Great Asses in JAV: Legs for Days

Published : November 18th, 2022 Written by Fried Chikan

Welcome back to the next installment in our Great Asses in JAV. Today we will be veering a little bit off subject. From looking at the fine ass to checking out the fine legs that support them. It's a bit of a cheat but what are asses without legs to support them. Here are some of the best legs in JAV. Long slender ones to short thick ones, we’ll find a pair to suit you. 

Arina Hashimoto (Arata) - Long Long Legs

Let’s start with the biggest name on our list, Arina Hashimoto (Arata). For most of her career the S1, then Faleno, and now Moodyz star has been a popular name. Her pretty face, idol persona, decent performing, and slender body has made many a fan. What some fans might miss under all that shine are her wonderful legs. I myself am not an Arina fan and haven't really dived into her stuff but those thin legs of hers gave me pause. What a long and thin pair she has on her. Standing tall at 5’5” Arina is taller than most actresses and towers above others with those stlits. Long long legs that make her look even taller down to her slender body. If you like legs then Arina has them for you for days. Her ass though is less spectacular; a decent ass for a girl her size. It is the legs that are the star of the show. One of the best pairs around and from a big name too. In porn people are usually looking for big boobs first then a pretty face, then a big ass with legs being way down their list of desirables. So it is nice to see her break the mold a bit. Fans of great legs should give the leggy JAV star a look.

Watch Arina in short skirts and pantyhose as she uses her legs to satisfy her students in or her by the pool in one of the best box covers around:

SSNI 497
“Devilish Beautiful Legged Female Teacher Always Tempts Me With Her Pantyhose”

SSNI 621
"Her Legs Measure 88cm From Her Crotch To The Floor A Barely Legal Babe With Beautiful Legs The Temptation Of A High Cut Uniform"

It was too hard to narrow down a quick recommendation. Our first video has her in office lady clothes, dark pantyhose, and high heels with loads of leg play in it. Her rubbing a cock on her thighs and legs with pantyhose on or awkwardly sucking cock with her high heels on that are making her too tall to bend down. Catnip for leg fans. The other has her in one fantastic costume. A bigger emphasis on her butt this one is a bit of a disappointment in that you expect it to take place in the water but Arina stays dry for most of it. But I still want to give the title a shout out because that skimpy sailor suit slash swimsuit hybrid is amazing and needs to be used by everyone asap. It perfectly suits Arina and her long stilts while riding up to her crotch so nicely. What a killer costume. The first title is better but the second has a great costume in it.

Ameri Ichinose - Skinny Legs

Our next girl is a blast from the past with Ameri Ichinose. First active during the mid 2000’s and on, she has since retired. The pretty Hafu was known for her large collection of uncensored scenes, a small no no for bigger names in JAV at the time (still now really). Physically she is very similar to Arina, standing up at 5’5” with a tiny butt and a skinny body. And what a skinny thing Ameri is, more so than others. She has a kind of super model body look; rail thin, gaunt, and slim. Her legs are much more lanky and bony but with a narrow waist and ample hips that make her figure look great. She is probably the lankiest of the bunch here today, so your mileage may vary with this bony broad. Give this JAV super model and her long legs a look.

Watch Ameri stick her ass and legs in your face in: ATFB 155
 “Hot Legs Tight Skirt Ameri” 

Mini skirts, high heels, and pantyhose are on the menu with this one. Ameri in an office setting in a leg focused video with a bit a femdom edge to it. I loved seeing her in all those tight fitting mini skirts the most. The camera does a nice job of giving us wide shots of her to see the whole picture. Some leg worshiping going on as she teases guys with her gams. There is also a surprise bondage scene with Ameri getting her hand cuffed up and a dildo stuck inside her. She writhes with pleasure as we see her legs shake and quiver. Later she gives a slightly rough blow job. A surprise submissive scene in the middle of the video. A perfect video to show off the full long range of her assets.

Mion Sonoda - Full Legs

All these skinny girls and legs not your thing? Well here are a pair that is a bit more full figured with the lovely Mion Sonoda. Debuting in 2015 and since retiring, she was known for her great figure, sexy looks, style, and her firm body.  At 4’11” she’s smaller than our last two girls but much thicker in the body overall. With full bodied, thick legs; plump thighs and ample calves. Mion has a nice pair of legs and with her height and fullness, they can make her look a little squat at times. I like Mion because she has a medium and balanced body all in all. Busty but not very, big but but not very so, slim but not skinny. She has a body that can please a wider audience. Even if you don’t care for her legs, or legs in general, her fantastic figure might make a believer out of you.

