BREAKING: It's Sayonara For Yura Kano & Rino Sakai & More!

Published : May 18th, 2024 Written by trapstar

Here's a rundown of some of the top stories that happened in May

Rino Sakai Retreats: Kawaii JAV Actress Calls It Quits!

I’m back again with some gossip worthy JAV stories that'll leave you scratching your heads.

First up, we’ve got this cute newcomer from kawaii who’d a promising future but well, it seems as if that just got fast-forwarded straight into retirement. This May 12th, Rino dropped an announcement that disappointed her fans on her X account (because where else do these announcements happen, right?) that she's done with AV for good.

Although she has since deleted her X account but the content of the tweets sounds cryptic, "I'm finally retiring. Thank you to everyone who supported me. From now on, I want to become a person who can cherish everyone. It was really difficult because I looked like a mount and I looked like a hoaxer, and I was sad about the badmouthing contest because the rumors were embellished and turned into something outrageous, but I will do my best with the people who support me."

Her JAV debut movie at the time was released on March 1, 2022. Rino Sakai was born on November 30, 2001 with a height of 167 cm and a D-cup oppai. Her listed hobbies are watching movies and anime and keeping cats.

Now, this story would have been such a shocker if Rino was riding high on the JAV wave. But the truth is, her career wasn't exactly setting the charts on fire. In retrospect, she started off as an exclusive, then went freelance, and lately, things were a little stagnant for the former kawaii girl. Her only releases till last month were with Planet Plus, a far cry from the bigger names she could've been working with. With no signs of further releases this month, her future looked gloomy in this industry.

But, what sparked this sudden retirement? Your guess is as good as mine since after the announcement, the girl has vanished quicker than a free lunch at a convention, deleting both her X account and her Instagram. Leaving fans with nothing but unanswered questions and this, uh, "memorable" last photo she posted.

Look, let's be honest. Rino's career wasn't exactly on the fast track to superstardom like that of Yua Mikami or Kirara Asuka. But still, a sudden retirement is always a mystery, and mysteries, my friends, are what keep the rumor mill churning.

Some whispers suggest she might've gotten caught up in some drama behind the scenes. Others claim she found a sugar daddy with a thicker wallet than any studio paycheck. The truth? Who knows!

So, what do you think, readers? Did Rino make a strategic move, or is this a case of career burnout? Spill the tea in the comments below! And remember, for all the latest industry gossip, keep it locked right here with your favorite gossip guru. Until next time, stay juicy!

Yura Kano Says Sayonara To JAV

Moving on to a major industry shakeup. Yes, you guessed it right, Yura Kano has made up her mind and it’s certainly a bad news for all her fans, she will officially retire this July!

That's right, readers. After entertaining us with her innocent charm for nearly seven years, Yura's hanging up her... well, you get the picture. This month, in a heartfelt letter to fans in her farewell notice, Yura Kano wrote: "Hello everyone, it's Yura Kano. I have an important announcement today. Thank you for your warm support. I will retire as an adult film actress in July 2024. I have already finished filming for my retirement movie, and it is full of smiles, just like me."

Apparently, Yura's final project is already shot and it's tempting to picture while I write this. Knowing Yura, it was probably a "smile-filled masterpiece," just like the woman herself.

"I have spent 7 years as an AV actress. I have experienced many things over the past 7 years, and I want to grow and develop myself in a new environment so that everyone can see me in a new light. I want to grow up and become a new person"

But after seven years of gracing the covers of countless DVDs, Yura's letting herself loose and try something new. It seems the insatiable itch to "develop herself" and show the world a different side has finally gotten the better of her. But that’s not all, she might be leaving JAV for now, but she mentioned that she'll be sticking with her agency, LINX, for a while, hinting at career extension outside the JAV realm.

"Even after I retire from being an AV actress, I will remain in the agency for a while and continue my activities. I hope you will continue to support me."

Ofcourse, someone like her leaving had a significant snowball effect in the JAV community, inclusive of fans and performers alike. See, for example the comments section of Yura's post exploded with messages of regret, with fellow AV starlets like Ayaka Tomoda expressing their sadness. "It's too soon, I'll miss you. Thank you so much for your hard work for 7 years. Even though you've graduated from AV, I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll do in the future, I really love Kano Yura so much after being told by you about Tomochin for so many years" Looks like Yura wasn't just a fan favorite; she was a friend to many in the business.

But Yura's departure isn't happening in a vacuum. This news comes amidst a period of what industry insiders are calling "the S1 purge." Right now, the powerhouse studio, it seems, is going through a trimming down phase of their overly-crowded roster.

