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Published : May 20th, 2024 Written by Panking

S1 has been a booming dairy farm lately with all the big titties they've been popping out over the past several months. The latest one is Ren Gojo who comes from a reasonably successful gravure background going by the name "Chika Yuuki". She had some heavy hype behind her but sometimes the transition from gravure to JAV can be rather rocky. Does she stick the landing? Let's find out.


Former Gravure Idol Debut

Kicking off my first impressions post with her debut film of course. It's just like any other debut film for the most part with her background story being that she game from gravure and is making her transition to JAV. As such, she had some fairly built-up hype surrounding her debut since she already had a decent following beforehand. Interesting enough, this one does deviate a bit from the standard formula for debut films. Usually, they all begin with a lengthy interview before she undresses and settles into her first sex scene. This actually leads me to one of my biggest issues with the film. We don't actually see her fully naked at all. In fact, it's not until the final scene that we even get to see her tits. The film massively plays with the gravure aspect and teases the viewer throughout by making us wait to see the gods until the very end.

I hate it to be honest. And it's not even worth it because that scene is kinda ruined by her wearing a virgin killer sweater that partially obscures her chest anyway. It's such a horrible decision. And the action as a whole isn't that great either as it's heavily bogged down by a lot of fluff leaning into her gravure side. We get two sex scenes and two paizuri scenes overall. The first paizuri scene is pretty terrible as it's just the guy barely fucking her tits while she does next to nothing. The other one is more enjoyable as she gets a bit more involved and the bikini she's wearing looks extra nice on her. However, the two sex scenes are just completely forgettable marred by the wardrobe choice for the most part. And performance wise there's not much to say as since it's her debut. It's about what you expect. All in all, I can easily say this is my least favorite debut from the new titty monsters of S1. Maybe those that are into gravure will appreciate it more but it's a complete snoozer for me.

Overall Rating - 5.8/10


Top Busty Gravure Idol Gojou Ren S1 Exclusive Decision! 3 Productions

After a very lackluster debut, we had to wait four months for her next new release. Thankfully it proved to be far more enjoyable. There isn't much to talk about regarding the setup as it's your traditional generic vanilla post-debut follow-up type film. It's just comprised of a series of straightforward sex scenes with not much else beyond that. There is a brief interview portion at the start but thankfully it doesn't overstay its welcome. It's all par for the course and follows the typical S1 formula for their debuts. With that let's jump into the action. It features three sex scenes with one being a threesome and a paizuri scene. I honestly have no complaints here. Every scene is satisfying real cumshots, balanced pacing, great intensity, and a nice range of positions. Ren Gojo's appearance here definitely deserves some praise as she looks fantastic.

Her hair/makeup are on point and her wardrobe, while minimal, adds just enough to spice up each scene. Out of all the big titty debuts so far from S1, she may just be the prettiest. And those huge knockers really are something else. One aspect I unfortunately have to knock is her acting. Her performance here is quite underwhelming. I'm aware she's still new so I can cut her some slack but even so, I was disappointed. Her facial expressions more than anything are lacking which is apparent during the tittyfuck scene. And in general, her enthusiasm leaves something to be desired. Hopefully, she'll improve over time. All that said this is still a major improvement over her initial release and gives me some hope that she may actually live up to her pre-debut hype. Everything here is an improvement from the action to the production values and especially the pacing.

Overall Rating - 9/10


J Cup First Orgasm! Deep Sensation Development Big Orgasmic Sexual Intercourse

Ren's third release is up on deck and what a surprise, it's yet another vanilla film. The only real slight difference with this one is that it lightly features an increased focus on stimulation via toy use such as vibrators and whatnot. The end result is pretty much more of the same that you've already experienced from her previous two videos. I'm personally not too fussed overall as it's to be expected and for what it's worth, it's executed fairly well starting with the action. It consists of three sex scenes and a paizuri scene. Sound familiar? It's the exact same structure as the last film. I'm not complaining too much as it's a solid setup and the sex is pretty enjoyable across the board thanks to some real cumshots, diverse positions, and excellent production values. Those in particular do a lot of lifting to make each scene feel at least slightly unique and prevent feelings of repetitiveness.

One such example is the second sex scene which utilizes a handheld camera setup for both POV and static shots. I'm usually not too keen on this but it's handled well enough. The lighting is very nice too and in particular is really great in the first scene as she ends up covered in body oil resulting in a nice glistening sheen. And the pacing is well balanced throughout with no scenes overstaying their welcome. Now when it comes to her performance, things really haven't improved any at all. Her facial expressions are still pretty stiff and her general engagement leaves a lot to be desired. Her energy is serviceable but that's about it really. She's still got a ways to go. Of course, it's only her third release so I can't be too harsh on her but it would be nice to see some level of improvement at least. While her performance is lacking, everything else here is quite good relatively speaking. It's not the most innovative film out there but it gets the job done and makes for a quality watch.

