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Published : January 24th, 2024 Written by Oppaira

Hey everyone, Oppaira here. Today I've got a fun post to talk through. I'm sure we've all seen countless JAV and we've all had our own thoughts about how we would do things differently. I know I have after reviewing hundreds upon thousands of videos. I've also thought to myself what I would do if I were totally in control. How would I make my own video or series? Well today I'm doing exactly that. I've come up with an idea for a JAV series and I'm going to walk you through what I've got cooking. So sit back as I explain what my idea is and how it's going to work.


Title: Milfy Apartment (熟女のマンション)

Studio: Madonna

Type: Series

Yuki is off to university, except he didn't get accepted into the school of his dreams, even after trying again. Instead he's off to the countryside to live with Miki, his step-grandmother, in the small apartment complex that she runs as the landlady. Yuki arrives during the summer before school starts to get situated to where he will spend the next few years studying. While there he's greeted by all the residents and finds it's filled primarily by older women... attractive older women. When the women are faced with a strapping lad from the big city they all seem to want a piece of him, and Yuki finds out he's actually had a thing for MILFs all this time. So begins the summer of adultery at the milfy apartment!


The main idea of this comes from a few different places but the biggest is me wanting to do a proper series. JAV has "series" but it's more of a mix between anthology and episodic. Yes, you can usually tell it's the same series, but all the characters change and it's kind of hard to truly care that much. As a fan it's more about actresses I like than the story itself and I feel like with this we can change it. I think especially in JAV where two hour videos are the norm, it seems weird that we basically never have things like this. Some lower tier studios have experimented with things but never quite to the extent I'm proposing. I really do believe that you can make a series like this with enough things interconnected that you'll enjoy the journey our protagonist goes on.

Each entry themselves will focus on an actress that we pick for this particular episode. We'll find some sort of theme to attach to it which can realistically be just about anything. One might be an office lady, another might be a teacher at the university, another might be a widow. We've got so many different themes we can easily pick and choose from to help keep the entries feeling fresh.

Plot Overview

Each video will start off with a "last time on MILFy Apartment" blurb where we recap the previous episode. It will start off with the series overview, saying something like "my name is Yuki and after failing to get in to a good school I came here to a crummy school and things weren't quite what I expected...". Then give me just a minute or two where Yuki narrates over a flashback of him meeting the actress and getting busy with her. My thought process here is to accomplish three things as the director:

  1. To push the continuity to people so they can see right from the very beginning that this is a series and that there are others they should have watched.
  2. To try and sell other videos in the series by giving people a quick taste of the highlights. I'm sure people watch trailers but you can't ignore it as easily when it pops up right in your video.
  3. To give people some nice content to get them started with since we might end up with some lengthier plot intros in different episodes.

Wanz Factory kind of does this in their 10 Minute series and I would expand a fair bit on this.

The videos themselves are pretty free to make the action happen in any way they see fit. The only thing that really needs to happen from episode to episode is there being a main MILF actress and her having sex with Yuki.

I'm envisioning the outtro doing two things to also help with the continuity of the series as a whole.

The first thing is to have some sort of view of all the different women that have been in the season so far. I'm thinking to make it look like the wall of women at the cabaret club in Yakuza where you can see an image and their name. I would actually design it a little differently where it shows the apartment layout and shows the women that live at each of the rooms. It would clearly outline each of the units they have and give you a sense of the remaining episodes by virtue of there being no photo attached to one of the rooms. This would help remind everyone who has been in the series and of course partially convince people to look at other episodes.

The second thing would be to have a preview of the next episode. You ever watch Dragonball Z when you were younger and see them say "next time on Dragonball Z..."? I'm thinking exactly that. Since videos are shot several months in advance we can hopefully clip together a few seconds from an upcoming film. I really hope it doesn't conflict too much with the new stupid AV law and if it does then oh well, but it would be really cool to be able to do it. If it does we can always just have Miki or Yuki talk about it for a few seconds in some additional footage just for this purpose.

