups. As a performer Tsubomi really surprised me. Is there some sort of correlation between being small and flat and being a great performer? Because Tsubomi was great in bed, energetic, fun, and can fuck hard back. One of the best debut performers I’ve seen this year, she goes hard. She might be small but she packs a punch.


Intersecting Body Fluids, Deep Sex Full Uncut Special

The quickie sex series makes another appearance today this time with Tsubomi. From the gate she is a semen demon. Taking on men twice her size and fucking them back as best she can. Tsubomi is a really pleasant surprise. I can’t say I’ll be following her because her looks don’t appeal to me much. However I can respect her skills and enthusiasm in bed. This little lady is wild.

Sayuri Hayama(葉山さゆり)

Age: 32 (b. 1990) Debut: Madonna Height: 170 cm / 5'7" Measurements: 92 Bust ( G Cup ) – 62 Waist – 92 Hip Descriptors: Milf, Great Figure, Busty and Booty, Plain

We got from the youth to the more aged with Sayuri Hayama of Madonna. A biggish sized woman standing up at 5’7” with a full figure to match advertised as the Super Large Rookie. Not a slim lady she’s got a bit of size to her compared to all the slim and slender ladies. A match with Rion and her figure. Sayuri has a nice set of creamy soft G cups to pair with her nicely sized ass. Maybe the best pair of tits today. A pretty plain face which I kind of like especially compared to so many of the pretty and beautiful faces around. Overall Sayuri’s Super Large Rookie body is the big highlight.

JUQ-275 Madonna Super Large Rookie Geishokutsuma "Chapter 2" First drama work! ! I love my In-law more than my husband

Her second title a drama work about a married wife in love with her in-law. She performed and acted well enough but the real fun is seeing her body in motion. Sayuri might not be the prettiest but her body and those creamy milkers make her something else. Madonna adds to their quietly impressive roster of rookies. 

Miyu Kiyohara(清原みゆう)

Age: 21 (b. 2002) Debut: S1 Height: 160 cm / 5'3" Measurements: 95 Bust ( H Cup ) – 58 Waist – 87 Hip Descriptors: Busty, Cute

I said Sayuri may have the best boobs today but unfortunately for her Miyu Kiyohara exists. The debut with S1 fits their style to a T. They love getting those pretty faces with great big boobs. A round faced innocent looker with a classic style. The main attraction being her big H cups. Fat and meaty cans that sit so high up on her chest. They remind me a bit of Hana Himesaki’s perhaps even bigger. They are very veiny which you can make out from her fair complexion. As a performer she was just okay. Just a step above all the busty but dull in bed girls we see so often. It’s still early days; she can still surprise or disappoint. Either way with what she’s got she should be an easy winner for S1.

SSIS-832 The Strongest Amateur H Cup Super-Fluent Special Miyu Kiyohara Who Tastes All Of The Miraculous Boobs

We check out her second title which surprise focuses on her tits. Unlike her debut it cuts quicker to the action a bit. It also has a nice scene with her in a revealing schoolgirl outfit with twin tails. Her boobs are the main attraction but Miyu is a pretty face. She can pull off the twin tails and I say that as someone whose not really into that look. With that face and those tits; I think it’s a safe bet as to if Miyu will bring in the fans.

Rio Asahi(朝日りお)

Age: 21 (b. 2002) Debut: Idea Pocket Height: 160 cm / 5'3" Measurements: 89 Bust ( F Cup ) – 58 Waist – 88 Hip Descriptors: Long Hair, Slender, Pretty

Finally we have Rio Asahi of Idea Pocket. A pretty slender type with the classic long dark haired beauty look. Pretty and small eyes. She’s quite tall looking with her lanky build. She’s also got little Torpedo Tits; pointy breasts with nipples that are just as pointy. Decently sized tits with a fun if uncommon shape. She performer well enough and is quite charming with a really nice smile. I feel like she’s a talent that can get better on years later as she has more time to develop. Idea Pocket has a talent they can really develop.

 IPZZ-073 Inviting me to show off my panties... I'm already addicted to cute female college students with bruises... SEX swamp. Rio Asahi

One of the more fun titles today. This one has Rio playing a woman whose flashing panties are too irresistible for men. Which she catches onto quick and has fun with. Her acting here was pretty fun and she seemed to relish playing the flirty and slutty panty seductress. She approached the role playing with a lot of gusto.


So many interesting girls this time. Lots who excelled in one area in particular but were a bit lackluster in another. To summarize for this preview. The Prettiest Debut today is between Mion Sakuragi or Ren Hibiki. I think Mion takes the cake. Her face is more unique and memorable. After that we have Best Ass and that is between Rion Hiiragi or Sayuri Hayama. Following up is Best Tits with Miyu Kiyohara easily. Sayuri Hayama comes in at second but Miyu’s milk tanks are top prospect talent. As for Best Body that goes to Ren Hibiki for me with Sayuri Hayama and Rion Hiiragi following her. Ren has those proportions that drive me wild. For the Best Performers that goes to Non Miharu and Tsubomi Mochizuki. Maybe Tsubomi gets it because of Non’s loud screams. I would say today the one I am most likely to follow is Ren Hibiki. Her body is just right and can get even better. Rio is also interesting; she might be right up my alley.



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