Caregiver School Stark Naked Mock Patient Demonstration Day First Half

Published July 4, 2022

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Eager to get low paying jobs (welcome to Japan), students nearing the end of their vocational schooling take part in hands-on demonstrations.

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Caregiver School Stark Naked Mock Patient Demonstration Day First Half
Timing and Translation by Patonyan
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Active participation is the best way to learn something.  This is a given.  This is why reading on its own while better than nothing will never hold a feather to hands on participation.  Life tip for those who love to learn from books:  if that's your only option, at least read everything out loud clearly and slowly.  You will remain more focused and be able to commit the information to memory at a higher rate.  Now, if you're a medical professional hopeful who wants to score a decent-paying job after graduating, you're going to latch on to every opportunity that comes your way even if some are more embarrassing than others.  For example:  mock patient demonstration day that requires full nudity in front of your classmates.

Could what happens in CAREGIVER SCHOOL STARK NAKED MOCK PATIENT DEMONSTRATION DAY contain any nuggets of truth?  Honestly, as someone who is neither geriatric, in the medical field, or has ever worn one of those aprons they seem to don (in Japan at least), I'm not totally sure.  But real or not, the information we get in this gargantuan four hour release about how to best take care of older folk looks very convenient...and sexy!

The cover for this SADISTIC VILLAGE is a bit odd in that it makes it seem like only two women are present, but we actually get three.  Strangely, one of the trio never seems to be in the scenes with the others making the industry fan part of myself think this could be an example of a movie containing extra footage from other releases spliced in.  It doesn't detract from the final product though.  This time sex is still kind of an afterthought, but the pacing has vastly improved.  From start to finish, we get ample CMNF and even CFNM moments including a surprise appearance by Rusher Miyoshi giving his own perverted doctor seminar to a great, messy result (older, he may be, but he can out-squirt actors half his age!).

YUZU KITAGAWA is my favorite of the three female 'students' though they all look the part.  In particular, she mixes naughtiness and a smidgen of innocence in ways far less common than you'd believe possible.  Nevertheless, both her and her classmates I can all vividly see any of them as actual caregivers.  After all, Japan is increasingly in dire straits with old outnumbering youth so I can't imagine even former JAV stars having issues being hired to work at retirement homes.

If you've enjoyed previous sexual demonstration movies by SADISTIC VILLAGE, there is no reason why you won't like this one.  And if you've ever been on the fence, I think the pacing issues including heavy nudity from the get-go make CAREGIVER SCHOOL STARK NAKED MOCK PATIENT DEMONSTRATION DAY a worthy cause of using time and tissues.  Sex happens all sadly at the end, but otherwise, what we get is pretty darn good.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 2699

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Great pacing from the get-go.
+Lots of CMNF and CFNM moments.
+You can learn a thing or do!


-One actress was only ever shown on her own making me think her footage was filmed on a different day.
-Sex, as usual, is shoehorned at the end (also probably due to scheduling issues).

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