Watch this title solely to see Mion getting fucked in tight black leather pants in: ABP-758
“Ultimate Fuck 5 Fucks By 5 Directors ACT 02 Miraculous Dream Match” 

This is an odd title and I'm not sure what the entire gimmick is. It is extra long and she wears a couple of different outfits, a cosplay costume, and weirdly enough there is a long licking section. A scene where Mion just tongues the ever loving soul out of them as the camera zooms in. Weirdness aside I'm highlighting this title for the black leather pants. In one scene she has on this short white crop top, lacy heels, and one super skin tight black leather like pants. Whatever material it is they tear a little hole down there so she can take a nice dick pounding. Mion fully clothed taking a nice pounding from behind. She also has on all these very flashy and gaudy jewelry and long nails, very gal like which Mion has always gave off an air of. Her outfit as a whole is A plus plus. Come for the skin tight black leather pants.

Yurika Aoi - Amazon Legs

We’ve had skinny girls and short girls now lets get big with Yurika Aoi. This amazing amazon clocks in at 5’7” with a big behind, behind her. She’s taller than Arina and Ameri and much bigger. Yurika is not the biggest name around but she’s easily tallest lady on our list. This beautiful, towering giantess is a big lady with a whole lot to enjoy. Mainly that thick bum and strong pair of legs. She’s got some heft and thickness that hides how muscular she is underneath. When she moves you can see the muscle peeking out. A quietly legged lady who can crush you with her deceptively toned walkers. 

See Yurika smother her ass into men’s faces with this face sitting title: MIST-322
“Ass Hell – A Super Sadistic Slut Who Will Plant Her Alluring Big Ass On Men's Faces” 

See Yurika's dark side in this femdom heavy title. Funny title aside this is a pretty good title showing off her ass. It is pretty hardcore slash fetish heavy. There is bondage and anal play with Yurika giving not receiving unfortunately. It will not be for everyone but I liked the first scene that is ass worshipping heavy. Yurika stuffs her seat cushion into guy's faces, smothering them in Ass Hell (or heaven depending on your preference). I liked seeing how muscular her ass and legs looked and she bounced it up and down people's faces and hips. It might be too niche for you but you can still take a quick gander of how toned her bottom half is in it.

Yuri Honma - Chubby Legs

Next up is the very slutty Yuri Honma and her very fun body. At 5’3” Yuri is big at both ends with her large bust and just as large badonk. Yuri has been around for a couple of years but has only seen a recent rise in popularity. By changing her style, getting a tan, and pack on some weight. Yuri is turning heads with her slutty performing and her chubby body. Yuri can fit anywhere in out entries of Great Asses; from her fat thighs, to their jiggly ass. I put her here because I love seeing her thick self shake as she walks. Yuri is chubby and fat where it counts and where that counts is in her legs. Yuri’s bottom half seems to shake and shudder when she walks. Yuri seems to have skipped all her leg days and for that we get a rear end that is plump and loose. A fun fat ass that might not be for everyone, they might want more shapely and fit bums. But for fans of thick women they should love what Yuri has packing below the belt.

See Yuri shake and quake in: DDOB 079
“A Bimbo's Nympho Sex: Make Her Eat Thick Semen!”

The one that started it all for me for Yuri. This is a simple title with little plot or big gimmick. It is just Yuri is tight and skimpy revealing outfits having sex. Her sluttiness is highlighted foremost but it was he body that won me over. There are scenes and moments where Yuri is walking or getting up to change positions an her legs shake and jiggle in the best ways. Couple that with all the perfect lewd little sounds she makes and Yuri won me over easy. Give her a go and she'll win you over next.

Minami Aizawa - Petite Stunner

There is a lot to like about Minami. The cute small face, her stunning fit petite body, her great little ass, and performing that sits up there with anyone. What is less talked about with Minami are her low key fantastic legs. Minami has a quiet pair of amazing gams on her. She is only 5'1" but with her skinny body and thin frame she looks even taller than that from a distance in part thanks to those legs. I love how skinny yet toned they look and how they ride up perfectly to her little ass. Minami has a great fit body in a petite package and those legs go right with it. It doesn't get nearly enough play in my mind. A rocking set of gams on this one.

Jessica takes a back seat as her fine ass takes center stage in: IPX 620
“The Nasty Cowgirl Of An Older woman Wearing Pantyhose”

The pantyhose train continues. The leg wear is so flattering down the equator so of course it gets featured a lot here with our leggy stars. For the video Minami plays in different scenarios; office worker or teacher with a big emphasis on her legs and leg play. Minami using her feet to fondle dicks, or rub on out between her thighs, or jerk them off with her feet. Lots of pantyhose but my favorite was the lacy lingerie she wore near the end. Where she gets a short little scene of her putting it on. The garment riding up her legs until it hits her sweet little ass. So nice.

Yua Aida - Supermodel babe

Another blast from the past with Yua Aida the superstar from the 2000's. Like Ameri she is an older name with supermodel like looks and body. A big name during her time, Yua is dazzlingly pretty with a slight tan going on. She can be a bit up and down performance wise, prone to going through the motions in videos but when she was into things she could give a nice spirited performance. What isn't up and down are her legs, they are the reason we started this entire entry. Yua has fantastic gams on her. Like Minami she is not very tall but her slim and long legs give her a much taller appearance. Yua has my favorite among the skinny trio. She's not as skinny as Ameri or long looking as Arina but the most balenced of them all. Her legs look long while also a bit meaty with some fat to it.