What I would make sure to do in each episode is keep our step-grandmother involved in the plot portions. I want to keep involving her to keep up a sense of continuity between episodes. You can pretty easily get creative with how she's involved in every episode, having here there for plot portions, making things risky, the world is your oyster. As I am someone that enjoys a bit of risky action it would be very nice to try and incorporate it to varying degrees in each of the episodes. We need to be very careful about Yuki getting caught because it's a series and we can't come back from it, but there are plenty of ways we can do things that are risky, not get caught, and really build up that tension. This is especially true over the course of the entire series because it can become a running gag that Yuki is fucking everyone and Miki hasn't realized it.


Step-grandmother - Miki Yoshii

The stepgrandmother is the most important female role and will be played by Miki Yoshii. My thought process behind this is that I want the actress to be capable of two things:

  1. They can appear in every single episode as a side character not engaging in anything sexual.
  2. That something sexual is on the table if the plot goes in that direction.

I had initially thought about casting Maki Tomoda but realistically speaking you can't have her play random side characters like this. If I had 100% control over it and infinite fundingI would put Maki Tomoda but I'm being a bit realistic here instead. With Miki Yoshii you absolutely can cast her in side character roles, she does it all the time. In fact, she played a non-sexual character in the first Ichika Matsumoto video I watched oddly enough. She also still does it today, she's featured as a side character in the Himeka Iori video on my January watchlist. If you have to pay her small fee to shoot a couple of scenes for plot portions I think that's totally doable and that's something we are totally going to do all the time.

The second benefit to her is that she can fully participate in content if you need her to. In fact, she was on Madonna's MONROE roster as an exclusive actress not too long ago. While these days she's off doing freelance things for weaker studios she's certainly still active having 2024 releases. That means we can totally put her into a film or two should the moment arise. She looks great for her age and I'm sure she would do well reprising a role at Madonna. I'll be honest with you, I have plenty of ideas about how to incorporate her but I haven't quite figured out how. Will I do it? Who knows, but for now let's just leave that as the open possibility for the future.

Protagonist - Yuzuru Yuki

This guy always gets all the student roles and I figure he's perfect to play the role here as well. He doesn't quite look like he's 20 anymore but that hasn't stopped anyone from pretending. He's a great actor and stars in a ton of drama videos like what I'm going to be doing here. He's been around for so long and has probably worked with every cast member.

Individual Actresses - Madonna Roster

Since the series is done for Madonna we have access to use their roster any way we see fit. The way I break down their exclusive roster it falls into three major buckets for me.


One of the side benefits of using Madonna is having access to rotating actresses as freelancers. Even if a MILF doesn't work for Madonna as an exclusive actress as long as they aren't exclusive elsewhere they are on the table, and we do quite regularly see big freelancers working for them. Hell, even if they are exclusive elsewhere they're on the table as we saw recently with Mei Washio being borrowed from S1. Madonna has managed to get actresses like Non Ohana to join their roster so we can scout anyone if we need. Even if you thought they weren't old enough to fit Madonna and that it would make no sense, Madonna has done otherwise; I can't say Ichika fits their roster at all and yet she's worked with them more than once.

The first major bucket are the long term veterans. These are actresses that have been exclusive to Madonna for years at this point and are going to continue to do so. You have a ton of flexibility in where or how you use them because you can count on them to still be there. You can take your time to utilize them for a specific episode or you can cast them in a role that gets reprised later on in the series.

The second bucket are your debuts. They can all peter out at any point but there's always a steady stream of them coming in each year. This is basically a pick your favourite scenario, find the one that appeals best to you or fits a certain episode and cast them. My general approach would be to use them in one-off episodes where I don't expect them to still be around for a second one but if I cast enough of them there's a good chance someone will be around. Even if we do cast someone expecting them to stick around we can always just say they moved or something so it's easy to manage.

