What JAV Actresses Do After Retirement?

Published : May 3rd, 2024 Written by jmsorry

After spending countless hours inside the JAV studio and having sex with more people than they could ever imagine, all JAV actresses have to back up their bags and leave the industry. While very few get a solid 10+ years of work as actresses, majority of them retire after five or six years, even lesser. It's a reality of the game.

How do you start again after making bank in the industry? Over the years, actresses have done gone to several directions. Here are just some of the most common things that JAV actresses do after the lights are turned down and the cameras packed.


Continue working in the industry

I imagine working within the JAV industry quite fun for anyone, so it's not shocking that some actresses choose to continue working in it in any shape or form.

One example of this is Nao Masaki who debuted in 2006. While she was not exactly a blockbuster actress, she got deep into the industry as a freelancer, working primarily on fetish videos. She established herself as a dominant actress and gathered enough experience to navigate JAV waters.

Just three years after her debut, she started directing and eventually pursued it full-time. Today Nao had become one of the most sought-after directors in the industry. She's a mainstay in S1, SOD, Das! and other big studios.

Personally, she's one of my favorite actresses. All of her videos are fun and creative, and thus very entertaining to watch. If you're interested in knowing more about Nao Misaki's career, check out this incredible article by Oppaira. Check out one of her best works, PLA-058.

Still, in the grand scheme of things, Nao's career trajectory is quite rare, as most actresses prefer to leave the industry after their stint as an actress has run its courses.



Most former JAV actresses practically spent their 20s living in relative economic ease. Unlike their peers who toiled their youth away working 9 to 5, these former actresses got paid more than the typical Japanese early in their lives, so it would be quite difficult for them to transition to doing normal jobs again.

This is why many actresses go to the hospitality industry. Some work as hostesses, a fairly lucrative gig especially if you already have an established name.

Some of the actresses who have gone through this path are AIKA, Ichika Nagano, Aika Yumeno, and many others. Whatever keeps the boat floating, I guess.


Being a public figure

This option is quite common especially for the most popular actresses. Since many people already know them, retired JAV actresses usually bank on their fame to become brand ambassadors or something of the like.

Some examples of these are Sora Aoi and Maria Ozawa who have stayed in the limelight in some measure. Sora, for instance, was already crossing over to the mainstream entertainment industry through some acting roles. Even after her retirement, flocks of loyal fans still follow her life events, more than a decade after leaving the industry. She has successfully built a life away from adult video and sex, and yet she remains a fairly public figure - quite a rare feat for former big-shot actresses.

Maria Ozawa, on the other hand, used her face to sell products. She was taken as a brand ambassador for a 'sex-enhancing' product in the Philippines. She even opened her own club in said country. I imagine it would be quite difficult for her to get away from her previous life, I guess.

Many actresses also get involved in promoting some other - let's just say - "shady" businesses. Some active actresses such as Remu Suzumori and Eimi Fukada, among many others, get side hustles related to this stuff. Honestly, it's quite sad to see actresses being involved with these businesses, but there's no shame in the game, I guess.

Meanwhile, Kaho Shibuya has made a living as a streamer. Although she initially branded herself as a "former adult actresses" and was introduced as such in her many Youtube interviews, Kaho is now known for many things. She's a fairly famous cosplayer in the anime scene, a dedicated streamer, a creative writer, and much more.

Others pursue their passions, such as Shoko Takahashi, whose musical talents is quite known prior to JAV. She eventually dipped her toes in the DJing scene, and even released a mix using her JAV name.

All things considered, this path is probably the best for former actresses who have a sizeable fanbase. Fans, after all, are interested not only in the sex but in the characters that actresses play. Using their acquired fame to venture to easily venture into other paths is a wise career path.

It's no wonder that many actresses are already building their 'exit plans' even in the midst of their careers. Actresses such as Mahiro Tadai are pushing out content on Youtube for some extra exposure and income. Ai Hongo is also building a career in streaming. Many are going to Onlyfans, such as Hitomi. Actresses are wising up, and it's a good thing.



It's quite natural for people to settle down after having a crazy 20s. Naturally, many JAV actresses choose to tie the knot with their real-life partners after retiring.

Nana Ogura, for instance, kept her life open to the public through her social media. She got happily married and has now settled down in Europe.


Starting businesses

The internet's hoard of finance bros and crypto-bros all tell the same thing - invest. And JAV actresses are rallying to the call. After all, what's a better way to keep the moola flowing than to use it to build more sustainable ventures.

Take the likes of Yua Mikami, Known for having a great sense of style, she decided to pool her resources into building her fashion-related businesses, MISTREASS.



Finally, the real choice for 99% of actresses. Since most actresses get into the industry for a quick buck, many of them don't envision themselves doing anything that has to do with the industry right after a career.

After all, many actresses don't even get famous outside the adult industry. Majority don't get a special retirement video and simply disappear into the void.

Take, for instance, Koharu Suzuki who had a fairly and fruitful career. She even got a post as an S1 exclusive actress until her sudden retirement. Koharu-chan suddently stopped making videos, and poof, she's gone.

Tsubomi, after 16 years of a gigantic JAV career, decided to leave the city and live 4 hours outside of Tokyo for a more peaceful provincial life.

Choosing obscurity is not a bad choice. After all, being in front of the camera for a huge part of your youth can be quite tiring. Simply living like a normal human being certainly sounds appealing if it's something you have not experienced yet.


Which actress, do you think, had the best post-JAV career? Do you know of other common career paths for retired JAV actresses? Share them with us in the comments!


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Shimi 1 month ago
I'm intrigued by what Remu and Eimi's 'shady' side hustles are. Anyone have any insights?
2 0
jmsorry 4 weeks ago

it's something related to "gaming", but not necessarily of the COD kind.

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Brilliant Bill 1 month ago
Interesting topic. All my life I've wondered about women who did sex work when xxxxx. What became of them. Many, many years ago, when I was in college, I loved such a woman. I've spent my life wondering about her. Here's a tiny vignette I wrote some years ago:

My hands rinsed dinner dishes. Hers linked around my boyish waist, her beautiful face nestled between my shoulder blades. xxxxx in her love, I spun around and blurted, “Let’s get married.” She looked down, “But your xxxxxx? You’re white, graduating college. I’m a black street xxxxxx.” I could only say, “But we love each other.” In the end, she was too timid, and I failed to give her courage. I failed to love. We both lost. These many years later, I think of her each day, still with love.
2 7
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