JAV Social Media Recap - March 2024

Published : April 4th, 2024 Written by yfoo collector

Ai Hongo causes a stir on Twitch

Ai Hongo is no stranger to streaming as she has been steadily putting up broadcasts on her Youtube channel. Late this March, fans have found a new Twitch channel under her name which caused people to speculate that she would also be trying out that platform. As such the channel got thousands of followers even before her first stream. It wasn’t her Twitch streams that had Japanese netizens talking about Ai Hongo though, instead she caused an incident that happened in Junichi Kato’s broadcast.

Streamer Unko-chan's FANZA tab (L); Unko-chan begging not the get banned from Twitch (R)

Junichi Kato, otherwise known as Unko-chan, is a popular streamer that mostly does gaming content. In one of his recent streams though, he accidentally showed his FANZA digital library and revealed that he had bought a lot of Ai Hongo’s JAVs. There were a lot of people talking about the incident with some people praising Unko-chan for buying JAV legally, while others were suspicious of the timing coinciding with Ai’s Twitch channel launch. Unko-chan however was quite worried about getting banned for showing his FANZA tab on Twitch. Ai Hongo, for the most part, found the incident amusing. Mayuki Itou, who was also mentioned on the stream, just tweeted out “who is Junichi Kato?”.

The most egregious case of package fraud in JAV? 

Noko Kamiya's cover photos and how she looks on video

Have you bought a product that was nothing like how it looked in ads or packaging photos? The Japanese call this パッケージ詐欺 “package fraud”. I actually came across the term when I read this writeup by Hinata Hikage, when her own debut was accused of being one. I didn’t really think Hinata covers were that doctored to be deemed package fraud but this March the internet found a very bad case of it with kawaii’s new actress Noko Kamiya. A tweet comparing the cover and promo photos to a screenshot of the film had gained more than 50,000 likes and garnered a lot of attention. 

Noko Kamiya's debut [CAWD-644]

The comments about Noko Kamiya’s actual appearance and her cover photos had people commenting about wanting a refund. Some even had harsher comments about how she should quit because she does not fit the kawaii label. Others were joking that Noko Kamiya looked more like a 37 year old than that of her listed age of 19 or that she looked like some male baseball players. While others were not as harsh saying that she still looks cute at certain angles. Personally I don’t really like how her face looks and photo editing was over the top, but she isn’t as ugly as people make her out to be. I also find her body quite pleasant with her large breasts popping out of her slim and tall frame and I might even follow her career if she does some interesting JAVs.

JAV shooting locations found in the wild

The last set of JAV posts that went trending on social media was people amusingly stumbling upon locations used for JAV shoots. The first is a guy who was looking for a restroom and thought he found a Lawson, instead he found a fake convenience store called “PLANEMART”. The store had covered up their windows and the guy who made the post stated that he also saw some men shooting something inside. He was left wondering if this is the place that JAVs use as their conbini set. He apparently also asked around and found out that the place charges 80,000 yen for a 5 hour rental.

Another person who went viral was a car enthusiast who posted a video of finding a car that looked like the Magic Mirror truck. The post is his most popular one to date and he caught the truck wobbling while in a parking lot. There were people speculating though if this is the actual Magic Mirror car that’s used in JAV shoots as there have been people who have made similar vehicles to rent out for other purposes. There are Youtubers and comedians who use a Magic Mirror truck in some of their skits, like this skit I found of a girl misunderstanding getting on the vehicle and sitting on the driver’s side passenger seat.

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