Fried Chikan's Cute Girls in JAV: Part 2

Published : June 2nd, 2021 Written by Fried Chikan

Hey Fried Chikan back with the second part on my “Cute Girls in JAV”. That’s cutest, not most beautiful or sexiest. This is all about the cutest girls in JAV.

Momo Sakura

Starting off for us is the cartoonishly cute Momo Sakura. Momo is top to bottom cute. From her face, to her entire body. Momo debuted in 2017 with Idea Pocket and has since developed a small but quality catalog of works. At 5’3” with G cup titties, Momo is both bigger and smaller than she seems. Aside from being cute her body is also very fun; from her soft breasts to her sweet bum. Momo is cuteness overload.

Momo’s like a real life version of a character from an anime or manga. From her button nose to her full yet thin lips. Momo is unbelievably delightful girl. She’s also got smaller eyes than most JAV girls going for that cute look. Small and narrow ones that squint up adorably when she smiles. And boy are her smiles something else. I’ve written about Erika Kitagawa and her beaming winning smile. Momo has a smile that rivals that in its pure cuteness.

“A Private Lesson In Seduction With Momo, The Female Teacher With Divine Tits.”

The video is a classic teacher seduction plot. Momo plays the seducing teacher to perfection. The video is great in every regard. From her outfits, to the camera work, to her fun body, to her remarkably pleasent face. She’s pushy and assertive yet still playful. She also sports some fantastic dark pantyhose. Just like Momo the video is great from top to bottom.

The best scene would have to go the bathroom scene. Momo corners a student and has her way with him. My favorites moment is when she finishes him off and he cums on her chest. The loving and cute look she gives him as he unloads onto her is sublime. It is almost as if she is trying to make him cum with both her hands and face. And who wouldn’t with that cute face of hers. Give this a title and Momo a go for cute girl to the max.

Kaname Otori

Our next girl does have big eyes. ones that you want to get lost in. Kaname Otori is our next cutie. Kaname was a youtuber turned JAV idol with Prestige but sadly her career was short lived. However what she left behind was a a gem of a tiny catalog. Kaname is a lesser known girl that few have seen and underappreciated during her time.

She might look like a typical petite girl but at 5’4” she’s much bigger than you’d think. With her tall for JAV build, medium figure, and pale skin, she is a lovely little waif. She’s got those big bulgy eyes kind of like Amanda Seyfried or Mila Kunis (or Steve Buscemi). I find her eyes to be absolutely adorable. Kaname has got a pleasing face and smile that’s easy to get lost in. 

“Losing Your Virginity With Kaname Otori”

The video has Kaname taking the “virginity” of various amateur men. Seeing the cute and tiny Kaname take the lead and fuck these virgins was a nice change of pace. Beneath Kanames’s cute face is a girl with an impish personality and a playful nature. It’s one of her best and surprising traits. In one scene she plays a light dom to one guy. She ties him up with tape and fucks him. The femdom is light and the two are having more fun than anything. Not all dom scenes have to be mean or aggressive. My personal favorite moment comes in when she is on top of him jerking him off as her pussy is right up against it. She encourages him on with supportive words and long hand strokes. Her pleasing smile and little giggles and laughs make it a really endearing scene.  Fans of cute girls need to check our Kaname.

Miru Sakamichi

The hard fucking Miru Sakamichi headlines our next title. Miru is an S1 girl that debuted in 2018. Miru has a small and cute face. With that narrow nose, cute cheeks, and nearly flawless skin. She gives off a demure and prim air to her but when you see her in action all that goes out the window. I mean check out that picture. How could someone so innocent and pure looking be capable of? The answer to that is slut slutty sluttiness. 

As the title states the video is all about Miru shamelessly fucking all the guys in front of her. It all starts out innocently and plainly enough but it is her great performance that powers this video. We get a lot of woman power fucking. Like Miru getting on top of a guy, lifting his legs in the air and taking him to pound town. We get plenty of great positions like this, too many to focus on. 

“Shameless Fuck After Abstinence”

Some of my favorites are when she is getting fucked from behind while she mounts a guy from behind and strokes his cock. Or when she sucks a guy off while playing with herself until she squirts. Not enough girls play with themselves when fucking, something that Miru loves doing. She is also quite the squirter. We have talked a great deal about cute girls doing cute thing and being cute in general. Miru is a very cute girl doing very slutty things. Come check out Miru for some hard fucking goodness from an honest to god cute slut.

Yura Kano

The S1 train continues with the youthful Yura Kano. If you liked the sluttiness of Miru, then you might like the sloppy sloppy action that Yura brings. Yura is a tiny little thing with a body that isn’t much to speak of honestly. She’s gained her popularity with that cute face and stellar performing. Yura’s at her best when allowed to just fuck and be herself, not caring about any plot or scenario. She can get absolutely dirty when she wants to. If Miru is slutty and like hard fucking then Yura is dirty and likes to get sloppy.

Yura’s got a very unassuming and shy face. Her small, narrow eyes being my favorite right behind that mouth of hers. Tiny cute lips that get up to some real dirty things. She even licks between a guy’s toes in one scene. As well as all over his body. Her butt might not be the best and I find it to be solid not poor and she puts it to good use. I’m partial to any scene that has her ass getting pounded.

