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Published : April 12th, 2024 Written by Fried Chikan

I’ve got another NSFW Subreddit inspired post for you all today. This entry is dedicated to Bored and Ignored; women who are either bored while having sex, annoyed with it, or completely uninterested in it at all but still let their partner do their business. Porn satisfies all sorts of kinks even ones you didn’t know you had like seeing a woman nonchalantly reading a book or browsing on their phone while a dick pounds them from behind. Dive on in for some hot sex with hot women looking bored as fuck.

First up is Kanon Kanade and she's a cutie whose been around a couple of years and has a ton of videos already under her belt. I’m not all that familiar with her but she’s become a steady face in JAV for sometime now. In this one she plays a wife who has to fuck her slimy in law. Our video has bored and annoyed sex that veers a little into hate fucking and even has some creampies. A majority of the video is prime Bored and Ignored material. Kanon lazily giving the guy a hand job, or browsing her phone while he sticks it into her from behind, or ignoring him while he plays with her pussy. The later half has her starting to get into it, so it veers off from Bored and Ignored in the end. A common progression in these types of plots.

Kanon’s facial expressions are A plus plus. It’s not just those big eyes of hers but she uses every inch of her face to convey herself. Her face can be a mix of indifference, boredom, annoyance, and even irritation. She is a master of using tiny expression on her face; little smirks, lip twitches, or staring straight daggers. Seeing her reactions to things is easily the best part of the video which you’ll see in the best scene of the video. The second scene has Kanon pleasuring her in law with her body; a task she does so as if it were a household chore she hated. Seeing her roller her eyes while he pumps his cock into her from behind or stare at her phone while blowing him on the side is all fantastic. All in all, a great Bored and Ignored title from Kanon thanks to her expressive face.

WANZ-955 Matsuri Kiritani

“I Became A Shut In And I'm Groping My Steps Tits And Cumming Inside Her And She Doesn't Even Care”

Next up is probably the best Bored and Ignored; it stars the voluptuous Matsuri Kiritani, a small favorite of mine. Out of all the titles, this best fits into the whole theme of Bored and Ignored. Matsuri plays a woman who lets her shut in step sibling do as he pleases to her body. Outside of one happy sex scene with her boyfriend, the sex is all ignored and Matsuri treats her partner as if he didn’t exist at all. Unlike our first title, this one isn’t mean spirited at all. The man treats Matsuri like his personal sex toy and Matsuri treats him like the air. With a fun body like Matsuri’s of course he is going to want to play with giant tiddies. Those flopping tits and thick lips of hers are just begging to be used which the man does so plenty. I, and many like me, love her loose and naturally low hanging fuller body and this title is a nice showcase for it.

We get some classic ignoring from Matsuri as she plays with her phone, does her homework, or reads a book. But we also get some funner stuff like her taking a bath while he gropes her and cums on her titties. The final scene has her playing with a Rubix cube and eating a whole banana while he gets his freak on with her body. All of this is why it gets my highlight and recommendation. The final is everything great about the video and Bored and Ignored as a whole. The entire scene has Matsuri doing some mundane stuff while her body is used to full completion. She figures out the Rubix cube while rubbing her feet on his cock or reads a books while riding him cowgirl style. Just top to bottom Bored and Ignored sex to perfection. This is one of Matsuri’s more interesting title and not a bad one to boot. Easily in the top half of her best titles, maybe in the top 20. A true Bored and Ignored that never forgets its theme from the start to the finish. Check this out to see Matsuri getting played with and fucked while not giving a care in the world. Big recommendation.

MIMK-082 Yuu Shinoda

“I Wanna Fuck You No Matter What It Takes! And With That, My Stepmom Agreed To Have Sex With Me”

Next up is the fine as always Yuu Shinoda, playing a stepmother who breaks down to her pathetic stepson’s pathetic pleas. It’s pretty funny to see how much this guy begged her to fuck him and Yuu does a great job playing off how annoyed she was to do so. Yuu also looks fantastic here, her hair and makeup are all on point but then again they usually are. This title starts off strong with the Bored and Ignored theme but slowly abandons it as the video moves along, all too common as we are seeing. By the end of the video Yuu is way more than into the action and the sex is pretty decent but our focus goes on the first half where the sex is more work like and Yuu is bothered to having to fuck him.

You can feel Yuu’s annoyance as her sad sack of a stepson finally convinces her to let him fuck her. Just like Kanon, Yuu does some great work with her facial expressions if being a bit more into it than Kanon. Also unlike Kanon, Yuu talks back more and is a bit more vocal as a whole. Of all these videos this plays much more into the whole annoyed theme the best. While not the best in keeping with the total Bored and Ignored theme, Yuu’s sexy self and her great annoyed performance keeps it on our list.