Overall Rating - 8.6/10


Interchanging Body Fluids, Intense Sex, Completely Uncut Special

Ren's fourth release features yet another vanilla setup much to the surprise of no one. It's from a series that many new S1 debuts take part in where it's simply a series of one-on-one scenes shot in several different hotel rooms with an emphasis on intimacy. There's really not much else to say here really. What you see is what you get. It's not bad but just kinda bland. Hopefully, we'll get something with a bit more plot to it coming soon. Anyway, the film itself is still decently enjoyable but nothing too memorable overall. The structure is completely identical to her previous few releases when it comes to the action as it consists of three sex scenes and a paizuri scene. All around the action is great if not a tad too basic thanks to the somewhat repetitive settings.

I will say the intensity is solid throughout with a nice range of positions in every scene and all the cumshots being real is always a treat to see. Now I do think the film is decently shot for what it's worth as there is a slightly different lighting setup for each scene that does help to prevent things from getting too stale. The camerawork can be a little hit-or-miss but it's mostly fine. It's just that sometimes the angles are too close which happens most frequently in the last scene. And finally, her performance is yet again, pretty forgettable. There may be a slight improvement but barely. She's still mostly submissive besides a few instances with middling facial expressions. SONE-169 makes for a fine watch that is mostly satisfying but doesn't leave much of a lasting impression.

Overall Rating - 7.8/10


Gravure Idol Sexual Release

Here we have her most recent work and one that, unfortunately, really fails to impress. The setup for this film is nearly the exact same as her previous handful of films with its complete lack of plot whatsoever and instead is just derivative and extremely vanilla with a slight focus on intense orgasms and stimulation. But even then it doesn't really matter as it enfolds exactly the same as the rest of her films. There's just no originality here whatsoever and I am beyond ready to see her in something more plot-driven. The similarity doesn't just extend to the theme but also the action as it too is painfully formulaic. The structure is just the same as the last film consisting of three sex scenes, a dull stimulation scene, and a woefully underwhelming paizuri scene. Her performance is awful in that one and as soon as the guy starts cumming, she lets go of his dick in an extremely disappointing finish.

The sex scenes themselves are fine but nothing more. They do nothing to stand out and aren't memorable in the slightest. The cumshots are real at least which is nice but that's still not enough to make a lasting impact. And sadly, her performance does little to boost the scenes. Her enthusiasm is quite lackluster as she's barely involved at all with weak engagement all around. Facial expressions aren't that great either. I haven't been impressed by any aspect of her acting yet and that still remains unchanged. I will say the production values at least are solid enough. Ren looks terrific as always and the camerawork and lighting go a long way in enhancing that aspect. On a more personal note, I wasn't a fan of her keeping her bra on in the last scene. Just let those titties loose, please! SONE-214 overall was pretty uninspired and doesn't do anything at all to stand out from her other films. It's just the same exact recipe as before with no spice at all resulting in a rather dull watch.

Overall Rating - 7/10

Overall Thoughts

Five films later, how do I feel about Ren Gojo? While she may not quite stack up to my main new busty favorite in Momoka Kagura, I still really like her and think she can carve out a spot in a suddenly crowded big titty farm over at S1. I easily think she's the prettiest among all the new busty starlets and even setting that aside, she's still quite good-looking all around. It's not much of a surprise given her gravure background. Her boobs are certainly unique with her rather large areolas and they are obviously quite huge. I definitely love the size but I'm not overly fond of their shape. They're still great, but I'd take Haru and Momoka's chest over hers for comparison's sake. Moving on down I will say her ass isn't too bad overall. She's not as caked up as Momoka but she's got some nice hips at least that helps her booty stand out a bit more making for some decent eyecandy when given a rearview shot. And finally regarding her acting, I still can't really say all too much. She's obviously still very fresh but also hasn't been given any films that actually push her ability in any meaningful way. It's all been generic vanilla setups so it's difficult to get a good read on her yet. I will say that she doesn't appear to be a complete dead fish so there's that at least. Her general enthusiasm isn't terrible so I'm hopeful there's room for improvement over time. All this said, consider me a fan. I'm not as over the moon about her as say Momoka but she's still great nonetheless. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on her and checking out her new releases over the coming months.


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Ownerd 3 weeks ago
Personally I am a Momoka Kagura and Haru Minato fan but she is nice too.
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Oppaira 3 weeks ago

I don't know if I share your enthusiasm that she can cut it against the state of tits at S1. Haru might be MIA but we've still got Momoka Kagura and Miyu Kiyohara from last year, they had Rea Maruishi this year and Yu Tano (110L) next month, not to mention the crowd from before like Hikaru Nagi, Konan Koyoi, and Mei Washio. I can't watch all this generic stuff like you do and I tend to flop between them as a result, just watching the more interesting stuff. It's just so hard that you really do need to stand out like Momoka to cut it.

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