BREAKING: Meguri Hints At Comeback, Nina Nishimura Gets Hitched & More

Published : February 17th, 2024 Written by trapstar

Here's a rundown of some of the top stories that happened in February

MINAMO Turns Brand Ambassador For A Lingerie Brand

Starting the column with a one off news but apparently, our darling Minamo has ventured into quite the unconventional career path… yeah, she's now selling panties! You read it right, in an affiliation of it's kind, quite literally the SOD JAV exclusive actress has made her association known with the high fashion lingerie brand and isn’t holding back on promotions as is evident in the tweets below.

The news broke out as Minamo took to X to announce her collaboration with the leading Japanese lingerie brand through a series of tweets. I mean the marketing guys at the brand should be given credit for zeroing up on Minamo as their ambassador. With her skyrocketing popularity that even surpasses mainstream actresses, choosing her for promotions was undoubtedly a no-brainer.

As part of the promotional campaign, Minamo was tasked with endorsing the brand's exclusive Christmas and New Year lingerie collection. Moreover, she enthusiastically participated in a star-studded event held in January, where fans got an up-close chance to meet her at the brand’s meet & greet event with JAV’s very own ambassador. Picture Minamo striking poses for you in a shimmery red two piece, damn, nothing less than stuff of dreams!

The brand's official handle tweeted, "This year's holiday collection, the next generation of “cute and cute” female representatives. MINAMO-chan appears as a model"

Is this a surprising career pivot that Minamo had hinted at in her previous interviews? It seems like the actress is actively exploring alternative avenues for her professional career, and this little venture into lingerie modeling might just be the beginning of what is to come. Could this be her way of acquiring the skills needed for a potential second act post-retirement from the JAV industry? I speculate it could be or gravure, considering how she is cute enough to be a gravure model.

I’m not the only one who thinks so, it’s all over the air with fans gossiping about Minamo's unexpected move, wondering if this bold career choice is a hint at her plans for life after the adult entertainment industry. On a personal level, I definitely believe that her foray into lingerie modeling could be the start of a glamorous second chapter in her career.

Currently, Minamo is making waves in the JAV scene, with her recent appearances captivating audiences. However, with this daring step into the world of lingerie, it appears that Minamo is set on proving that she's more than just a star on the screen. Only time will tell if Minamo's lingerie venture will be a short-lived fling or the beginning of a thriving second career. One thing's for sure, she's got everyone talking!

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Nina Nishimura Is Now Officially Hitched

Nina Nishimura is now officialy married! In a surprising revelation that was received with mixed reactions, the actress has officially accepted of taking the plunge into wedded bliss. Breaking the mold of silence that often shrouds the private lives of JAV actresses, Nishimura chose to share with her fans, declaring herself a "real wife" in a recent tweet. This unexpected disclosure has left fans both intrigued and full of questions.

"I got married. I'm a real married woman now, it's unusual for a woman to announce her marriage while still active as an AV actress, but it's generally a happy thing, and I think it's a natural thing to do considering my age, as it's been 14 years since my debut. I'm thinking, rather than hiding the joyous and happy events of my life, I honestly want to report them to everyone who supports me.There's no way I'm going to retire because of this. I would be happy if you could continue to support Nina Nishimura."

Nina, who boasts an impressive 14-year long run in the industry, has decided to break the stigma surrounding actresses personal lives and open up about it. Clearly eager to maintain her connection with fans, she believes that the timing was just right for the big reveal. After all, why let a something like marriage jeopardize her fanbase when she can continue to captivate audiences both on and off the screen?

The burning questions now circulating in the JAV gossip factory are enough to keep fans on the edge of their seats. Did Nina's partner really take a close look at her extensive career in the adult entertainment industry? Does anyone truly have the courage to tie the knot with an AV actress? And, perhaps most intriguingly, will she continue to grace the screens as an AV actress post-marriage, or will her husband's potential discontent throw a wrench into her on-screen escapades?

Picking a page from the Hollywood A-list celebrities, Nina has remained tight-lipped about the identity of her new life partner. The suspense surrounding this revelation is palpable, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the unveiling of the mystery man who stole the heart of this busty babe. While many of these fans might not digest the fact of their favorite actresses settling down, it's not an uncommon thing to happen in the industry.

Addressing the skepticism of balancing out both marriage and a JAV career, it seems that Nina is determined to prover her naysayers incorrect. She asserts that love and commitment are not exclusive to those outside the industry, emphasizing that she fully intends to continue her career as a JAV actress. With a plea to her loyal followers for continued support and more lucrative offers from film dealers, Nishimura seems ready to embrace her new role as a married woman without sacrificing her professional life.

As we raise our glasses to congratulate Nina Nishimura on her new identity in this brand-new year, only time will tell how her marriage will impact her career. Here's to hoping her partner loves, spoils, and respects her, providing the strength needed to weather any storms that may come their way. As we eagerly await the next chapter in Nina's life, one thing is for sure – every piece of her work will now carry the tantalizing allure of real-life NTR. Stay tuned for more updates on Nina Nishimura's whirlwind romance and her continued adventures in the AV world!