The third group are your random transfers. I call them random because transfers don't always work out so well. We've seen a lot of actresses move to Madonna and get the door quite quickly. It happened to Minori Hatsune, Kana Kusakabe, and Minaho Ariga in recent years, and all of them are still active post-Madonna. You'd probably want to avoid reprising their roles in future films but it's not unheard of for them to come back.


For me inspiration comes from a lot of different places. First and foremost would probably be some hentai inspirations.

Horny Apartment by Yamamoto Yoshifumi

The first one and most obvious one is Horny Apartment. It's a fairly old hentai (and I'm maybe dating myself here) but it's a great one. Masato's pops disappears and leaves him in charge of running the apartment complex. He has absolutely no idea what he's doing but he's now in charge of running it. He struggles to survive when they don't feel like paying him rent but that just opens the doors for tons of fun content in the story where he finds himself in all sorts of weird and wonderful situations. He has sex with so many different women in the series from random milfs to a doctor to a teacher, and it's definitely the main inspiration.

Unlike with Horny Apartment I made it entirely MILF focused but I also made it a bit more relatable like this. University admission exams (入学試験, nyuugakushiken) are hard and people fail them all the time and study. In fact, there's even a term roninsei (浪人生) that means a student who failed and is waiting for another chance at the yearly exams. Our protagonist Yuki is just such a person but eventually gives up and accepts going to a lesser school. In doing so we get to cast someone a little more realistic as well, someone who could totally be pretty average and not need some sort of stud muffin.

Blue Eyes by Tohru Nishimaki

Blue Eyes is another fantastic manga that once again dates me. One of the things Tohru Nishimaki was big on was making it feel like a legitimate manga series with clear story arcs. In fact, he too has his protagonist go to the countryside for summer vacation. I've always envisioned it as clearly having different arcs (which I'm calling seasons) but also having some carryover. Yes, Miki will be in all of them, but who knows what we can do with other actresses.

Blue Eyes took the time to introduce other characters and weave them into the story. Sometimes those characters were someone we'd get a full volume more or less dedicated to and other times they'd just be the maid and in a single scene. With some of those new characters they'd weave them into plots with the other characters too and you'd get some spicy action. I like the freedom to just do whatever makes sense for the narrative or feels right even if we might realistically not be able to do all my crazy ideas.

Nurse vs Nurse Battle

Another place I drew some inspiration is seeing intermingled stories in JAV itself. This nurse vs nurse battle series is one that really sticks out to me and one I saw a while back. What was interesting about this was the two videos being intermingled. It had a complex narrative of them getting frisky with the other one's man which was interesting to say the least. I think the thing that stood out to me about it was how we really could get multiple videos having a joint narrative and not really just the single videos that are just single videos.

Another place this series draws inspiration from is simply looking at Madonna's roster. They have a great roster with a lot of wonderful actresses and at times it can feel a little bit like it's not really a roster. They very rarely do anything together and it's just the 20th anniversary stuff now where you see them all hanging out together. I've enjoyed it a ton and when I see them all together I immediately start wondering why it took this to get that kind of content. I can see why mature women themes lend themselves more often to solo videos but there's surely something a little more involved than this they can do.

Why I think it will succeed

For starters I like the idea of a series that is truly a series. You almost never see it in JAV and it's kind of annoying nobody is willing to do it. Gogos has done some stuff but only fairly loosely.

Another key thing is the flexibility this series offers. I find the best series are the ones that have a game plan, can make each entry easily identifiable, but give you enough flexibility to make each entry feel unique. All of the ones where you cheat on your girlfriend with her sister do it well because you just need that risky element to stay there. Oppai's does it best when they all promote her tits and creampies, especially when they end each entry with the girlfriend watching as the boyfriend creampies her elder sister. With us casting Miki Yoshii across all the episodes and having the same settings we can make it work pretty easily. We can use things like flashbacks to other episodes to sell it too (and hopefully encourage viewers to go watch other episodes). That's really the only thing you have to do to make episodes work between entries so you can go wild with things.

