Itazura Onsen 3 First Half

Published October 5, 2020

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A trio of busty Japanese women suddenly find the genders swapped and their clothes gone. Pranking, embarrassment, and crazy group sex aplenty.

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Itazura Onsen 3 First Half
Timing and Translation by ZENRA
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Nothing screams "weird Japan" more than a JAV movie all about pranking embarrassed, naked women at an onsen.  SADISTIC VILLAGE figured this out early by pushing the light sadism (read: teasing with sex, NOT extreme BDSM) and has been running with it ever since they spun off from DEEP'S and arguably become an even better studio in terms of variety and thinking out of the box.  One of their first breakthrough series was ITAZURA ONSEN ('itazura' meaning 'teasing' in Japanese) and after a multi-year absence, they thankfully started shooting them again.

Today and Friday, we're showing ITAZURA ONSEN 3, the third in their modern FHD prank onsen offerings.  If this series was a pre-planned trilogy and we were finishing with this one, I'd be a bit upset.  Up here at the beginning of the review I will come out and say it:  ITAZURA ONSEN 3 is the weakest of the three.  It's not the shortest (the first one only ran 2 hours), but it has the least amount of scenes and the play overall is nowhere near as imaginative as the previous two and I have a theory why.

Those not super knowledgeable about JAV studios may not realize that while SADISTIC VILLAGE is independently owned and operated, it still has relations with other ones.  Being part of the SOD Group, it's a given they maintain good contacts with other studios there such as ROCKET.  I'm only bringing this up now because I believe we may have something of a collaboration on our hands.

I'm darn near certain ITAZURA ONSEN 3 was produced at the same time as LOW KEY SEXUAL HARASSMENT AT THE ONSEN RESORT.  Both were filmed at the same onsen (yes, it's a real one), both feature SHIORI TSUKADA and friends with them being background bathers in the ROCKET title, and both were released within a month of each other.  I believe the production crews worked together and perhaps SADISTIC VILLAGE got the short straw and had less time than normal to film making for a slightly abbreviated ITAZURA ONSEN update.

Rather than the three scenes we saw in the first one and the six or so (!) we got in its incredible sequel, we just get two each starring three actresses.  Both pretty much follow impromptu mixed bathing leads to a naked dash through the lobby only to end up having sex while everyone watches format.  The first scene has it all happening in the lobby and the second we see the trio of embarrassed bathers become 'pink companions' similar to how the final scene in ITAZURA ONSEN 2 ended.

The visuals are fantastic and I will never grow tired at looking at either side of SHIORI TSUKADA. ITAZURA ONSEN 3 is not as good as what came before it, but it's still a very good JAV movie.  I may sound a bit negative about it, but on its own, it shouldn't let anyone down.  We get great sex, great prank footage, and fortunately lots of real cum.  SADISTIC VILLAGE may focus on plot lines that probably won't ever happen in real life, but when it comes to the erotic bits, they're known to keep everything as real as possible.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1121

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


-Fantastic group sex.
-Lots of embarrassed, naked women pranking at an actual onsen.


-Feels more thrown together than the two previous iterations.
-Lack of prank variety.
-Only two groups.

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