Playing From Behind

Published November 29, 2017

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

GUTS keeps surprising us with their crazy variety of releases such as this quieter one all about butt play in all of its glorious forms.

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Playing From Behind
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"The Golden Age of Japanese AV".  When was it?  You can ask fans and it's almost always the present (or close to it!).  Ask any production company and the answer's probably gonna be early-to-mid 2000's.  Technology for small filming companies was at the point where buying cameras and editing software en masse was doable, but still out of the reach of the average Joe.  Beauty was made then.  Granted, now with FHD and beyond the picture's even better, but don't think gems a plenty popped out of the perverted minds of JAV directors a decade past!

Case in point:  GUTS, a production company we've been showing rather often these last few years.  I really had no idea who they were at first, but after being presented with an opportunity to license out their entire 200+ archive of titles, I took a crash course in "#ClassicJAV" and loved what I discovered!

GUTS' output was extremely varied (yes, past tense as they closed up shop some years ago!).  They pretty much filmed titles in almost every single genre.  There wasn't much they didn't touch outside of gay and newhalf (the newhalf boom began after their time).  They even for a time produced some body-part centric titles that were essentially low-dialog standard-fare AV releases, but concentrated immensely on certain desirable areas of the female form:

Such as butts!  And that's what today's update is pretty much all about.  PLAYING FROM BEHIND is that butt-centric title you've always wanted to see, but never released it until opening this page and possibly reading this review.  It's well-filmed for the era, stars one really cute actress and one that's...well, I'll get to that shortly.  It features anal sex!  It even features some double-penetration at the end!  Shaving!  Walking outside in hot pants!  Yes!  Yes!  And more!

PLAYING FROM BEHIND stars TOMOMI AYUKAWA and YUMI KURUSU.  Don't worry, the names shouldn't ring any bells.  I looked up their information--or made a worthwhile attempt--and found scraps for the former and a ghost town for the latter.  Most likely their careers (like most in the early 2000's) were brief, fiery, and passionate.

TOMOMI is the cute one with the questionably artificial rack and an all-around top-class body.  YUMI is the...well, the one with the tattoos, the keloids, and uh, more.  As Lt. Dangle said in RENO! 911 when talking about Deputy Trudy Wiegel:  "she's an unfortunate woman.  A three-bagger."  YUMI probably won't make anyone's top ten lists, but I do give her brownie points for putting on a great show at the end as she was the one who offered up her anus for anal sex.  SHE was the one who also offered up her other hole for double penetration soon after!

I'm no JAV historian, but this update probably was one of the earlier instances of DP in the industry.  I doubt it's the first, but there probably weren't too many titles with it beforehand.

Both actresses are the possessors of extra large derreiers and what this title lacks in dialog (we like to throw our subtitlers bones from time to time), it makes up for in some tremendous (!) butt-focus camera angles.  If you are indeed a fan of the female backside, you will not be disappointed with PLAYING FROM BEHIND.

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