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Meguri Drops Hints Of A Potential Comeback

Okay so gossip enthusiats, I’ve got the juiciest scoop straight from the Taiwan Shot Expo held in Taipei, earlier this year. Our subject here, Meguri, has set her fans’ tongues wagging with the latest bombshell she dropped over at the venue.

Let's rewind to a year ago when our source had an exclusive tête-à-tête with the diva herself. During a photo conference, she revealed of her aspirations for future appearances in the country. Our informant, quick on the comeback, reassured her, saying, "Don't worry, you have the opportunity to come to Taiwan"

Fast forward to the recent TSE, where our darling Meguri left quite the impression among her Taiwanese fans. Amidst the hustle and bustle of interacting with fans, she took center stage, flaunting her assets in full view. Rumor has it that her performance had garnered admirers, with many hoping to witness her continued participation in the TRE Taipei International Adult Exhibition for a continued period.

The burning question on everyone's minds: will she grace us with more photo-ops or perhaps indulge in larger-than-life interactive events? However, the plot thickens as observers at the expo scrutinized her increasingly provocative performances, leading them to pose the million-dollar question: "Is Meguri somehow gearing up for a JAV return?"

The answer hit like a bombshell during the Adult Expo at Taiwan. With an air of seriousness, our enigmatic star hinted at a potential return to the big screen, revealing that the likelihood of a 'YES' is far more enticing than a 'NO'.

But hold on, readers! The 'should' in 'she should go back to shoot a film' isn't just a casual suggestion. It seems like that a comeback is already in motion, and Meguri even spilled the beans about a scheduled filming time. Alas, our excitement is cut short as the details remain shrouded in secrecy, with the firm's request for non-disclosure leaving us hanging on the edge of our seats.

But fear not, readers, for the whispers suggest that if the timeline she hinted at aligns with the regulations of the new AV law, she’s good to go. The behind-the-scenes intricacies, such as exclusivity and the film company involved, are yet to be unveiled. Nevertheless, with approximately six months from filming to release, it appears that our sultry star's potential return to our screens is indeed a cause for celebration.

Stay tuned for more scintillating updates on this electrifying comeback that's bound to set the town ablaze!

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Aoi Amano Has One Last Event In Osaka Before Retirement

Just another day of me reporting on a JAV actress’s retirement, next up I’ve got some tea on Aoi, who recently dropped the news on her industry exit. But hold on, because this isn't your typical farewell she's doing a countrywide tour, and guess what? if you happen to live around Osaka, she’s coming to your city!

This all began as a casual photo op in the capital Tokyo, but now Aoi is taking her show on the road. And according to her, she'll be wrapping up this tour by mid-February. So, mark your calendars, set your reminders, and don't you dare forget to attend when she graces your city. You wouldn't want to miss the chance to have a selfie clicked with her.

For those living under a rock, Aoi ushered onto the JAV scene in July 2021, debuting with Honnaka’s HMN-012, being described a "fresh face natural airhead with cute reactions'' It's been a rollercoaster ride of 2.5 years for this small-time actress. Okay, okay, not as long as some big names, but hey, she did leave an impression with her JAVs.

"To everyone who always supports me, this time, I Amano-kun will have an event scheduled to be held on March 3, 2024. I am retiring from being an AV actress. I have been working in this industry for about two and a half years and had many encounters, some sad ones too. All the things that were fun in my life. It was a big, intense time."

Now, here's the scoop on her early days, like most girls her age in the industry, Aoi revealed about battling low self-esteem during her initial months in the industry. But glad she had her colleagues and manager had her back, creating a positive environment for her to flourish in the industry. Aww, isn't that heartwarming? We noted here saying, "I had low self-esteem at the time of debut, I want to live this brightly and positively. The reason I started to think about it was because I consulted with you. Managing office. The staff I worked and above all, to all the fans who support us, I'm really thankful to you."

But hold on, readers, there's a twist in this tale. Aoi, in a tweet, hinted at having second thoughts about making a comeback. "In order to move on to a new path. I want to make an effort. I don't know if it's goodbye forever, but if I ever come back, I would be happy if you could support me. Also, Tokyo on February 10th. Osaka on February 18th. We will have a final photo session. So come to see me, if you can."

Yeah, you heard it right she's contemplating whether to dive back into the adult entertainment scene. Classic case of being undecided, huh?

Let's cut her some slack, though. Given her age, she's still navigating the complexities of the industry. We can only hope that her hiatus provides the clarity she needs to make a decision. Fingers crossed for Aoi to find her way and maybe return to the spotlight when the time is right.

So, there you have it – the lowdown on Aoi's retirement tour, a glimpse into her humble beginnings, and a dash of uncertainty about her future in the adult entertainment biz. Stay tuned for more scandalous updates, and in the meantime, catch Aoi while you can on her farewell tour!

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I think its four months instead of six for a jav to release after the shoot. And also if meguri is coming back I feel she will be featured by Madonna.
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