Jessica takes a back seat as her fine ass takes center stage in: ONE 184
“Minimal Mosaic - Yua Is A Horny College Girl”

Two words leg warmers. Sick of all the panty hose than check out Yua decked in the retro leg wear in the first scene which is also the best one. In it she gets nice and sweaty as the action goes along. Her legs look fantastic, I only wish they realized that and took more advantage of it for the scene. Yua plays a horny student in a series of loosely connected scenes.

Anri Okita -  Legs that can Kill

When people look at Anri Okita they usually see her amazing tits first and foremost. Then they see her great curvy figure then her striking looks. Anri has a fantastic bombshell figure with curvaceous hips and an okay ass itself. What gets overlooked are her great muscular legs. She could crack walnuts with these meaty manhunters. Muscular thighs, shapely legs, and always looking good in heels. Anri could’ve made it into our hips or thighs entry but her legs deserve the highlight today. The best thing about Anri aren’t her tits, it’s her overall size and shape. From her hips to her legs, Anri is a whole lot of woman.

WANZ 219
" SEX Okita Anzunashi Technique That Would Let Erection Until You Put 10 Shots In"
(A solid title with some choice shots of her lower half)

Miki Yamase aka Nozomi Mikimoto -  Amazonian Gymnast

Miki is still new to me but her legs left a lasting impression. Miki is the impressive combo of being burly, flexible, and mature. Not only does she have walnut crackers like Anri, she is super flexible and likes to show it off. Gymnastics or dance; however she gained that body it deserves a big thumbs up for shaping her. Miki won’t be for everyone. She’s mature, muscular in peculiar ways, and with a clearly older body with stretch marks and all. She is also a small time actress and works less now but that body is still one of a kind. Recommended for mature and muscle lady fans.

NDRA 010
" Cuckolding Limber Housewife With Colossal Tits At A Yoga Class. My Wife Was Cuckolding Me In A Ridiculous Position Nozomi Mikimoto"

(See how limber she is in this yoga filled video)

Suzu Honjo -  Full Bodied Model

Finally we get to Suzu Honjo. One of the prettiest girls in JAV her body is not too bad itself. Slender and muscular, her legs are especially overlooked. Her ass isn’t all that big with a small booty and solid hips. But Suzu has gotten lowkey fit and her brawn legs and thigh muscles show it. They are also quite long and give her an even taller appearance. Coupled with her looks, Suzu is a real stunning model with a toned body. Her legs do not get enough play and I understand it. Her face is just so darn pretty. But head down south of the border and she will surprise you.

REBD 607
" Suzu 5 Elegance And Wildness"

(No porn here, just revel in her looks and body)

Jessica Kizaki - Leg Queen

Our long legged list ends with one of the best pairs to ever grace JAV with the fantastic Jessica Kizaki. The stunning Hafu was pretty popular during her time. Fans loved her for her toned slender body, gorgeous looks, fantastic performing, and her sweet ass to her sweet legs. From her ass to her legs, Jessica is great all around. A toned thick backside that muscular but also has some cushion for the pushing. Like Mion she fits into the more medium range. Jessica has a great all rounder ass that can appeal to anyone. Let this JAV legend convince you herself with her stellar bottom half.

Jessica dons the irresistable panty and garter belt set: IPX 230
“The Relentless Cream pie Fucking Of An Insatiable Lady Who Won't Let Go Of Your Dick No Matter How Many Times You Come”

Some more leg costume variety with Jessica wearing all sorts of panty and garter belt lingerie. Red ones, black ones, purple ones, even a leather pair. The best has to be the black one where she also puts on a neck choker.

More Legs

Can’t fit them here all here if you can believe it. There is also Nozomi Kitano with her perfectly small legs on her body. Just the ideal size for her tiny self and so darn cute. Such a pair of cute little walking sticks. Then there is Cocomi Sakura with a slender body and a meaty pair of gams. Slim with a nice ass; just my type. I also like Sumire Mizukawa’s tanned and toned legs. She and her body just scream slutty fun. The legs close and so do another entry in our Great Asses (Legs) in JAV. If you’ve got a pair of legs that you’d like to share, fire off below. In the future we’ll look at the most popular and famous asses in the game. 

(Cocomi and Nozomi)

Til next time, Fried Chikan out


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Jab hum 1 year ago
Reiko kobayakawa has undoubtedly the best legs in JAV
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Anton Algren 1 year ago

As an Arina fan, I appreciate her being on this list, as well as your eloquent description of one of her main selling points. I also appreciate you showcasing a wide variety of different legs. Sure to please everyone.

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