SDMF-013 Urara Kanon

“I'm Enjoying Pay For Play Sex With This Girl But She's Not Interested In Me A Peachy Good Time”

If the last one doesn’t keep enough with the theme for you then never fear because this next one is fully on board the Bored and Ignored theme. Urara Kanon plays a youthful woman who is paid for sexual favors, a job she does with complete boredom, zero enthusiasm, and some disgust. Urara was a new debut from early 2020 and has become a great freelancer in recent years. She’s a cute shortie with a big mouth and down for all sorts of adventurous porn.

This is a great Bored and Ignored title with Urara doing her best to seem uninterested and unimpressed by her paying partner. Her face is a little more subdued than Kanon’s but Urara does a great job showing her emotions through acting. The sex is also a little rough with Urara taking some slightly deep blow jobs and face fucking. All the scenes are great Bored and Ignored scenes but my highlight goes to the first proper sex scene. A living room fucking that starts with Urara taking her payment and making the guy take a breath mint. She is so dismissive of him that it makes the sex even hotter. The guy is giving her his best and she can hardly summon a pleasurable face. A great title that perfectly fits our theme.

IENE-740 Asahi Mizuno Yuika Asami Sayu Sahara Sakura Haruno

“While Doggy Style Fucking A Dispatch Masseuse Girl, I Secretly Peeled Off My Condom And Fucked Her And Now She's Gotten Really Sensitive!”

Masseuses are just like everyone else, they clock in and they clock out. A good masseuse shows some enthusiasm and makes it worth their client’s time but not all. This is one of those exceptions. The title is about men hiring masseuse girls and fucking them on the sly. Our massage girls are only there for a paycheck until the sex starts to feel too good. Never mind the odd plot revolving around removing their condom so that the sex feels better for the masseuse. The fun of the video is two fold; the bored and disinterested sex they have at the start and how they start getting into it later. At the beginning this is just a strict paycheck for our ladies. Some of them are playing on their phones while getting fucked or flashing the most bored expressions while getting fucked from behind.

Coming into this I thought Asahi Mizuno would have been my favorite and her scene is solid no doubt, Asahi is great at playing smug and dom roles. But the best scene goes to the finale with Sayu Sahara who absolutely kills it here. At the beginning she is all work and even stops the guy from kissing her while they are fucking. But after he removes the condom, she slowly but steadily gets more into it. A slow smile starts to build on her face, she starts to bounce on his cock harder, and pretty soon she is plunging her tongue down his mouth. While this one doesn’t adhere to the theme super close, I wanted to include it because how fun I felt it was. The Masseuses doing this for a paycheck but ending up loving it, is a fun plot to be sure. This has enough Bored and Ignored sex at the start to make it on our list but finishes off on a more happier note. Thanks to a great performance by Sayu.


Bullied And Ignored, I Even Get Ignored When I'm Being Fucked

Now for a whole host of ladies ignoring you. This Moodyz video for awhile back is about a male student whose being bullied by a group of girls who are giving him an extreme case of the silent treatment. He’s had enough and decides to test how much they will freeze him out. He starts to touch and fondle them before having full on sex with the whole group. Even then they won’t give him the satisfaction by giving him the satisfaction. Even has he sticks his dick into their mouths or pounds away from behind they all try to keep it going. It's a pretty fun case of mutual bullying with a big cast for Free Use starring Rino Kirishima, Minori Kotani, Rin Hatsumi, Nanase Hazuki, and Suzu Yamai. This school setting has plenty of school girl outfits in class room, locker, and library settings. The whole group nature of the freeze out makes this one of the more interesting and unique Bored and Ignored variety.

The first scene is the best with the Bored and Ignored theme with all the girls at a large table as the guy goes through some of them. The realization of what he’s doing and how they still respond with the silent treatment as a whole is good enough to eat. As for actual sex I found the finale with Rino their ring leader who finally gets her turn to be the better sex scene of the bunch. Overall it’s a nice Bored and Ignored with the group setting putting it apart from the rest.

Well that closes out Bored and Ignored but never fear I have some more stationary sex irons in the fire. Maybe a spotlight onto the whole Mannequin series or maybe a list on some Time stop videos, which I would put as the umbrella of what Bored and Ignored sits under. Whatever happens look out for more porn with blank expressions on actresses faces in the future.

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AV Alex 1 month ago
There is one movie of this kind with Mao Hamasaki on it, worth the watch
Brilliant Bill 1 month ago
Just a JAV take on the "free use" genre.
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