Anton’s Fetifes Adventure - Chapter 3: Mion Hazuki and the Oshiri Juku Girls

Published : June 8th, 2024 Written by Anton Algren

So, after my mishap with an elevator, I eventually found myself on the 6th floor and decided “Close enough.” Besides, I still had time before the event, and I wanted to check out Mion Hazuki.

I confess, I don’t actually know if I’ve seen any of Mion’s work. I might have, if she’s a big name, but I unfortunately cannot name any of them, and as such, I may upset some of our readers who do adore Mion by my not appreciating what an opportunity this was. But whatever the case, I hope all the Mion fans in our readership will enjoy the pic I got of us.

The 6th floor was just as packed as it had been when I’d arrived earlier, but thankfully I caught Mion right when she was free. I handed my business card to her extraordinarily beautiful assistant and went through the usual pleasantries involving my height. Yes, I’m tall. How tall? Quite tall. Ever so tall indeed. 4/3 taller than Mion, or thereabouts. We then headed over to the area of the room where we could get our picture taken, and after the shots were snapped I bade Mion and her assistant adieu before checking out the rest of the floor. There was nobody that I recognized, but I did see this big, beeg, BEEG poster of a woman’s posterior. Oh it was big. How big? Quite big. Ever so big indeed. 3/4 as big as me, or thereabouts. And the woman whose butt was on the poster was a bright, bubbly ball of energy, gabbing away with everyone who passed her booth by with a smile on her face.

I learned her name was Momochino, and while she wasn’t a JAV actress as far as I could tell, anyone who likes butts will like her work. I took a picture of her poster (with her permission of course) and sent it to the big boss man (who’s something of a big butt man himself), asking if he wanted me to get this poster for him. He responded in the negative, but also admitted that he found the offer quite tempting. And who knows? Maybe you all can snag one of these babies online, if you’d like a giant ass in your living space.

I checked the clock and unfortunately I had to dash before I could buy anything off Momochino, but I promised her I’d be back later before rushing down the stairs to the 5th floor. Along the way a gentleman dressed as Chun Li from Street Fighter noticed and gave me a “come hither” beckon, but I apologized that I had no time, and Chun Li nodded in understanding as I passed them by. I still don’t know just what your man wanted from me. Probably wanted to show off his DVDs or merchandise. But whatever the case I never saw him again that day.

When I reached the 5th floor, I noticed there was a line, and upon asking I learned it was a line for the show. So I’d made it in time. Good. I made my way to the back of the line and dutifully waited until the curtain was drawn and we all were led into the show area. It wasn’t too big, but it was about what you’d expect from a stage area for a convention. There were fold up chairs arranged about, and I managed to snag the very last one. I felt pretty proud of myself until a woman entered the room, and before I could stand up to offer her my seat she had already walked over to the other end of the room. Shoot. Now I felt guilty. At least the girl’s fella was there to wrap her in his arms while they stood, but I hoped she wasn’t feeling too much of the agony of the feet.

The woman who I think was Mari Aoi entered the room and gave an introduction to things, before the show finally commenced. This show was called “Oshiri Juku! All Butts on Deck”, and to quote June Lovejoy’s official English description of it (courtesy of the Tokyo Love District):

[The Oshiri Juku girls are returning to the FetiFes stage to show off their beautiful booties! Look forward to their brand-new performance, “The Bare-Naked Republic Strikes Back”!]

So, yeah. Each of the Oshiri Juku girls were going to show up and show off their beautiful booties. Sounds pretty fun, no? And it was.

First up was GUMI, dressed elegantly in white and, as the first woman to walk on stage, the baseline by which we’d compare all future butts we saw. And I can tell why she was chosen as the first Oshiri Juku girl, because she made for a great baseline. If not for her tattoos you could easily imagine running into a woman like her on the streets of Tokyo every day on your morning subway commute. Despite her copious tats though, GUMI was dressed in elegant and innocent white lace, which you might think wouldn’t work, but she pulled off the contrast quite well.

This is also the time when I noticed that the man in front of me would lean slightly to the right whenever he took a picture. This is important because I myself had to lean slightly to the right so that this dude’s head wasn’t blocking the lower half of GUMI’s body whenever I took a picture. So as your man’s rightward leaning grew greater, it prompted me to lean further right as well, until finally I was practically at a 45 degree angle, and realized I could just lean to the left, since your man’s head was now leaning far back enough that he was barely blocking my view anymore. So if you readers are wondering what the giant black mound that shows up throughout these pics I took of the show is, it’s that man’s head.

Anyways, moving on, the next Oshiri Juku girl was Shion Republic, who seemed somewhat nervous and unsure, but who nonetheless drew applause from the crowd. Then there was Runa Tsukinose, and you know what? I’m glad she’s found a gimmick that works for her. I hope she’s happy with it. I hope she enjoys the persona she’s crafted. But I’m really not into that lolly shit. So I’m just not going to say anything more about her.

I’d much rather talk about the fourth Oshiri Juku girl, Erika Momoyama, because oh my god she was so amazing. Beautiful, elegant, graceful, and the best butt of the bunch in my opinion. She was just so… tall! And she was wearing heels too, which made her even taller. The kind of stiletto boots that make some cry out “Step on me, mommy!” I’m not the sort to enjoy being dommed, yet even I felt somewhat flustered at the sight of Erika, and I soon stopped taking pictures of her just so I could gaze at her poise and posterior. Jesus, she was everything. Which is not to denigrate the woman who came after her, MeltyMelu. She also pulled off the persona of dommy mommy dressed in red quite well. But I knew almost as soon as Erika walked on stage who my favorite girl was.

For the rest of the show, we got to see the Oshiri Juku girls in various states of undress with various costumes, either by themselves, all together, or in pairs, and while I made sure to take pictures, I’m not sure if I really enjoyed myself. I was so busy taking pictures I didn’t really relax enough to just enjoy the show, apart from when Erika came on, since, well, I mean, she was pretty mesmerizing.

So mesmerizing Erika was in fact, that as soon as the show ended and we were all let go back to our regularly scheduled convention, I decided to go to the 4th floor where Erika’s booth was and get a picture with her. But would I succeed? Or would forces conspire to throw me into yet another side quest misadventure like with the execrable elevator? Tune in for the next installment of this exciting series to find out, same butt-time, same butt-channel.

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