One major problem I have had with Madonna is their insistence to use younger actresses that just don't fit their image. Why oh why are actresses like Ruka Inaba or Misono Mizuhara starring as mature women in your films? Someone please explain it to me! I've always thought it would make more sense to star them in videos alongside someone else. Make them play a schoolgirl while the mature actress plays the teacher, or make them play the stepdaughter. Sure, you need to star another actress but at least I won't be wondering why the MILF is 19 years old. This is why I was so much happier when they cast Ruka Inaba alongside Maki Hojo in one of their hentai adaptations and Ruka wasn't playing a MILF. In our case it will fit the narrative very easily and I already have some great ideas brewing.

Another big reason it can work is that there are easy exits. You can set the series up in a way where each entry stands alone quite well. That makes it so viewers don't really have to be super involved and watch every single episode to enjoy it. I'd like to believe a lot of viewers will be like me watching Oppai's GES series and watch every single episode but in reality that just won't be the case. Maybe some will be more like me watching Wanz Factory's 10m series where I've seen half the entries, but in reality most people will only watch ones with actresses they like and only every now and then. It should be pretty easy for us to manage that between flashbacks, some monologues, and also just keeping each entry pretty isolated. As much as I would love to cameo actresses in the film you'd never really get that to fly. Maybe, just maybe, you'd have two of them shooting at the same place at the same day and you'd get 10 minutes from them to shoot something non-sexual, but I wouldn't bet on it and I'd assume not.

Season 1

In season one we're intentionally focusing on Yuki arriving during summer break and just focusing on the milfs of the apartment. No need for us to go crazy and have our wild school adventures yet, not when we can simply do this and get away with it. We don't necessarily want to completely abdicate the concept of him going to school here but we can downplay it a lot. Remember, the series is called MILFy Apartment not MILFy School, so the concept still works without the school.

Season 2

In season two Yuki is finally headed to school. While the apartment complex is still going to be a setting we use throughout the series it's going to be downplayed a lot in favour of the school. There will absolutely be sex in the classrooms the way you would expect to see when he's in class now.

Conclusion & Episodes

Now I hope you didn't think I would put all this effort into a series like this only to leave you hanging. Come back tomorrow to see the first entry in the series! That's right, I'm going to be writing blog posts for all the episodes I come up with and will be doing so each month. I have some great ideas cooking and I hope you'll follow me along as I write all the episodes of this lovely series. And of course, I hope you've enjoyed reading all about the series I've come up with. It sounds like a ton of fun to me and I hope you're all as interested as I am. Until next time!

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ZENRA 3 months ago

My super simple JAV idea is to take a regular vanilla drama movie starring anyone and in one scene and one scene only have either:

(less daring) Random glory hole. Imagine Nao Jinguuji having passionate sex on a bed like always with her paramour but out of the blue a glory hole appears which she makes use of. It's never explicitly acknowledged and we never find out who's behind it.

(more daring) Same as above except instead of glory hole that actress uses but never acknowledges, actor picks up actress for ekiben sex and walks OUTSIDE of the frame ala a Mel Brooks movie where we see cast and crew simply doing their thing (face mosaic OK) before returning to the bed to finish up. Again, this is within a vanilla drama movie that otherwise 'sticks to the plot'.

Double egg 3 months ago
If I were the director, I would keep the formula simple. Smile, (both) pervert, and no xxxxxxx. It could start with jealousy of the partner next door and teasing him or just because he's handsome and teasing him. Then, if they are caught, the milf is not angry and shocked, but instead happy, she will invite that person to join too (at the same time or at another time). Theme can be at house, hospital/workplace or school and can be with older/younger man(s). The important key is to doing pervert things as they just like a horny amateurs.
afse 3 months ago
Since you mentioned hentai manga here, I would suggest you read SanBun Kyoden's TubeRose Cage. His other works are good too.
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