Moonlight's JAV Star Spotlight: Hikari Aozora

Published : June 21st, 2023 Written by Moonlight

Hikari Aozora

Age:24 (January 7th, 1999)

Measurement: H 153cm (5 ft), B(85; D cup)-W(58)-H(83) 

Descriptor: Cute and petite

Twitter Instagram Youtube

Criteria Score (out of 10)
Face 8
Breast 7
Ass 5
Body line 7
Performance 10
Video quality 10


Have you heard of this cute actress named Hikari Aozora? I hope you have. If not, do not worry, as you will get to know her from this blog post. She debuted in October 2019. She is a slender type of actress with incredible cuteness. In my opinion, she is one of the cutest actresses with a charming smile. Also, she somehow feels very friendly, as if she is someone in your neighborhood. Correct me if I am wrong, but she is not one of the top sellers, and it is somewhat understandable that she is not mentioned in ZENRA. However, I think the spotlight section in the ZENRA blog is where I can share my thoughts and perspective with the readers, and I think she is worth being introduced to ZENRA as some readers may fall in love with her.


Unfortunately, if you are a fan of actresses with big breasts and butts, she is not one of those. However, her breasts are still a reasonable size for her petite body. Also, her breasts are nicely shaped and perky with nice nipples and areolas. You can still enjoy her breasts jiggling nicely when she is on her back or doggy during intercourse. Her ass is also a pretty nice size for her body. What stands out about her physique more is her skin tone. 

Although there are a number of actresses who had plastic surgeries on faces or other body parts, she is the one with everything natural. Please do not get me wrong; I am not opposed to plastic surgeries. However, some fans may get disappointed once they discover how the actresses looked before the surgery. You will not get that from her. She is just very cute looking from the beginning. 

(Please enjoy her cute and charming smile)

I was pretty surprised by the amount of her pubic hair. I expected it to be more sparse. Although I love her body, I sometimes think she may look even more gorgeous without pubic hair. Otherwise, the physical aspect of her is overall impeccable in my mind. She is a good alternative if you somehow get tired of curvy bodies. 

Overall, her physical traits are great for someone interested in a slender type girl like me. Her charming smile makes her physical portion more outstanding.  


In my opinion, her performance is her biggest strength. Although she looks very innocent, she has been in many rough sex or gangbang themes. What turns me on is that her innocent and cute face turns into a lewd face like her face is getting red and her eyes are half closed. It is joyful to watch her enjoying every moment of intercourse. On top of her impeccable performance in hardcore themes, she also performed in sweet/cute type videos. The way she giggles and smiles is slight to see. Overall, she seems to be an actress who can perform well in many different themes. 



Generally speaking, I like debut videos of many actresses as they somehow look more natural and innocent. This video is a good example of good debut video. Her being in a blue dress with a cute smile in the cover photo gives an innocent vibe, so I was thankful to the choice and effort that the producers put in. It starts with the interview followed by many one on one sex scenes. She appeared to be shy and giggled multiple times before and during the intercourse. This makes me feel like I am watching a cute girl, not necessarily an actress, having sex. She also communicated well with an actor during the intercourse, making this video more realistic to me. I was impressed by how well she took many big-sized penes as some actresses in their early career may act painful rather than joyful with a big cock. Although it has a relatively long running time (4 hours), I think each moment in this video is worth watching.



In my opinion, Aozora Hikari is a girl who is submissive in her nature. This movie shows how cute and sexy she is when she plays submissive. I like this series (hot spring series) as it involves many different actions (one on one, SM, and gangbang), and I was very glad that she was also in this series. Her performance during gangbang is why I like this movie so much as she appeared to be enjoying her time. The actors also did a good job eating her body and taking turns when banging. In addition to this wonderful gangbang play, a scene where she was blindfolded, her hands were tied, and her body was covered with oil was very sexy too. She tried many different sex positions in many different scenes so you will not get bored. Overall, her performance was flawless. If you are into gangbang, this is the one that you may want to consider. 



Let's change a gear. As mentioned above, Aozora Hikari has a good performance, and this video is a good example of that. In this video, she is not acting shy or submissive. She rather acts like she wants to have sex all day and night. She is more aggressive when it comes to kissing or sucking male genitalia. Her sex is also more powerful. Her cute face turning into a very lewd face is something that makes this video stand out even more. Also, it is not just sex that made me recommend this video. Her performance in the beginning of the video where she is seducing her boss with a charming and attractive voice is very well done. I also appreciated the scene where she is taking out a condom as I felt like the scene is very realistic. Also, the camera work is good as it did a good job with POV and recording from a distance so you can see the whole action. Overall, this video is a good example that shows the broad spectrum of her performance. 


At this point, I am sure most of the readers agree that Aozora Hikari has a beautiful naked body. What about her in an office lady look? Yes, this video shows how beautiful she is when she is in certain clothing. Her outfit in this video is a good choice as she looks so good in black skirt, white shirt, and blue necklace. She plays as a lewd girl again and it was beyond sexy when she was begging a male coworker to fuck her without a condom. Her facial expression, moaning sound, and video work are excellent in this video. I just love it when an innocent-looking girl is revealing her lewdness, and this video is a good example of it. 

In conclusion, Aozora Hikari is a well-balanced actress. Although she is not a top seller on FANZA but is a solid actress for SODs, Star label. While most of her sales are tracked elsewhere, I believe she deserves a spotlight as she has gone unmentioned at ZENRA until now. One downside is that she does not seem to do a lesbian play. I hope she will do a lesbian video or FFM threesome in the near future. Please let me know your thoughts on Aozora Hikari in the comment section and if you have any recommendations please let me know as well. Otherwise, thank you so much for visiting ZENRA and reading my blog post!


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sub hunter 1 year ago
You hit a lot of the points of what I enjoy about Hikari. Her initial natural cute looks is what got my attention and her performance skills are definitely commendable.

What makes her stand out to me is after watching her youtube channel (barely active these days), she is hilarious and quirky and it translates on screen when she has to act out roles, especially high-energy roles. I sometimes find myself amusingly distracted while watching some of her drama videos where she gets to act outlandish and it brings an element of comedy when enjoying her films.

If you can, there is a clip of her on a basketball court behind the scenes where she attempts to show her maximum vertical under a basketball rim, and if you can find it, it pretty much sums up her brand of comedy/cuteness.
1 0
Moonlight 1 year ago

Thank you for the comment. I am glad that you liked my writing ,and I am very happy to find another fan of Hikari's :)I will check out the clip that you mentioned :)

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