New Student Physical Examination Day 2 First Half

Published July 10, 2020

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Embarrassed schoolgirls have their most intimate areas fondled by uncaring doctors while everyone watches.

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New Student Physical Examination Day 2 First Half
Timing by Patonyan
Translation by ZENRA
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While Japanese schools all begin in April, we didn't want to wait another year before showing the next iteration of SADISTIC VILLAGE's ultimate schoolgirl medical teasing series, NEW STUDENT PHYSICAL EXAMINATION DAY.  Some months ago we showed the first one and now we're back with its sequel.  The big question:  does it hold up?  Does it take what we saw previously and make it even better?  Are the girls even cuter??

NEW STUDENT PHYSICAL EXAMINATION DAY 2, like the first one, is a good JAV movie.  It's almost but not quite a great JAV movie.  On one hand, you've a huge cast of five young actresses, two or three female nurses and doctors (played by older women who often take on clothed roles in JAV movies), a trio of doctors played by actors we've all seen many a time, and a huge cast of other extras as well.  SADISTIC VILLAGE may not be the most popular studio when going by their minuscule internet presence both in Japan and abroad, but the quality of their titles is incredible.  They're just too busy creating great movies to worry about all that fan outreach.

Back to the movie in question:  this is not a great movie, but a good one.  The types of medical procedures done completely out in the open are back and the caliber of actresses is just as good so I have no negative things to say about that.  In fact, this really is a solid release overall, but the biggest issue I had with it was using that gosh awful Chiba studio that every maker likes to film in.  It's too big and airy making it hard to make out what's being said.  Even with the usage of boom mics (visible from some angles), there were times where we had extremely issues making out dialog leading us little choice but to occasionally ad-lib based on surrounding dialog and context.

My other issue with EXAMINATION DAY 2 is just like in the first one, we get sex scenes with all the schoolgirls, but again it's just shoehorned in at the end.  This time, the sex itself lasts a lot longer.  Before, only the last 40 minutes consisted of them.  This time we get almost double the footage with the group exam portions being reduced to about 160 minutes.  I'd of loved to see sex incorporated into the examinations themselves.  You already have a big group of mostly naked Japanese teens having their most intimate areas inspected.  Why not go all the way then and there with everyone watching?

It's always easier to complain than to appreciate and my apologies for bringing up my issues with NEW STUDENT PHYSICAL EXAMINATION DAY 2.  I still found the movie to be an enjoyable watch and do like how the medical scenes were shorter with more variety.  I never thought it was necessary to have each scene go on and on like in the first one and it looks like the director also felt that way.  BOKKI SUGIURA also plays a fantastic doctor who goes from very friendly to creepy near instantly with that uncomfortable downturn look he produces.  He may lack the kind yet perverted demeanor of ABE-chan, the head doctor in the first release, but I was happy with him and the other actors masquerading as medical professionals.

The best portion of EXAMINATION DAY 2 is when all the schoolgirls were stripped naked to have their temperatures taken via the anus.  The director had the acumen to place a still camera right by their face at the perfect angle that also showed the curvature of her butt and the group of male students ogling in the background.  Seeing their reactions as the brusque female doctor jammed it in while male classmates hooted and hollered (and fondled themselves) is exactly what SADISTIC VILLAGE is all about:  embarrassed female nudity in an absolutely crazy world of instigators.


Score:  3.5/5

Pro's:  Another huge cast, big budget JAV title that mostly delivers.

Con's:  Studios need to stop filming in that horrible Chiba studio.  Sex is real including cum, but shoehorned in at the end.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1620

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