With close to 40 actors under their wing, S1's probably feeling the pressure to streamline. Yura's retirement just adds fuel to the fire, suggesting we might see more departures from the industry's top studio in the coming months.

So, what does this all mean? Is this the end of for Yura Kano? Or the beginning of something even bigger? Only time will tell. Yura's retirement is a juicy piece of gossip we won't soon forget and something that would take considerable headspace in the minds of her fans.

In the meantime, I will be keeping my ears to the ground, sniffing out the next big industry shocker. Until then, stay tuned, dear readers, and remember: in the world of JAV, there's never a dull moment! Meanwhile, go follow her on X

What's In A Name? These JAV Actresses Don't Buy It!

Well, well, well, looks like May is a month of metamorphosis in the JAV industry! Not one, but two of our favorite starlets decided to shed their old skins and emerge with brand new personas. So, let's grab some popcorn and delve into this juicy gossip, shall we?

First up, we have the ever-versatile Hono Wakamiya. This actress, who's been keeping you all entertained with her freelance gigs, just threw us a curveball. On May 7th, Hono took to her X account to an unconventional announcement. First things first, there's a slight tweak to her name, now you might wonder if it’s a significant change at all, now hold on, say goodbye to Hono Wakamiya, hello to Hono Wakana! But that's not all, Hono's making a big move career-wise. It seems like she's officially joined forces with LIGHT, as the agency of her choice!

She wrote, "I am now a member of LIGHT! My name is "Wakana Hono" You can call me as you like. You can call me anything Please make friends with me. I will do my best from now on, so please support me!"

This clearly means LIGHT will be the mastermind behind most of Hono's future projects. Now, any intel on her upcoming flicks? Unfortunately, our girl Hono kept that under wraps for now. Maybe she wants to surprise us with another genre-bending JAV like that GIGA JAV in which she cast as a typical GIGA cosplayer Imagine the two worlds colliding, superhero’s and porn lol. With her latest move, one thing's for sure, with LIGHT in her corner, Hono's future is looking bright (pun intended).

Next up on the gossip train, we have former gravure idol, Mami Mashiro! This part-time RIZIN ring girl and FALENO exclusive has been captivating audiences with her undeniable charm and, well, those E-cup bosoms that add to her kawaii persona. But this May 13th, the former FLASH idol decided to hit the refresh button on her career.

So, here's the scoop; Mami's switching agencies, moving from her previous stomping grounds to newer pastures - her agency Mine's. Now, a new agency often calls for an overhaul and Mami isn’t about to disappoint. She ditched her suffix ‘Mashiro’ and opted for (in her own words) a name with a more traditional Japanese vibe – ‘Zenba’ Can't help but feel a slight sense of déjà vu with that last name, but hey, maybe Mami's a secret admirer of our platform? Just kidding (or am I?).

She wrote, "To all of our fans who have always supported us. I have moved to a new office. Mines, and I have changed my actress name to Mami Zenba. I'm Mami Zenba. I personally love the Japanese style of the character for "zen". I could have used my old name, I was fine with my old name, but the "Ma" in Mami Mashiro was hard to read. I took this opportunity to change it. "

"Just this month marks our first anniversary I'd like to thank all the followers and fans I've met in the past year, fans, They are really important to me I've been through a lot in the past year, It went by so fast I hope you will continue to see many more of my works, A fresh start like my new name In a better place I want to grow more and more Thank you for your support."

Mami spent a fruitful year with FALENO, and she wanted to share her excitement about this new chapter with her fans. It seems like she's going through an overhaul at the beginning of her second year in the industry so I guess that’s what made her switch her agency. Still, the burning question on everyone's mind remains: does this mean she's leaving FALENO altogether? We'll certainly have to keep our ears to the ground for that answer, guys.

One thing's for sure, these name changes and agency switches are a constant in JAV. Is it a strategic move to boost their careers? A way to reinvent themselves? Or maybe they just needed a fresh start? Whatever the reason, it's clear that Hono and Mami are taking control of their destinies. And who are we to judge? As long as they keep gracing our screens with their talent (and, ahem, other assets), we're here for all of it!

So, stay tuned, dear readers, because in this ever-evolving industry, you never know what juicy gossip tomorrow might bring. Until then, keep those comments coming – your theories and insights are always welcome! Meanwhile follow these actresses on X, Mami Zenba & Hono Wakana

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sub hunter 3 weeks ago
Kano Yura had her own unique charm that leans towards the otaku and comedian side. Great high effort performer as well in both dramas and straight vanilla movies. She seems to be concentrating her future efforts on more pink movies and the like which she has been doing for a few years now. Best of luck to her.
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