“Full-Body Licking Sex With Tongues And Lips And Drool Richly And Thickly Intertwining And Tangling Together”

We get lots of drooling and spit swapping from the tiny cutie. In the third scene her hair is turned into this glorious mess as she looks so spent and tired. I love it when she gets all messy, sweaty, and disheveled from the fucking. The end of that hard fucking slop fest is capped off by a hard doggy style fucking that has her hair sticking to her face as she takes a load right on her tongue. Yura has never looked hotter or sexier than in that post coital moment. None of this takes away from her cuteness and in my opinion makes her ever cuter and alluring. Come watch this tiny cutie get down and dirty for a good time.


Our next girl is also a hidden gem. The lovely Karen is our next subject. I’ve written about her before and you damn well believe I’m going to write about her again. She did only a handful of releases before disappearing, with this title being my favorite. The video is a pick title where the guys pick up a girl “off the street” for some fun sex. The video and scenario is nothing to speak of really. What makes it special if Karen’s cuteness and cheery attitude.

Karen has that gal/Ganguro look you might see in JAV. But unlike most of those girls Karen has a much more subtle style. She isn’t plastered with makeup and jewelry but instead lets her natural beauty shine through. And she is one of the cutest girls I have seen. Up there with anyone on this list. She reminds me a lot of Erika in looks, smile, and upbeat personality. Like a gal version of Erika. 

“She's A Slut But A Dedicated And Loving Gal”

The first scene where she is takes on three guys is great but I already covered that so I’ll highlight another scene. There is a bathtub scene where she gives two guys some great head. Wearing a tiny black choker she looks cute as hell but it is her adorable face and smile that steal the scene. It shouldn’t be hard to see why I’m such a big fan of hers when you see that face light up. The only downer is that she only did a few videos, however I’ll still bang on her drum and tell everyone here how great she and this title was. It’s a real hidden gem like Karen.

Chinami Ito

Our final girl is someone I consider to be one of the cutest girls out there, in or out of JAV. Up there with my favorites with Kana Momonogi or Iori Kogawa. The captivating Chinami Ito caps off our list. Like Kaname and Karen, Chinami’s career was short lived, she was only in the industry for a few years and has a small catalog. Despite all that Chinami has remained in my personal top rankings due to her devilish personality and truly cute face.

Chinami isn’t the biggest stunning cutie. I would probably give that to Yume Nikaido or Momo. Those girls have bigger features and their cuteness is more in your face. However Chinami has this girl next door quality to her that find so alluring and attractive. And that smile. I’ve linked it below so you can see for yourself. A slight smile with just her lips that just beckons out to you. Kind of like a Mona Lisa type of smile. 

“Hip Blame Shiyouyo”

For the video itself, it is a typical POV girlfriend title. Chinami plays a great loving girlfriend/wife. The tight POV angles really let us see that cute face of hers. The sex here is light hearted and really intimate. They are many scene to like but the second needs to be highlighted. It is just a POV scene where Chinami fucks in bed. It is a slow burn and keeps a slow but steady pace. Intimate is the best way to describe it. In one moment Chinami presses up against the guy’s chest and plays with his nipple as the lucky bastard rubs his hard dick on her boobs. It’s a small moment but it really felt like the two were just lost in the moment and just enjoying each other. Check out this title for rip roaring cute time. Chinami is not a drop dead gorgeous girl but has this quality that’s difficult to exactly describe but her appeal is undeniable. I’m hope more people take note of her. Chinami is one of the cutest girls out there.

Other Cute Girl Suggestions

I didn’t include her here but Kana Momonogi is one of the cutest girls in JAV. Yua Mikami actually lives up to the hype and has face fit for a pop star. Iori Kogawa is a girl I consider to be cute, sexy, beautiful and hot all at the same time. Hibiki Otsuki is both a cutie and a older woman at the same time.

Well that wraps up the Cutest Girls in JAV and another article from me. Think I missed any names? Should I have definitely included X or Y? Then chime in below. I’m more than happy to hear more about any cute girls in JAV. I am planning a follow up article to this starring the most beautiful girls in JAV. And maybe even one for sexiest or one for girls that have lots of plastic surgery done. So look out for that in the future.

Fried Chikan out


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Bomo1330 3 years ago
Man I really think you're underrating Yura's body, she's petite but thick and she's gotten thicker in the past few months, her boobs especially seem to have grown a bit.Now, I'd like to add Mia Nanasawa, another cute slutty girl, especially when she's whispering into your ears.
3 0
short hair lover 3 years ago
One name i'd add is Mahiro Tadai. She just exudes cuteness in everything she's involved be it AV, her youtube channel or social media.
3 0
Fried Chikan 3 years ago

Yeah her youtube videos are great, i've actually not seen her JAV stuff yet but have watched a bunch of her youtube vids

2 0
ZENRA 3 years ago

It's almost criminal she wasn't added to this list. Hopefully she appears in a needed sequel. Can't end on a part two! We need a trilogy. :)

2 0
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